The Deepest Plots in 𝐻ƎNTA𝐼 (ft Cr1TiKaL & Projekt Melody)

23. mai. 2020
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This is The Greatest Plot of All Time
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  • I think it’s time for me to “research” dropout

    Hoba HobaHoba Hoba19 timer siden
  • From now on DONT YOU DARE make these kind of videos (unless you put the links in the description)

    MrMeeSeekz JrMrMeeSeekz JrDag siden
  • Alright I wish the "Dropout" plot was real As a true researcher at Harvard i need this

    Not my name okNot my name okDag siden
  • people said that it was a useless topic to discuss but for real this was some high philosophy level shit, like the ancient greek teachers discussing the universe

    alezcoedalezcoedDag siden
  • Nux feels like pewdiepie 2

    billy raybilly ray2 dager siden
  • I remember this hentai

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  • I just want to admit I've actually watched dropout

    Vintage Meme lordVintage Meme lord3 dager siden
  • Anyone know the sauce of the hentai melody was talking about??? I'm asking for a friend

    GoodGuyMewGoodGuyMew3 dager siden
    • Zettai Junshu

      Sven DorstSven DorstDag siden
  • youtubers: if i say the word butt i get demonitzed nux: I WILL NOT BE SILENCED BRING ME ALL THE SHMENTAI

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  • Where the heck did ma man found door hentai😂😂🤣

    おめがch. /OmegaFlame02 ch.おめがch. /OmegaFlame02 ch.3 dager siden
  • I love dropout

    covid 19covid 194 dager siden
  • I actually watch hentai for the plot coz japan never ceases to impress me with how complex and mindfuckery (literal and nonliteral) it can get. nobody believes me when I say this tho :(

    danizinyadanizinya4 dager siden
  • sauces??

    KorqyKorqy6 dager siden
  • 6.5 inches of pure moist steel glory

    4 Times4 Times6 dager siden
  • 1:28 what's the sauce

    Darling 2003Darling 20036 dager siden
  • Zettai Junshu Kyousei Kozukuri Kyokashou

    Jenny LinJenny Lin6 dager siden
  • Whats the name of the first one shown

    James DanielJames Daniel8 dager siden
  • Wamen!

    OzukaiOzukai9 dager siden
  • wait why is nozoki ana not in their mentions its the best plot where at some point you just forget why you even started watching it

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  • Im going to doom eternal

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  • *I'm gonna be needing some of those sauces my friends.*

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  • Deep metaphor, how dildos can be the keys to success

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  • I hope that nobody goes into my playlist

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  • Glad this didn't turn into something actually serious lol. I was scared of that

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  • Hi

    Projekt Melody.Projekt Melody.13 dager siden
  • Why is my Hanekawa san in Dropout?

    Kaustav GhoshKaustav Ghosh13 dager siden
  • I wanna talk about hentai with melody.

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  • Why tf do I actively click on this???

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  • charlie is a spy

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  • The triforce has been assembled

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  • this guy would make so much money if his vids were actually monetised... Damn.

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  • Wants the name of the first anime?

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  • Whats the name of the nux one

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    TunableCargoTunableCargo19 dager siden
  • Lmfao my mc went from 10 to 12 percent when i clicked on this.

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  • If women were actually in doors doesnt that mean anyone could unlock the door

    Res VoidRes Void22 dager siden
  • iwatch dropout :)

    Black Not SusBlack Not Sus22 dager siden
  • Where is the hentai sauce????????

    Ghyfari RamadhanGhyfari Ramadhan23 dager siden
  • Dropout or Bible Black Which one of these has the most interesting plot

    Robert HendersonRobert Henderson24 dager siden
  • NGL Dropout is literally the only Hentai with a interesting plot 😂 (that I know of)

    Robert HendersonRobert Henderson24 dager siden
  • I found the fabled Dropout its on Smentai Haven

    Yamazaki MichioYamazaki Michio24 dager siden
  • Well i found the gem just now but in the dropout manga they explain men are put into forced labor. So different flavor of slavery from the women

    papita69xxxpapita69xxx25 dager siden
  • Nux can talk about hentai and it gets him millions of views but when I talk about hentai the priest asks me to leave the premises.

