The King of Modern Shounen

9. sep.. 2020
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Modern Shounen needs a true king, so hello, get ready to get triggered, here's the king.
Anime featured: My Hero Academia, Demon Slayer, JoJo's bizarre adventure, Hunter x Hunter, Haikyuu, the promised neverland, attack on titan, magi, food Wars, seven deadly sins, kuroko no basket, black clover, Assassination Classroom, Dr Stone & Boruto.






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  • Do the Haikyuu video!

    BiancaBianca22 minutter siden
  • When the basketball anime was announced, I’m like “oh haikyuu will go along with this” but he continued the vid without mentioning it. So I was like “maybe #1 is haikyuu? Haha, I doubt it. A lot of ppl don’t like it.” THEN HE ANNOUNCED IT FOR #1 AND MY HEART STOPPED I WAS SO HAPPY. NUX JUMPED SCARED ME OML I REALLY LOVE THE SHOW AND MANGA IM SO HAPPY HES RECOGNIZING IT

    AbbyArts13AbbyArts1314 timer siden
  • Nux speaks the truth and the truth only

    Niki F.Niki F.Dag siden
  • OIKAWA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Eddie SamEddie SamDag siden
  • You just made me want to try these anime!

    The pika RIVERAThe pika RIVERA4 dager siden
  • No haikyu season 3 sucks

    Susan Chan OlsenSusan Chan Olsen4 dager siden
  • PLZ give us a no-one understands haikyuu video

    Angus MillardAngus Millard6 dager siden
  • Please make a video about haikyuu 😭😭

  • oh, i thought shounen was just action anime...

    Gon FreecssGon Freecss10 dager siden
  • Don't get pissed off but I think Boruto is underrated, it's not that bad. Its getting better, specially the manga. Boruto having Sasuke as his mentor is pretty interesting, and in the current arc, he's learning the "rasenshuriken" which is really cool. The arc where he learned all about Naruto's backstory always had a special place in my heart...... Bi*** SIKKKEEE!!!!!!!!! its worse than Boku no Pico

    Raymond Justine CaingletRaymond Justine Cainglet11 dager siden
  • The two kindest mc of anime

    Rage 2000Rage 200011 dager siden
  • Nux literally has the same as me, haikyuu is such a great plot, regardless of the medium.I am kinda biased tho since haikyuu is the first sports anime i’ve watched, and he also has the same favorite characters as me like my #1 is oikawa and #2 is tsukishima also, but anyway i really just want to get this of my chest.

    P SP S12 dager siden
  • Nux thinks weirder metaphors are a threat to us, I in fact love them

    Caleb SmithCaleb Smith13 dager siden
  • I watched this show and then read the manga and I’ve gotta say, I think haikyuu also has the best final arc and the best ending in all of shounen. I’m very happy I actually decided to experience this story which I thought I’d hate.

    Two CowsTwo Cows14 dager siden
  • Some how just got this recomended

    galaxia plagalaxia pla14 dager siden

    Nx NifazNx Nifaz14 dager siden
  • Finally haikyuu!!!

    G GG G15 dager siden
  • Is Black clover the next one piece My hero academia the next Naruto Demon slayer the next bleach

    Mack MenezesMack Menezes15 dager siden
  • Finally someone said it attack on titan is goat in all media

    Mack MenezesMack Menezes15 dager siden
  • Nux over here flexing his good taste in anime

    Steven LopezSteven Lopez15 dager siden
  • Nux can you make a video on the Think Before you Sleep, and Roma Army beef

    John KiddJohn Kidd15 dager siden
  • chainsaw man? jujutsu kaisen, one of the best start of an anime?

    william grenierwilliam grenier15 dager siden
  • I came here hoping to get good recommendations because I'm running out of stuff to watch, but I don't care that only one of them I hadn't seen because Nux just kept mentioning the good stuff and I was waiting for him to say Haikyu because its such a good shounen and every moment he didn't say it the more I thought, 'wait, is it not gonna be there,' and then it was the king, every new anime introduction in this video made my heart flutter because they've all earned enough to be the true king but Haikyu is undeniably on top

    LightrusLightrus16 dager siden
  • We all know it's one piece

    greatest Mexican alive ?????greatest Mexican alive ?????16 dager siden
  • Slam Dunk > Haikyuu Please see SlamDunk Nux

    mark zhangmark zhang16 dager siden
  • I would like to see a collab between you and anime balls deep. Either a debate or discussion.

