The Deepest Plots in 𝐻ƎNTA𝐼 (ft Cr1TiKaL & Projekt Melody)

23. mai. 2020
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This is The Greatest Plot of All Time
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  • the fact that he got to collaborate with penguinz0 is nice, also he's the only real person

    J FJ F14 timer siden
  • when you recognize the girl on the thumbnail and you like: oh cool I know this. oh. oh..

    JoschlasamannJoschlasamann18 timer siden
  • What's the name of the first schmentai that was mentioned by Melody?

    Veritas MoDVeritas MoDDag siden
  • what the hell did i just watch... Im pretty happy i found it in my recommended though

    Gelo RamirezGelo RamirezDag siden
  • melody dropping in with the "you may have been thinking about them but they were not present"

    Jack the RipperJack the RipperDag siden
  • Bruh wtf am i even watching right now

    Jack the RipperJack the RipperDag siden
  • When it said 6.5 inches of steel I couldn’t tell if they where talking his length or his height

    ethio wolf gamingethio wolf gamingDag siden
  • I might have to study drop out to learn about the society

    Large MargeLarge MargeDag siden
  • Include R@p€ gohouka since its laws are NOice. Welp

    Neal Kendrick OmananNeal Kendrick Omanan2 dager siden
  • Why the hell does melody always look so drunk

    whatever 367whatever 3672 dager siden
  • My man is albert Einstein when he watches this because he's trying to figure out what the meaning of the anime is but when I watch anime I just watch it

    Marcus TorreMarcus Torre3 dager siden
  • I just wanna jerk off to Dropout, man, I don't need to feel so emotionally attached to these characters.

    KikoKiko4 dager siden
  • 12:04 They're going the distance They're going for speed She's all alone (all alone) All alone in her time of need Because he's racing and pacing and plotting the course They're fighting and biting and riding on that horse They're going the distance - Cake

    CalovrCalovr5 dager siden
  • 3:55 imagine staff only doors

    Matrix 811Matrix 8115 dager siden
  • Truly, everyone here is a man of culture.

    CGVCGV5 dager siden
  • Sauce

    Jamie YeetJamie Yeet5 dager siden
  • 6:21

    「ilovedonuts」• 69 years ago「ilovedonuts」• 69 years ago5 dager siden
  • Interesting Melody mentioned Handmaids Tale while talking about Dropout

    Dabowler68 ch.Dabowler68 ch.5 dager siden
  • ’6.5 inches of steel and glory’ LMAO I’m dead.

    Ash GainerAsh Gainer5 dager siden
  • That door hentai was...what the fuck?

    A Crazy Sheep DogA Crazy Sheep Dog6 dager siden
  • whats the name of melodys

    LongoLongo6 dager siden
  • Hey guys so if y’all were wondering what’s going on with her eyes they are supposed to do that so that it helps make an ahegao faces during uh streams ❤️

    Ella RøseElla Røse6 dager siden
  • Finally, some good fucking content.

    NepNep6 dager siden
  • Name from this Anime ?

    LENT bjrLENT bjr7 dager siden
  • Alternate description: This is the greatest crossover of All Time

    Dr4gonicDr4gonic7 dager siden
  • Don't know why I decided to eat while watching this.... Well don't think I'm gonna eat again

    Loaded DonutzzLoaded Donutzz7 dager siden
  • 2:05

    SkY0leSkY0le8 dager siden
  • I'm been afraid to watch this video and now I'm scarred for life

    eleventhofanickeleleventhofanickel8 dager siden
  • This is Einstein level conversation

    George ZodehGeorge Zodeh8 dager siden
  • I wonder what good ol' Marx would say about Drop Out?

    DY4YDY4Y8 dager siden
  • Right... What did I just watch

    Yoona's HusbandYoona's Husband10 dager siden
  • Bruh I saw drop out in the title and dropped right in here lmao

    satan_ singingsatan_ singing10 dager siden
  • Seriously though the womb-fucking scene in Dropout was traumatizing.

    sixstringpsychosixstringpsycho10 dager siden
  • three minutes in and i am already thinking what am im watching

    XLNIBBA 09XLNIBBA 0910 dager siden
  • the worst part is I know all of these.

