The Dark Side of Yandere Dev

17. mai. 2020
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Let's laugh at some toxicity and toxic fandoms together, this time in a Yandere Simulator themed episode...






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  • Tsukihime Remake arrived before Yandere Simulator will ever finish.

    Aadam El'meyAadam El'mey25 dager siden
  • what's funny is yandere dev's reaction is 100% not original. Many people have responded poorly to criticism in the past.

    halo2odsthalo2odst28 dager siden
  • the quote "power corrupts absolutely" comes to mind.

    maksimgames1maksimgames12 måneder siden
  • When you realize nux is just anime sans with a robo arm and a mask

    Parker BrownParker Brown2 måneder siden
  • 7:28 - 8:14 (Fav moment//Dog ate my computer LMAO)

    HanzoHanzo2 måneder siden
  • I am deeply sorry for the fans that were told to kill themselves. In no situation is it okay to tell anyone to kill themselves. Suicide is not a joke. Yandere Dev should be ashamed.

    cloud9cloud92 måneder siden
  • Lol 12:2

  • Oh, MY DOG AXADENTLY ATE MY COMPUTER! Oh I've lost all the prosses I've made. XD

  • I'm glad that i left the Yandere sim fanbase

    Diguinho GamesDiguinho Games3 måneder siden
  • I think YandereDev may have NPD (Narcissistic personality disorder)

    The DingoThe Dingo3 måneder siden
  • "Dont give webs power, including myself." -Nux 2k20 U guys, heard the man.

    Lena OtakuLena Otaku3 måneder siden
  • I'm from the future it never came.out

    Kameron CarrioKameron Carrio3 måneder siden
    • I'm further in the future and its still not here

      Beatrice SwartzBeatrice Swartz3 måneder siden
  • How have I not seen Nux’s video yet? I got super into all of the YandereDev drama 4 months ago and never saw this. I’m disappointed in myself.

    Kunie FlinkKunie Flink4 måneder siden
  • Totally off topic, but I could've sworn around 2:00 in the vid I could've sworn that the Spongebob credits music was playing.

    Alexander GonyeaAlexander Gonyea4 måneder siden
  • I like how this guy just laughs at everyone and everything

    railgunawesomerailgunawesome4 måneder siden
  • Woke up in a cold sweat and remembered this video. I wonder what happened to the person who was told to kys.

    Ken SwitzKen Switz4 måneder siden
  • 🐰

    Kazuichi's GirlKazuichi's Girl4 måneder siden
  • I love this shit as a person who's learning to program and an aspiring game developer seeing yandev shit gives me a list of what not to do when developing a game

    Phxmaell *Phxmaell *4 måneder siden
  • “Toby fox, it took him 2 years to make undertale as a one man job!” nuU tEm s4D :(

    Griffin IdukasGriffin Idukas4 måneder siden
  • ගැඩ්ෆියම් නැවතුණේ ඇගේ අත බුලට් සඟරාව අල්ලා ගනිමිනි

    Philomena KingPhilomena King5 måneder siden
  • 9:50 casiopea - midnight rendezvous though

    replicatesyndicatereplicatesyndicate5 måneder siden
  • 699 dislikes, but appreciates the number lol

    Kewlbreeze8 & Tarsie1Kewlbreeze8 & Tarsie15 måneder siden
  • My gta is gonna load faster than it comes out

    MoonlightMoonlight5 måneder siden
  • Yukako is one of the best yanderes because she not only didn't kill anybody (and she only tried once), but got a redemption arc. She's one of the best as a character because she wasn't much of a yandere. On an unrelated note, this man probably likes the number 4

    Guido MistaGuido Mista5 måneder siden
  • My friend is a super big YandereDev fan and when I mentioned how long his game is taking, not even saying the game was bad or anything, just complaining how long it's been, and she freaked. Full out gave me a disgusted look and started aggressively stating a bunch of crap reasons that basically all said stuff about how great he was and how I should be more patient and how 6 years really isn't that long to make a game. She was technically right, on some games it can take 6 years, or even more, but, usually, they generally atleast have a complete demo by then that needs to be adjusted or edited. Or it's a really complicated storyline that reasonably takes such a long time, I personally don't believe that YS should take that long, but whatever. I tried conveying that to my friend but she just said that I wasn't following him and I don't develop games myself so I wouldn't understand. ...My brother studies to develop games and I'm planning on doing the same, she has no interest in doing that so I think I would know a bit more about game dev than she would. But I could be wrong. Who knows.