    Bboy E.MusicalBboy E.Musical17 dager siden
  • yes more haikyuu please my favorite anime

    SaintThiefSaintThief17 dager siden
    • Did you see what happened to the latest episode?

      baba kunwarbaba kunwar17 dager siden
  • You're missing Interspecies Reviewers

    Arukoru BasukeArukoru Basuke19 dager siden
  • Black clover is the best modern shounen in my opinion, but mha is very good, people give it crap because of the fandom but the manga is actually amazing, boruto manga is also amazing and I think it’s going to be one of the best out of new gen. Food wars(which i’m pretty sure is shounen) is very good but it doesn’t hit the same as the ones I just mentioned before, and it’s ending was kinda crap ngl, but yea, black clover best modern shounen imo, and it has so much damn potential

    YRBM DKYRBM DK19 dager siden
    • Yeah, it all depends on the viewer opinion bro.

      HotaruHotaru8 dager siden
  • Would love a no one understands haikyuu

    John CostelloJohn Costello19 dager siden
  • The second you said Haikyuu I started legit screaming "YES, YES" at my screen. While your reasoning for the rest of the series that you put on your list wasn't entirely presented I felt like (which makes sense due to the length of the video, you can't go on a deep dive for all of them), Haikyuu being the king of modern shonen just clicked, the second you said it. Probably the one modern series that fundamentally is just the embodiment of the shonen genre, makes you feel the blood pumping through your veins in sync with every single character on the court. Truly one of the most beautiful and inspiring anime of all time.

    sweetpeasweetpea20 dager siden
  • I'm a volunteer, couch, and player with my local beach volleyball club and the casual night has a team of primarily new players called Karasuno and over two seasons they've clawed their way up to the top of the ladder they lost their first season in the Grand finals match but this season they're back it's going to be riveting.

    Moleje1337Moleje133721 dag siden
  • Watch Eyeshield 21 for more Sports shonen of ye old yester year

    Moleje1337Moleje133721 dag siden
  • Watch Irresponsible Captain Taylor 😋 a show of culture.

    Moleje1337Moleje133721 dag siden
  • Nux: they'll put get me cancelled on Twitter NOworld: Am I a joke to you

    Tobiloba AshogbonTobiloba Ashogbon21 dag siden
  • When he said haikyuu i was soooo happy you dont understand i was waiting for haikyuu the whole time i-

    yvng_savyyvng_savy22 dager siden
  • my friend: OO Nux bout to say somthing wrong Me: HAHA YOU FOOL NUX CAN NOT SAY ANYTHING WRONG

    yvng_savyyvng_savy22 dager siden
  • Yooooo, where’s the soundtrack at 6:14 from? Sounds familiar

    Johnny DavisJohnny Davis22 dager siden
  • Haikyu is number 1

    AbdulHameed AbukarAbdulHameed Abukar22 dager siden
  • Do the haikyuu video Lord Nuxanor

    John Henry WestdykJohn Henry Westdyk23 dager siden
  • I love my hero academia, but i trust nux and will give the king of modern anime a try

    Piper WilcoxPiper Wilcox23 dager siden
    • Please, watch it, it had a slow start, but it really picks up in the other half, it has some insane character development. I’m literally fanboying rn.

      P SP S12 dager siden
  • I gotta know what nux thinks of Danmachi

    4Shot Pastas4Shot Pastas23 dager siden
  • Yeah haikyuu Video!

    artur fallerartur faller23 dager siden
  • The thing i love about Nux is how intelligent he is but despite that our tastes are so similar, from the way he ranks his stories to his favourite characters in anime and his personality overall, so it kinda makes me feel more intelligent as well.

    Hish33pHish33p24 dager siden
  • where is the no one understand haikyuu ?

    Sir InegonSir Inegon24 dager siden
  • Finally 🥳 Black Clover getting the recognition it deserves Black Clover Manga > MHA Manga

    Zora IdealeZora Ideale24 dager siden

    Thomas HeadenThomas Headen24 dager siden
  • Nuxanor is a goon lmao I was wondering where tf haikyuu was haha amazing!

    Thomas HeadenThomas Headen24 dager siden
  • Nux sorry man but MHA is the modern king. It May not be the best show but it’s definitely the king

    Joshua CJoshua C24 dager siden
  • Haikyuu was amazing, the ending was alright. Prefer Magi and Assassination Classroom over it tho.

    SilverflameYoshi83SilverflameYoshi8325 dager siden

    Alpha TundraAlpha Tundra25 dager siden
  • But who is the king of seinen?

