The Most Toxic Anime Fandom (Attack on Titan)

24. jan.. 2021
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  • they are toxic but aot is one of my favorites but most of them are abut im not. ;-;

    Devion CampbellDevion Campbell14 timer siden
  • Attack on Titan is a masterpiece

    HātøHātø3 dager siden
  • I don't understand why they hate MAPPA,just because of the animation,dude real fans will accept it no matter what

    Alisha BalqisAlisha Balqis6 dager siden
  • Well the ending was toxic too.

    T-SamiT-Sami8 dager siden
  • I actually think the idea of having nazis in Attack on Titan is briliant bc it fits so good

    Master YiMaster Yi9 dager siden
  • This is sooo funny

    Chris HallChris Hall11 dager siden
  • when AoT wasn't that popular, I love it, now I feel like the good thing about AoT has gone, the problem if an anime becomes popular, it's making the anime more accessible by toxic fandom people start hating on Mappa because CGI People it's animation! it's hard, and because of the difficulty of season 4 wit studio change to MAPPA so it can be animated,

    A SIMPLE NAMEA SIMPLE NAME13 dager siden
  • Nux taku is the joker 2019 of the internet

    Cmaximo 009Cmaximo 00913 dager siden
  • Honestly, aot fandom in somewhere around 2017 was better, holy shit I'm actually kind of sad to see that the fandom has become this toxic. Mfs really went through character development.

    eggfricker69eggfricker6913 dager siden
  • Haters be like: I hate Mikasa cos she looks like a boy and nobody rants that hair bun Eren looks like a girl or call him trans for his new hairstyle.

    Ong GraceOng Grace14 dager siden
  • Lol. Absolute chaos gremlin.

    Kayleigh BrownKayleigh Brown14 dager siden
  • Aot is not toxic before. I stopped watching because of the fanbase like its much worse when it got clout. It was underrated before which made it great but 2020 oh no they are forcing everyone to be gay in aot, they are making cringy fanfics, hating on mappa.

    AsunaAsuna15 dager siden
  • Nah they're not fans, never been, dont want to call them clowns either, since that would be a disrespect to clowns, they're just...yeah just laugh at them lmao

    I have your grandmaI have your grandma15 dager siden
  • Some things aot fans needs to understand: It's an earthquake if they delayed your episodes stop crying like a bicth and accept it CGI isn't amazing but they dont have to hand draw everything a creator deleted they're Twitter because of so much hate happy? mIKaSa iSnt hOt aNyMorE😐 Just chill out you making us looking like mha,s fandom please dont.

    oi :/oi :/16 dager siden
  • Probably those fandom just a new fan who still lack understanding about aot or a fan who never watch aot just want to ride the hype train and bullying the aot or the fans who never support the anime studio like buying the original aot but they act like they are the biggest donor

    lex rhymelex rhyme17 dager siden
  • "Attack on Titan is a frickin' mesterpiece." Yep, it sure is a real "meh"-sterpiece, all right. Or a "mess"-terpiece. Either way, I take it you don't know Attack on Titan is just Eva retold for really dumb people (select children are gifted with the ability to pilot bio-engineered giants; there are 9 of them; if one collects them all, they get the power to reshape the world, sound familiar?; main protag is the "savior of the world"; his titan is made out of his dad; and that's just the most obvious stuff). And MAPPA's animation IS shit compared to the standard Wit already set (why they sold out their founder - not just a pun here - to make dead Freddie Mercury nostalgia that NOBODY WATCHED, I'll NEVER understand; clearly, the most backwards decision in corporate studio history). Eren has been reduced to a whiny millennial brat who retroactively hates his parents for not aborting him, which officially makes him the WORST anime villain of all time, right behind Tsukasa from Dr. Stone, who's a whiny millennial brat who is equally salty and ignorant about technology and people (he thinks that just because they're millennials, they won't start wars or anything). And Historia has been reduced to a side-lining baby factory! With NO LINES! One of the most centrifugal characters! So yeah, it's bad, but it's not JUST MAPPA's fault. It's also Wit's for selling it, and the author's for writing this flaming dumpster train wreck.