    XxStorm_WolfzXXxStorm_WolfzX5 måneder siden
    • Yeah, some games can take a very long time, depending on the situation that you're in. And in Yandere's case, the fact that people have been harassing him 24/7 when he is trying to get the work done can put a huge amount of strain on anyone working on the game. On the bright side, there is a demo that's coming out tomorrow.

      Troy 168Troy 1685 måneder siden
  • 14:22 Compilations of mental breakdowns: 13 video playlist LMAO.

    IvanIvan5 måneder siden
  • Omg,that impression of yandere Dev was scary close - ugh, yeah I never knew until 2020 recently that yandere Dev was a mad man. I gave up following his "progress " when he responded to fans like a dick & he literally is all boo hoo I don't have enough time to work and finish game then his next video is - look at these new 20-60 details I shoved in the game but ALSO need work on them -see this pattern of stupidity ? Gamegrumps have literally put out 2 WHOLE games by now in half the time for fuck sake lmao

    Kyashi TsukiKyashi Tsuki5 måneder siden
  • My guy. I LOVE your devil-may-care attitude, it's so refreshing.

    SassySnivySassySnivy5 måneder siden
  • Sent this to the mods in the discord. Got banned within 30 seconds.

    Endangered PsychoEndangered Psycho5 måneder siden
  • you are so annoying

    i'm still in the nighti'm still in the night5 måneder siden
  • One small correction, this was never a passion project for him. At least not the kind of passion Project someone makes because they love the content they’re creating, but more like the kind of passion project at spawns from spite because an actual accomplish developer didn’t pat his ass over the lackluster coding of his big titty goth GF hack and slash edgelotd game, lunar scythe

    wajmgirlwajmgirl5 måneder siden
  • i'm honestly more into this guys character design than anything else

    Honi WiHoni Wi5 måneder siden
  • Nux is honestly the coolest guy to do this kinda content making fun of crappy fandoms and putting up with the most dumbest of human kind.

    jolly tuber12jolly tuber125 måneder siden
  • YandereDev fans: you have to finish the game we paid you for YandereDev: WHO DECIDED THAT

    Kagurazaka AsunaKagurazaka Asuna5 måneder siden
  • Idk much about him and all this but I like his art

    Itsallover57Itsallover575 måneder siden
  • We all know CoryxKenshin was the first 1 to play this game

    Michael BrownMichael Brown5 måneder siden
  • I remember when this was just a funny Markiplier video, and than I kinda forgot about it, looked it up again and found all the toxic stuff, but hey at least we got memes out of it owo

    SpazzySpazzy5 måneder siden
  • Nux: "don't quote anything I say in this video" -Lord nuxenor

    zukozuko5 måneder siden
  • my dad would have returned home before Yan Sim in finished

    Toe JazunaToe Jazuna5 måneder siden
  • woahhh, I love the new artstyle. The artist really did their best, like da-hammm~

    BasheeBashee5 måneder siden
  • I wanna get into his discord so I can say a bad word and see if I can be banned🙈

    Nova StarNova Star5 måneder siden
  • Yah no, Yanderedev doesn’t get to have the "he was put in the spotlight to soon thanks to the game’s sudden popularity, so lets cut him a little slack" excuse. I could care less that he’s taking forever to make the game the problem is is that he’s a shitty human being and he was one before Yandere Simulator got huge.

    Orca WhalesOrca Whales5 måneder siden
  • To be honest I don't care what kind of person he is, I just want to play the game

    Sassy DrewSassy Drew5 måneder siden
    • If you want a game, Love Letter is getting made and that'll be out plenty sooner than Yandere Sim FYI - at least by the looks of it

      Bit BitBit Bit5 måneder siden
    • @keco peco exactly. To me it doesn't matter if the creator is a lunatic as long as he creates a great game for me to play lol

      Sassy DrewSassy Drew5 måneder siden
    • Same i would just want to test if the is actually good

      keco pecokeco peco5 måneder siden
  • What the hell.. I had no idea until a few months ago when I saw a lot of people talking about him. I never looked much into him and only watched others play the game. His videos never actually showed his true personality. I can't believe I really truly appreciated him before. I always thought his updates were slow, and was excited every time thinking that *MAYBE, JUST FUCKING MAYBE OSANA WAS OUT. FUCK HIM.*

    yellowyellow5 måneder siden
  • No game no life season 2 will come out before yandere dev finishes the game complete and utter FACTS everyone rejoice ngnl is coming back baby!!!!!

    asidenderasidender5 måneder siden
    • @Meraxes that's what they all say ( for literally every next season this year )

      asidenderasidender5 måneder siden
    • shouldnt ngnl s2 come next year?