    Milan MarkovićMilan Marković25 dager siden
  • I love these types of videos

    TJ 123TJ 12325 dager siden
  • One piece

    Saskfire2418Saskfire241826 dager siden
  • Woah, I was surprised Rising of the Shield hero wasn’t on this but amazing video 👍

    Sheylen LaitinenSheylen Laitinen26 dager siden
    • The man who did your wife bro what? Are you trolling me because it’s obviously a hentai🙄

      Yeah I spoiled you What you gon do?Yeah I spoiled you What you gon do?15 dager siden
    • @Yeah I spoiled you What you gon do? isn’t it a dark seinen

      The man who did your wifeThe man who did your wife15 dager siden
    • Shield hero isn’t a shounen....

      Yeah I spoiled you What you gon do?Yeah I spoiled you What you gon do?15 dager siden
  • aot is the king of shounen

    Jorge IcamenJorge Icamen26 dager siden
  • If my ears are mistaken me, is that My Hero Academia Music Nux is playing the background for the beginning part?

    M00NLIGHT_M0NSTAHM00NLIGHT_M0NSTAH26 dager siden
  • I don't like the fact that everyone is talking about memes and flexes and no one is talking about magi , such a amazing anime it is So I shall do that magi is one of my fav. anime I love it even more than hunter ×hunter or I shall say for me they are equal , but h×h is way better in terms of story arcs and everything than magi but I just said I love it more bcuz the anime so nostalgia after I have finished it and I want to read its manga Everyone must watch it if u think h×h is underrated than u know nothing about magi

    OP ontarioOP ontario26 dager siden
  • song at 11:50?

    nitrous 725nitrous 72527 dager siden
  • This entire video I was asking myself when Haikyu!! would come up. When you announced it as the king of modern Shōnen.. literal goosebumps. But yeah, Haikyu!! executes it’s themes and symbolism better than the majority of every Shōnen still running. The characters are all enjoyable, fun, creative and develop extremely well. The antagonists are so well built up and the way it executes everything is just fantastic. And the anime and manga are both spectacular, which you barely see. (Besides FMA, JOJO, etc.) BUT YES, PLEASE DO ANOTHER HAIKYU!! VIDEO!!!

    Arigat - OArigat - O27 dager siden
  • 17:54 Wha- what are this?

    Blacksheep azeBlacksheep aze27 dager siden
  • Yes to a haikyuu video

    Chris DoyleChris Doyle27 dager siden
  • "They do so many things right that western shows don't." That's pretty much everything. Western cartoons and shows lack the glory and awe that that cartoons brought me when I was younger. Most western cartoons and shows stand very clearly on one side of the line (rating). They're either way to inappropriate, or they're way to childish. Scooby Doo Mystery Inc. was a bit creepy, but it was awesome! Ben Ten (until the recent reboot on cartoon network) had plenty of action. If I were an adult, I'd let an 8 year old watch MHA. I really wish western TV shows would be a bit more bold with their children's content.

    Series5GamerSeries5Gamer27 dager siden
  • Bruh black clover war arc is fucking king of war arc in modern shounen i agree

    Lucifer MorningstarLucifer Morningstar28 dager siden
  • Bruh I’m ready for Demon Slayer and AoT fans to get angry about this

    InfuriousDucky X3InfuriousDucky X328 dager siden
  • i think haikyuu is seconded, after jojo

    Gucci PucciGucci Pucci28 dager siden
  • Give is some Haikyuu videos please 🙏🙏🙏

    Ian MeachumIan Meachum28 dager siden
  • Surprisingly I agree with most of this though I really don’t think food wars is that good

    Cool RadCool Rad28 dager siden
  • Please haikyuu video. I fully agree on your number one.

    Neverknoewhy MNeverknoewhy M29 dager siden
  • Not going to lie I was expecting jojo or code geas

    Zoltanic PanicZoltanic Panic29 dager siden
  • At around The 6 minute mark you forgot to mention bakugan, beyblade and pokemon

    sharpbono 09sharpbono 0929 dager siden
  • Damn bro, he really got me when he said boruto, I got so trigger like what the actual fuck? A filler anime top spot😂

    Its K1NO TIME!!!Its K1NO TIME!!!29 dager siden
  • Make a Haikyu video please

    Tee StacheTee Stache29 dager siden
  • lol me like beyblade and inazuma eleven

    meta JmWmeta JmW29 dager siden
  • When he said that boruto was the best shonen anime I was about to unsubscribe dislike delete this Chanel and create a new one for a fact I the magi is a out going great anime that is highly underrated