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  • yo i cant eat this pasta without the sauce...

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  • I like to call you 3 hentalectuls, but maybe that's just me

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  • Sources?

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  • So a 2d 3d and a real person having a deep conversation about hentai? I'm down

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  • Sorry pal, I'ma need the sauce for this entire video.

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  • Whamen

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  • Has someone a list of all hentais?

    • Zettai Junshu, open the leg or open the door, dropout

      SlimLimVeryGoodSlimLimVeryGood24 dager siden
  • I loke how 3/5 of this video is about "drop out" verse

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  • May I ask what's hentai

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  • This is pretty good

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  • I’m here for the plot

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  • Melody's Hentai: Zettai Junshu

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    • my man you are a legend

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  • Whats the hentai melody was talking about

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    • Lmk if you get it

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  • Sauce?

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  • ngl, i always thought the projekt melody thing is kinda weird, but she actually seems kinda cool

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  • What did I jest watch!?!?

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  • What henti is melody talking about in the beginning? I need to know for......research.

    • Same

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  • I like how Nux had Charlie's type of description ...

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  • dROpOuT is so crazy its bullshit as f3ck

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  • She had a lot of really good points and jokes and the guys often just responded with 😐 anyway-

    Its YosieIts YosieMåned siden
  • Love Drop Out, great deep hentai 👌

    stone spicherstone spicherMåned siden
  • damn I saw the thumbnail and I swear I saw each fucking timeline in every universe in every multiverse ever

    ThatOneAnnoyingEditorThatOneAnnoyingEditorMåned siden
  • I mean hell, the dropout animation didnt get into the good stuff in the source material haha

    Aaron DavisAaron DavisMåned siden
  • Sauce?

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  • Charlie really compared dropout to deadman wonderland

    Lol im not giving you my real nameLol im not giving you my real nameMåned siden
  • How is NOworld still monetizing this lol

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  • it’s a bit dry without the S A U C E

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  • Nux. You need to watch "The Pollinic girls attack" if you haven't!!!

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  • 325955 thank me later

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  • Damm could someone link me these please asking for a friend

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    • This is pretty dry, you know what it needs Some S A U C E

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  • I see the 3 luminary's of erotic Japanese literature have all gathered in one place, the world is bound to change forever

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  • 2:05 lmaoo i saw pewds read that before 🤣

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  • *Quality content* Neat, I might watch it later (probably never watches it) *Quality content with Melody* Yeah I got time for this right now

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  • “History shows again and again How nature points out the folly of men Godzilla“ -Sun Zoo

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  • Well shieeet. Whats the sauce tho?

    Alex KAlex KMåned siden
  • Did you just say "Ladies first"?!?! I yearn for true gender equality. I have no patience for one who talks about female privilege when it suits them, and then complains about someone "not being a man" when it's convenient.

    SmugHatSmugHatMåned siden
  • Hentai is basically poetry,so poetic its a masterpiece the sex and the story is so amazing hahahahaha

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  • The charlie thumbnail is fake hes wearing a black shirt

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  • the sex scenes in dropout dont matter??? how dare you

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  • Hilarious that the ad before was, "It's the thirstiest time of the year... SPRITE!"

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  • Dropout was a beautiful masterpiece. 9009/10 would watch over and over

  • This is hilarious because people are giving scientific opinions about hentai

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  • Dropout went dummy watched it today and for some reason this got recommend to me

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  • ahh yes, good old drop-out. one of the only hentais with prolapsed cervixes~ i think melody is on my side here~

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  • Open the leg or door sounds intriguing

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  • Where are they watching this?

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  • LOOKS LIKE I'VE SEEN A "DROPOUT" IN THIS VIDEO. Overall Dropout talks about How Society has a mindset of "Ill do anything, just please don't harm me" and proceeds to harm him/her in a sexual way until their mind, body, and heart deteriorates into a mindset of a maid/butler or "slave". anyways, good video you three

    Lunarpsycho41Lunarpsycho41Måned siden
  • Melody over there trying to write a proper thesis on the art but at the same time a guy's hand is stuck in a door woman.

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