    Gunslinger GirlGunslinger Girl18 dager siden
  • I dont know a single aot fan that acts like this. There's only Twitter heros

    vox populivox populi18 dager siden
  • And here I thought the nasuverse/type moon/fate series had one of the worst fandoms I still love fate regardless of spin offs or anything written by nasu kinko and the company but aot/attack on titan fans are just assholes

    saber 1616saber 161620 dager siden
  • I like your commentary I’m subbing.

    Cory PowerCatCory PowerCat21 dag siden
  • how do people complain about the cg NOW? do you fucking past seasons?

    Sad CupSad Cup21 dag siden
  • I speak for the real fans, those people complaining on Twitter aren't real fans. They're just the usual brain dead twitter users. Is 2021, we should all understand that but now.

    ereneren22 dager siden
    • true

      Nin NoahNin Noah18 dager siden
  • Don't look at the fandom apt is really good

    Gabriel BolinGabriel Bolin22 dager siden
    • Aot

      Gabriel BolinGabriel Bolin22 dager siden
  • I must say that I think the Titans look better in this season, especially the Attack titan. He looks a lot more menacing then he did in the other seasons

    2B2B22 dager siden
  • I enjoy AoT and I confirm that the fandom sucks.

    Kenny LeKenny Le23 dager siden
  • The anime fandoms will be better if Twitter didn't existed

    Tum_TomTum_Tom23 dager siden
  • Is this what Gilbert Gottfried has been up to since he lost his job as the AFLAC duck?

    Devin CollinsDevin Collins23 dager siden
  • I don’t know how they complain about animation, the movements are always so smooth

    RPenguinRPenguin23 dager siden
  • the comment section oh lawd im on team anti anime

    Lizard Are awsomeLizard Are awsome23 dager siden
  • For real. AOT was the first anime I decided to watch at 31 years old. Literally started watching it 2 months before season 4 dropped. Between manga readers and NOworldrs with obvious thumbnails there wasn’t much that wasn’t spoiled for me. It’s so terrible that I’m just going to watch a whole anime from start to finish. It’s the only way to enjoy it without nerds spoiling it.

    Adam FalterAdam Falter23 dager siden
  • gone to shit again after 139 fuuuuu-

    Emm's LiteEmm's Lite23 dager siden
    • I am gland I am not only one who find this relevant.

      Enigmatic GaleEnigmatic Gale22 dager siden
  • This new season (besides a few shots of the TitanCGI) has better animation then the first second and third.

    Reis WoodardReis Woodard24 dager siden
    • I wouldn't say it has better animation but it definitely fits the tone of season 4 a lot better.

      Emm's LiteEmm's Lite23 dager siden
  • so hating the CGI is toxic?

    backstreetlifebackstreetlife25 dager siden
    • Cant hear?

      Our ChannelOur Channel18 dager siden
  • After chapter 139 this video ages like wine

    Adrith ManvikAdrith Manvik25 dager siden
    • Indeed

      Enigmatic GaleEnigmatic Gale22 dager siden
    • @suicune690 I mean people questions the ending. But everybody is obviously fine with military being overthrown because everyone are bunch of alcoholics.

      Enigmatic GaleEnigmatic Gale22 dager siden
    • I can never look at wine the same again thanks to AoT..

      suicune690suicune69024 dager siden
  • Season 3 part 2 for me is the best Season of aot

    Mr. WeabooMr. Weaboo25 dager siden
  • Nux if you can speak Arabic you will have fan we have the most toxic one piece fans i won’t to see you shit on them and have fun but unfortunately you can’t speak arabic so I will wait for arabic nux to pop on NOworld and I will support him

    tamem abdulrahmantamem abdulrahman25 dager siden
  • The only downside to the anime is that they made us wait so long to release the second season.

    Nev RamiNev Rami25 dager siden
  • Here after chapter 139. Well AOT fandom finally tops MHA fandom. They must be very proud. First harassing MAPPA now the editor.