      MeraxesMeraxes5 måneder siden
  • Nux why do you I have to unsubscribe now I liked you until I saw this..... I'm sorry my friend..... Goodbye..#Yandere Dev for life

    Hydraulic wither659 OtakuHydraulic wither659 Otaku5 måneder siden
    • @Someone who wants to annoy you Look I've been answering haters left right and centre And it's interupting my bingeing session I'll answer you later ok I just wanna see what happens In AOT

      Hydraulic wither659 OtakuHydraulic wither659 Otaku5 måneder siden
    • @Hydraulic wither659 Otaku Excuse me what the fuck? Why tf are you supporting pedophilia?

      Someone who wants to annoy youSomeone who wants to annoy you5 måneder siden
    • @Someone who wants to annoy you Hey Yandere Dev and I are even more closer than I thought He is just like me😀😀😀😀😀😀😁😁😁

      Hydraulic wither659 OtakuHydraulic wither659 Otaku5 måneder siden
    • @Hydraulic wither659 Otaku Yandere dev supports pedophilia, he bought a sex doll with patreon money given by fans, called a childs art bad, threathened suicide, told someone to kill themselves multiple times, bans his fans, his code sucks, made a character based on his sex doll and thinks that criticism is hate.

      Someone who wants to annoy youSomeone who wants to annoy you5 måneder siden
    • @Jehfvhsuhireuffhrwiuf Hm What's wrong

      Hydraulic wither659 OtakuHydraulic wither659 Otaku5 måneder siden
  • idk who you r but imma call you sans

    Hibiscus BudsHibiscus Buds5 måneder siden
  • Let’s mention the fact that Scott cawthon took that complaint and made fnaf now it has 10 books and is making its 10th game with still a awesome lure

    Theroyaleagle 54Theroyaleagle 545 måneder siden
  • wait there even was a bright side?

    Eva - LotaEva - Lota5 måneder siden
  • I thought Yandere simulator was a game where you play an MC who is DEALING with a Yandere, not being the Yandere yourself

    Nemo ReinhardNemo Reinhard6 måneder siden
  • Can we just appreciate Nux warning us not to give him too much power or it will be a dark day for humanity What a chad.

    KenmaKenma6 måneder siden
  • Nux Taku, He's a pretentious fuck and I hope that shit gets buried in the hate because of his lack of transparency with his game. And making over 360k in 6 years and not showing shit on it is a fucking scam if I don't say so myself. Fuck this dude, fuck this game. This shit is like Ooblets all over again.Shitty dev, and a shitty game that will go into abandon ware as soon as it's released.

    Toru KoroshiToru Koroshi6 måneder siden
  • This game is nothing compared to People playground (violence)

    Nicosteve05Nicosteve056 måneder siden
  • The thing is. I try to like this guy but God damn yandere dev is digging himself into a hole.

    Linkmaster115 KLinkmaster115 K6 måneder siden
  • The way you talk is 😩👌👌👌

    Ludwig van BeathovenLudwig van Beathoven6 måneder siden
  • Its been frickin 6 years and we still don't have no first rival. Irony level 100.

    Kawaii Newnamekii!Kawaii Newnamekii!6 måneder siden
  • He actually used his patron money to buy two switches and then a sex doll which he proceeded to break after one use

    Bubble_ TeaBubble_ Tea6 måneder siden
    • Wait, he broke the first one after one use? This dude....