    * Gacha Galaxy Slayer ** Gacha Galaxy Slayer *29 dager siden
  • I can't even put into words the feelings I got when the themesong for the top show started. So hype

    Sam LegendreSam Legendre29 dager siden
  • Me after after watching nanatsu no taizai :- please buff ban he's useless now lol

    Om GhosalOm GhosalMåned siden
  • I frikin love haikyuu

    InfernalInfernalMåned siden
  • Isn't assasination classroom just a dramedy with tiny bits of action every now and then,and i would classify promised neverland as a seinen not really shonen

    boredAFboredAFMåned siden
  • Food wars s4 is GOD

    Liu SamLiu SamMåned siden
  • Yeah, Magi's like an AoT situation. The main characters don't just grow... they already have their ideologies, and while they clash, Magi focuses more on how these characters shape the world. That said, that finale would not have been adapted well. Like, that's a finale, but its one that just takes... time to take in. Time the anime did not have, given the pacing of season 2.

    TalDSrulerTalDSrulerMåned siden
  • Two piece XD i just died

    john mithamojohn mithamoMåned siden
  • On this channel, we believe in prejudice equality. Here everyone gets crap

    NevermoireNevermoireMåned siden
  • I have been Shouting to anyone who would listen and even some people that wouldn't that Haikyuu is not about Volleyball!!!!! Now I can just force them to watch this instead

    Aghaaz KapoorAghaaz KapoorMåned siden
  • If you hate nux your only hating yourself

    Player1 LetsplayPlayer1 LetsplayMåned siden
  • I litearly just clicked this vid because i saw meliodas in the thumbnail

    JokerJokerMåned siden
    • Same xD. I was enter only for Meliodas, and maybe for Tanjiro too...

      HotaruHotaru8 dager siden
  • Holy crap yes magi is the only manga I’m collecting as a broke as shit jobbless 20 old it deserves so much more recognition!

    Maja LindströmMaja LindströmMåned siden
  • Hajime no ippo fans are crying in the corner right now for not getting a shout-out and that includes me

    Oxygen Flavored AirOxygen Flavored AirMåned siden

    iTsAshiTsAshMåned siden
  • Nux: says he will give everyone crap also Nux: proceeds to even say something good about mha

    myki kurosakimyki kurosakiMåned siden
  • I literally threw my phone, talking bout some boruto; got me good😂😂😂

    JKLEGEND21JKLEGEND21Måned siden
  • Finally somebody gave black clover some credit.

    Hard-CourtHard-CourtMåned siden
  • Okay I've been absent from watching nux lately but what happened?!?!? He just said good things about my hero academia

    Zach StokesZach StokesMåned siden
  • Nux how? Out of all the great sports anime like haikyu or ace of diamond How the fuck do you put the trash that is kuroku no basket in this video?

    Dirty DanDirty DanMåned siden
  • ok but dororo tho...

    SugaIsBaeSugaIsBaeMåned siden
  • Haikyu and magi suprized me on your list but I totally agree! So good! Simbad was good also, glad I watched it first for more world lore on magi. I definitely look forward to the Haikyu vid. I was surprised how old I felt when you mentioned "classic" Shonen. Death Note came out when I was in college... My whole childhood is ancient hystory! I can't wait to see what you think of classic shonen anime, yu yu hakusho, Berserk, trigun, outlaw star, kenshen, Inuyasha, Escaflowne, orphan, the Slayers, record of the lodoss wars... Moldiver!! ... Good lord I'm old.

    Jacob GomesJacob GomesMåned siden
  • Haikyuu thematically is criminally underrated! That fucking anime has you holding your breath even when the fuckers are just in practice! You don’t see some massive world ending event taking place but each match, each loss, each setback feels like one. They never unlock unbelievable power out of nowhere at the most crucial time coz of plot armour. There is a build up, hard work and effort put into what the characters are capable of doing. They don’t have god power ups, they have hard work and rivalry! I fucking love this anime! It’s my favourite anime of all time probably! Sports anime’s are underrated (except free! Number24 and those ones)! I’ve watched haikyuu seven times and the 8th is coming around with the release of core2 of season 4 coming out soon!

    Marta SordylMarta SordylMåned siden
  • I just noticed we have the same electric kettle

    Jack MoenJack MoenMåned siden
  • Haikyuu is now my favorite anime

    SomethingVerySnazzySomethingVerySnazzyMåned siden
  • Ngl this was a really great video

    daniel Sanchezdaniel SanchezMåned siden