    Just MeJust Me26 dager siden
    • Yaegarbomb is shithole

      Enigmatic GaleEnigmatic Gale22 dager siden
  • Mikasa is a beautiful guy

    Yama SeidYama Seid26 dager siden
  • *Reads title* Me: Yes

    PoloPolo27 dager siden
  • Nux: *Calls the AOT fandom the most toxic* MHA: hold my ship

    Joseph JrJoseph Jr27 dager siden
  • This video aged really well.

    Arnab SahaArnab Saha27 dager siden
  • Yo whats happening in the anime rn I need to read the manga I cant wait or I’ll die

    Bilge AkalınBilge Akalın28 dager siden
  • Mikasa looks... looks like my dream waifu

    KiraQueenKiraQueen28 dager siden
  • Nazis are National Socialist not fascist

    Herr kommandment HanzHerr kommandment Hanz28 dager siden
  • Anime/Manga: Dark, Gory, Bloody etc. The Fandom:

    • Tubble•• Tubble•29 dager siden
  • Did you forget the MHA fandom?

    • Tubble•• Tubble•29 dager siden
    • After this chapter? First they harassed MAPPA and now the author and the editor. They really are worst fandom of all time.

      Just MeJust Me26 dager siden
  • Read muv-luv to clear the after taste the ending of aot leaved you with

    Goldmetal AlchesmithGoldmetal Alchesmith29 dager siden
  • The single-sided irony of man, "Mikasa is no no longer waifu material in Season 4, therefore the Mappa adaptation is bad."

    joshkaijoshkaiMåned siden
  • still not as toxic as the mha fandom, at least aot fandom isn't putting minors in heavily exposing clothes and also this is not in defense of the aot fandom.

    User_Name_Taken_User_Name_Taken_Måned siden
  • Mikasa looks badass IMO. The anger makes NO SENSE. She?? Cut?? Her?? Hair?? Shorter??? For?? Combat??

    Lydia-Renee DarlingLydia-Renee DarlingMåned siden
  • The capitial riots had nothing to do with promoting fascism-

    sanicsanicMåned siden
  • Bruh the animation is mediocre what do you mean the animation is fire? And what's got having a normal female face to fan service?? Is having normal face considered as fan service lol

    Aziz HassanAziz HassanMåned siden
  • Bruh studio WIT used cgi a few times and that was on the berserk cgi levels compared to mappa

    Agent_ManAgent_ManMåned siden
  • Man and he didn't even mention the whole Hange's gender thing. Seriously, it's hilarious how even when people agree they liked something they stilll argue about the specifics of it. That's why I just don't interact with fans online. Shit is way too sad and annoying.

    where am I?where am I?Måned siden
  • Anime is so good but the fandom is full of retard

    XXELOTXXELOTMåned siden
  • Nein, ich schreibe ein Buch darüber, wie Faschismus in Korea sein sollte, damit sie mehr Freiheit haben

    Blurred PutinBlurred PutinMåned siden
  • Nah mha has worse fandom

    connor the android sent by cyberlifeconnor the android sent by cyberlifeMåned siden
    • Yep

      RequiemRequiemMåned siden
  • For aot fans,some cartoon characters are more important than the real life people

    Shubham MishraShubham MishraMåned siden
  • Watching episode 6 was cringe.I dont know why but people say that anime is better than manga.Reading manga wasnt cringe.That was awesome to read the manga.Mappa just painted manga chapters and gave us.But that's even worse than painted manga frames.Mappa couldn't do static frames?They could.And if they did it they wouldn't get so much hate from fandom.But no they did cringe.And osts...There is only 3 osts in this season.But it's okay if mappa used old osts.NO!They didnt even used leaked ost that needed to be used at declaration of war scene.And yeah you cant say there that mappa didnt have time for it.That is 10 minute work!Sound producer couldnt just use leaked ost?That's bullshit.And who said that mappa took aot for fans?Mappa did this season for business.Its hype franchise and they knew that they will get good money from that.And they would do better if kodansha gave them more time to do.Mappa didnt used old osts so the season become boring.There were 5 good episodes.5 episodes of 16...There was a good ost.But only 1 ost.They cut Reiner's flashbacks half.But stretched out the final episodes as fuck.So the season is 4/10.If you think part 2 will be better I need to say that it will be trash.Even if mappa will do it awesome it will be trash at all.