      Absolute CalamityAbsolute Calamity5 måneder siden
  • Imagine you hire someone to make a yandere simulator but full version and there's submit a full version that take several days to complete (real days) in less than 1 min

    Red phoenix 108Red phoenix 1086 måneder siden
  • why does he looks like a rejected sans

    daniel mitadaniel mita6 måneder siden
  • So.. Were you doing the whole "laughing at toxicity" before yusho

    jay quickbladejay quickblade6 måneder siden
  • "Hey, do you have ligma?" "Immediate-" Ad plays: ad about chess "kids learn faster"

    This GuyThis Guy6 måneder siden
  • DUDE MY BOI NUX has opened my eyes i saw this video when it first came out & before i saw this i had no idea who he really was becausei only knew him his NOworld & i just realized i never said thank u to the flex king himself for bringing light to this "dark side" of him So.....ya thanks nux u the best

    BoB Is EpicBoB Is Epic6 måneder siden
  • Is a yandere a level 10 simp ?

    Denver CatacutanDenver Catacutan6 måneder siden

    Gabriel AngelosGabriel Angelos6 måneder siden
  • Nux was exposing Yandere Dev before it was cool

    Bandit BawsBandit Baws6 måneder siden
  • 189 IQ moment. Yandere dev's IQ's dum high.

    webleluplupwebleluplup6 måneder siden
  • All of yanderedev's scumbag/shitty moves (its what i heard about this dumbass fuck anyways) - stolen assets - Has supported pedophilia - Used 4k dollars on sex dolls - Abuses patrons (shames them in a entire video if they try to get refunds) - Has suicide baited DrApeis (possibly other developers too) - Takes criticism and jokes badly - Abuses copyright - Sells merch of these said "placeholders" (idk any other pls comment what to add xdxdxd)

    Tifiynhahyty4Tifiynhahyty46 måneder siden
  • Dark side? to have a dark "side" you need to have a light side which he does not have

    sneakEcactussneakEcactus6 måneder siden
  • Nux really predicted the future!!! Someone made a full version of the game.

    MiNdCaZt AckermanMiNdCaZt Ackerman6 måneder siden
  • I am glad I grew up. I used to love this game, and kept up with it for most of my highschool years. Now.... Yeah no. He'll never finish the game. LOL

    Luciel DuSangLuciel DuSang6 måneder siden
  • *laughs at toxicity*

    Pika CianaPika Ciana6 måneder siden
  • Things that’ll happen before yandere sim comes out: -Luffy will get the OnePeice -trump builds his wall -alinity gets banned from twitch -berserk will get a good adaptation -nux will release ‘no one understands zoro’

    Rainymations !Rainymations !6 måneder siden
  • This whole drama actually inspired me to get back on learning code and working on my game concept to dunk on yandev.

    PrimaryhoodiesPrimaryhoodies6 måneder siden
  • All yall saying how it's horrible how yandere dev told someone to kill themselves. Bruh don't act like you haven't played a game and gotten pissed off and told the person who caused it to kill themselves or something of the sort

    Keith WhiteheadKeith Whitehead6 måneder siden
    • No, but people have told me to kill myself

      Absolute CalamityAbsolute Calamity5 måneder siden
    • Nope, because I'm a decent human being who knows how to think before I speak :/

      oh okayoh okay6 måneder siden
  • Why can't yandere dev finish up the game and then update it after it's done like wouldn't it be easier that way

    jaala 101jaala 1016 måneder siden
  • Ok but the guy at 9:58 had it coming. The fact they tried to continue it with that "Hello?" Loool

    Minor TatuMinor Tatu6 måneder siden
  • bruh, I like yanderes

    Micheal PMicheal P6 måneder siden
    • You can like yanderes

      Absolute CalamityAbsolute Calamity5 måneder siden
  • You seriously need to consider doing voice acting the way you talk made this video hilarious 😂

  • I used to be a fan of Yandere Simulator, and I was so dumb and didn’t even realize how dumb he was and how slow the development

    Angela CardosoAngela Cardoso6 måneder siden
  • Never mind yandere dev is just a big meme himself

    Undead FriesUndead Fries6 måneder siden
  • Maybe he wants to be respectful

    Undead FriesUndead Fries6 måneder siden
  • Yandere dev: I’ve been working on a game for 6 years. Rockstar: so? Yandere dev: its not done. Rockstar:would you like to work on gta 6?

    Baka OofsterBaka Oofster6 måneder siden
    • Rockstar after seeing his coding: N-never mind

      Absolute CalamityAbsolute Calamity5 måneder siden
  • Imagine wasting 6 years waiting for a dude just to finish his weaboo hitman game

    Rabadon's DeathcapRabadon's Deathcap6 måneder siden
  • I’m gonna report his 1st Video lmao.