    GvexTVGvexTV11 dager siden
  • i like at the thumbnail and already knew it was about i watched that hentai

    MortalityMortality11 dager siden
  • the bottom of society is at the end of the bottom or how was that X'D well let me tell you about anciete rome

    Alex SchleeAlex Schlee12 dager siden
  • at first i was confused about the door manga/dojinji or what ever, i was like, he is joking, what a weird joke, then it turned out to be true and i almost fell out of my chair, like whaaaaaaaaaaaaat

    Alex SchleeAlex Schlee12 dager siden
  • So apparently in the hentai world or whatever they called it here, men walk around with cards that give them the privilege to impregnate anyone they want? *THE RAPE CARD*

    - SaladStalker -- SaladStalker -12 dager siden
  • dropout is actually really good tho

    JoyJoy12 dager siden
  • Is the censorship really working here

    AozotraAozotra13 dager siden
  • If you use two dildos in a DP fashion, will it open interdementional door also. Spelling was intentional pun.

    Dana AxelsonDana Axelson13 dager siden
  • I just noticed ... i need to become a (h)anime youtuber

    Ultimate SacrificeUltimate Sacrifice14 dager siden
  • That sure sounds like the government legalized rape.

    Krekcab NowKrekcab Now14 dager siden

    Alex LozanoAlex Lozano15 dager siden
  • The fact that this exists makes my life so much better than it was 14 minutes and 26 seconds ago

    Michael LawrenceMichael Lawrence15 dager siden
  • not sure how i feel about melodys eyes

    Dovid DeitschDovid Deitsch15 dager siden
  • damn, people really sleeping on dream hunter rem.

    Mercury's Mix プラグMercury's Mix プラグ16 dager siden
  • I just like how melody is so passionate about hanime

    Anime Boss12Anime Boss1216 dager siden
  • 6:18 Nightmare fuel...

    Tsumetai KazeTsumetai Kaze16 dager siden
  • What were the scenes from that first one from? Asking for a friend.

    Tsumetai KazeTsumetai Kaze16 dager siden

    Comic Relief /Tyrone Tha YoungstaComic Relief /Tyrone Tha Youngsta17 dager siden
  • That’s a lot of sauce, allow me to take it off your hands

    Poncho MansPoncho Mans17 dager siden
  • Mel sounds older 8:50

    da bigboofda bigboof17 dager siden
  • good. a video discussing hentai. good.

    Frr KyoFrr Kyo18 dager siden
  • Already finished part 1 and 2 in dropout, throttled my rooster to them and reloaded for a second round... tho I'd have to say part one is my favorite. '-'

    JimmyJumpCut DownJimmyJumpCut Down18 dager siden
  • Dropout will forever be my favorite

    Jaedon JonesJaedon Jones18 dager siden
  • what is the name of the hentai that melody said at the start it needs to be watched for research purposes

    Carbon NoctisCarbon Noctis18 dager siden
    • Well, my friend says it's *Zettai Junshu☆Kyousei Kozukuri Kyokashou!!* ... Personally, I am of course way too wholesome and pure to indulge myself in such depravity, so I wouldn't know anything about that... (¬‿¬)

      YargoYargo18 dager siden
  • I already know hentai

    digital SUNRISEdigital SUNRISE18 dager siden
  • You know it's bad whenyou know what hentai the thumbnail is

    painted playz4painted playz419 dager siden
  • I think a podcast ep. Of this would be awesomeee

    Creese KrapCreese Krap19 dager siden
  • I appreciate that Gurren Lagann reference, Melody. _Never do it again._

    AutumnOnFireAutumnOnFire19 dager siden
  • Melody constantly looks drunk Charlie is just there And Nux is going full Socrates

    Redman 777Redman 77719 dager siden
  • I find it so funny when Nux is actually disgusted by something

    Tapatio manTapatio man19 dager siden
  • Drop out squish

    blaise russoblaise russo20 dager siden
  • Did anyone see a hentai where the mc does not know he's girlfriend is actually he's mom?