    The Samurai LegendThe Samurai Legend6 måneder siden
  • bruh i had to to go through 8th grade to graduation and heave 3 jobs only to be told that in 2020 OSANA IS TILL NOT IN THE GAME and get this, theres supposed to be 7 MORE MAJOR ANTAGONISTS for fucks sake ales.

    Baron Von KaiserBaron Von Kaiser6 måneder siden
  • The virus will kill us all before yanderedev finishes the game

    thiru rajthiru raj6 måneder siden
  • I saw that Kissanime tab, you can't fool me for I to am a poor weeb

    Mayumi MartirezMayumi Martirez6 måneder siden
    • I remember kissanime, the first time I used it I didn't know about the popups and got the "your phone has a virus" thing and believed it lol

      Absolute CalamityAbsolute Calamity5 måneder siden
  • When yandere dev finishes yandere simulator He has a dead community :yandere dev 👁👄👁

    Triston WashingtonTriston Washington6 måneder siden
    • O_O

      thiru rajthiru raj6 måneder siden
  • Obligatory comment to help the channel!

    AspiringArtistAspiringArtist6 måneder siden
  • I wouldn't be surprised if it was YandereDev that (somehow) swatted Nux.

    thepokesage167thepokesage1676 måneder siden
  • Nux Taku. The total Chad making short work of Yandere Dev.

    Rockking9717Rockking97176 måneder siden
  • I didn't realize he was this toxic. The thing he said on stream really broke his persona for me.

    Craftykitty 14Craftykitty 146 måneder siden
    • @AliveGhost true !

      Craftykitty 14Craftykitty 144 måneder siden
    • Never trust what the person themselves say, always research and look at what others say. People will always paint themselves as the victims

      AliveGhostAliveGhost4 måneder siden
  • He sounds like a Narcissist if ya ask me Nux. That means he speaks his own language and if you don't speak it your not worth his time. If he's not a Narcissist he's definitely Schizophrenic based on his reasons for banning people being indicative of unmedicated Schizophrenic Paranoia (and this is coming from someone who is Schizophrenic)

    Daniel ZaphkielDaniel Zaphkiel6 måneder siden
    • I have also dealt with a narcissist so yeah.

      Daniel ZaphkielDaniel Zaphkiel6 måneder siden
  • Just a thought: On the topic of e-mails, Yandere-Dev won’t hire a secretary because he fears they’ll respond incorrectly or rudely to the fans. That being said, he has stated numerous times that he’s stopped reading his e-mail, yet here we are, having him making that excuse for not finishing his game. I don’t think he’s inherently evil or bad, he just needs help.

    The Internet FellaThe Internet Fella6 måneder siden
  • this video aged well

    Buff Bouncer YagooBuff Bouncer Yagoo6 måneder siden
  • at least at the end he kinda got serious haha, some people are too cruel to the guy

    MissAsyanMissAsyan6 måneder siden
    • @Absolute Calamity Don't waste your breath pitying him, he ain't as bad as YanDev but the dude's a helluva hypocrite

      Casual LecturesCasual Lectures5 måneder siden
    • @Casual Lectures gamesleuth 😞

      Absolute CalamityAbsolute Calamity5 måneder siden
    • Less than half a week ago he had a *"conversation"* with a youtuber that was known for criticizing him, the result was this youtuber uploading an apology video sounding like he had a gun to his head and erasing every video he had on YanDev

      Casual LecturesCasual Lectures6 måneder siden
  • #BreakTheCumChalice #RIPYanderedev

    YANDEV ChaliceYANDEV Chalice6 måneder siden
  • Here I go speed running the discord again. Gotta do something during a pandemic.

    Random OriginalityRandom Originality6 måneder siden
  • You sound like kwebbelkop

    Trammieandara 1Trammieandara 16 måneder siden
  • Hold up is that the guy that bought $4000 worth of sex-doll's instead of USING IT FOR THE DEVELOPMENT OF THE DAMN GAME!

    ShizukaShizuka6 måneder siden
    • Not only that but he used roughly $3000 in buying the YanSim subreddit, all so he could erase the memes and criticisms about him on the subreddit. Oh, and he bought a 2nd Nintendo switch just because he wasn't satisfied with his first playthrough of Animal Crossing New Horizons

      Casual LecturesCasual Lectures6 måneder siden