    B02 Ryan Miguel AdoracionB02 Ryan Miguel Adoracion20 dager siden
  • When is the next collage with melody

    sebastianaraque354sebastianaraque35420 dager siden
  • Plot

    OwO UwUOwO UwU20 dager siden
  • On the subject of dropout, what happens when a guy drops out

    AnimeninjaArt06AnimeninjaArt0620 dager siden
  • How is this allowed on NOworld

    B02 Ryan Miguel AdoracionB02 Ryan Miguel Adoracion21 dag siden
  • Fun fact: I'm under 18 and I'm here... and I understand stuff.....

    Rev ZeldrisRev Zeldris21 dag siden
  • the moistest man alive, moist crit

    Luffy but fatLuffy but fat22 dager siden
  • 8:41 then don’t censor it

    Sam PoundSam Pound22 dager siden
  • ya'll sleeping on Epuhodoria

    Guadalupe RuizGuadalupe Ruiz24 dager siden

    Bigchungus BigBigchungus Big24 dager siden

      Bigchungus BigBigchungus Big24 dager siden
  • What's that outra music it sounds so familiar but I just can't place my finger on it

    Haitham HamashHaitham Hamash24 dager siden
  • Somehow this is monetized. NOworld, thank you.

  • Every weeb seeing this: sir may i have the sauce?

    kenji montalbankenji montalban25 dager siden
  • folklore persóña fúllbriñg laceed

    MeridethMerideth25 dager siden
  • bible blàçk bloody marry teticle rapísts fróm héll góósebumps are yóu afraid of the dark freddy créwgéqrue kkk bloody marry rings wells grudge cringe mírrors hellraízer heavy mettle nightsweats í know what you díd last súmmér It mommy #scarryasslist #kkk kassedy karínàz kingswóurth is mai namés first shsh chu all bad maí mnyainms mñyain

    MeridethMerideth25 dager siden
  • Anyone know the name of the hentai melody said

    lil killerlil killer25 dager siden
  • Sees Dropout on thumbnail: aw shit here we go again -CJ

    Cheetah PuffCheetah Puff25 dager siden
  • The plots of this kind of shows, So often it's littered with social commentary.

    Bram LastnameBram Lastname26 dager siden
  • This video is like those "the manga, the anime, the Netflix live action" memes but just real

    KingKing26 dager siden
  • Imagine you ball is drain so you can't get in your house

    ara araara ara27 dager siden
  • For research purposes can someone tell me the name of the shmentai that Mel said

    TheGamingBossTheGamingBoss27 dager siden
  • One part of me just wants to cease to exist, and the other is curiousity.

    IceSlayer 290IceSlayer 29027 dager siden
  • I will watch it now

    1k subs 1 vid challenge1k subs 1 vid challenge27 dager siden
  • Can someone tell me an example video of womb f***ing,asking for my therapy meeting next Thursday.11:43

    Dansmell 06Dansmell 0628 dager siden
  • What crit and melody! Combined in a single video thats hosted by Kaiba!!! This is a whole new world I never knew about

    Angel NoelAngel Noel28 dager siden
  • So glad more cultured people by the day

    lenyek penyeklenyek penyekMåned siden
  • Is the icon haruhi but it Melody

    Perverted MrPerverted MrMåned siden
  • I need the name of the first hentai melody was talking about

    GrayNinja GrayNinjaGrayNinja GrayNinjaMåned siden
  • I don't even watch "That Stuff" and I still enjoy these Videos way too much :D

    Deadly_Anime_CatDeadly_Anime_CatMåned siden
  • "turn your attention to page 9" what is this, book club?

    T DaigonT DaigonMåned siden
  • Whats the title Melody described?

    Tin VulovicTin VulovicMåned siden
  • Junk boy

    Collin MorrisonCollin MorrisonMåned siden
  • Did they just used a soundtrack from eroge h game ?

    Gabrielle Angelo BautistaGabrielle Angelo BautistaMåned siden
  • Dropout is Mutahars favorite hentai lmfao

    Dustin WhitingDustin WhitingMåned siden
  • dude, Womb Fucking is also such a huge thing in furry porn, and they always depict the girl as enjoying it, like cervical penetration is somehow the second g-spot. Like no, that's fucking painful.

    annoyancekingannoyancekingMåned siden