    RoLanRoLanMåned siden
    • And yeah mappa literally fixed some moments that didnt need to be fixed.About mikasa.I agree here.We should know that this is 10 y.o children and we shouldn't hate them.They will think about it in the future.

      RoLanRoLanMåned siden
  • cool video now i demand sauce for 0:16

    ArsalArsalMåned siden
  • Ngl I don’t even notice the CGI Titans

    Just a GhostFace MainJust a GhostFace MainMåned siden
    • Same lol

      RequiemRequiemMåned siden
  • Aat fandom is pretty toxic right now but I still believe the my hero fandom is the most toxic

    Finn WilliamsFinn WilliamsMåned siden
  • Toxic fans: MAPPA ruined AoT Also toxic fans: When's the next episode going to release?

    PPMåned siden
    • Yeah we want to laugh about how mappa butchered this mediocre season and How they butchered the odm gear from absolute gorgeous 2D animation into CGI survey corps

      Aziz HassanAziz HassanMåned siden
    • @Doofus Dog It's also movie? Let me search

      PPMåned siden
    • @P buddum bum BUM bumm

      Doofus DogDoofus DogMåned siden
    • @Doofus Dog It was a good movie, thanks for suggesting...

      PPMåned siden
    • your name

      Doofus DogDoofus DogMåned siden
  • Damn, the fandom is nazi, transphobic AND *CGI?!*

    Κώστας ο ΖέξηΚώστας ο ΖέξηMåned siden
  • *Its not the fandoms that are bad its the new weebs who are like 12 yrs old who are toxic. Aot are just the biggest victims of TRASH fans. The new weebs only want waifus and that is why they are mad at Mikasa. If they wanted a waifu they should past their way and i don't care if its 80% of the fandom who are toxic and they gone I will be happy as I will only see people loving the episode and not complaining and they are the reason people said the anime is overrated*

    Ony DupuyOny DupuyMåned siden
  • The internet has just melted people’s brains

    George HamiltonGeorge HamiltonMåned siden
  • Actually I think most fandoms that are seen as toxic aren’t really toxic. Most people in Bnha, voltron, Steven Universe, etc are pretty chill and don’t really care about what’s going happening on Twitter and just do their own thing. It’s just that many people see the very vocal minority and assume it represents the whole fandom. While it is good to talk about what the horrible things the small toxic side is doing, but saying the entire fandom is bad as a whole is wrong. A good example is the Mha fandom. The fandom is huge and most people are pretty chill and do their own thing. People that like shipping will usually won’t harass the creator, but because of how vocal the small toxic minority is it thinks the entire fandom is a ship obsessed war zone that is filled with horrible people. Also I really enjoyed the video.

    Celestia LudenburgCelestia LudenburgMåned siden
  • People want fan service but forget that AoT isn't like other anime like shounen.

    Gerald YeagerGerald YeagerMåned siden
  • Aot fans Are Very Rude To other Anime fans

    JohanJohanMåned siden
  • Just delete Twitter and you’ll feel better

    MonkaSmerpMonkaSmerpMåned siden
  • Right now there's a war on MAL where the AOT and FMAB fans are down-voting the other anime just to get theirs' to the no.1 spot.

    Styx ThistleStyx ThistleMåned siden
  • People can love or hate it... *But we can all agree that Pieck Finger is BEST WAIFU*

    KergmundKergmundMåned siden
  • I have no problem with AOT unlike the toxic fans, and I don't even bully Mappa it's just I still got PTSD after berserk 2016-2017

    Preity ThapaPreity ThapaMåned siden
  • The only way AoT could've inspired January 6th is if they were airing the part where the Survey Corp overthrew King Fritz

    Pippu PaladinPippu PaladinMåned siden
  • Most funniest line is " the storyline is the best of 2021" nice troll Nux

    Okami64Okami64Måned siden
  • So we just gonna ignore the ancient sea slug like it actually makes sense....ok

    Okami64Okami64Måned siden
  • They made mikasa a MAN imagine. The creator sucks

    DaffyDaffyMåned siden
    • Lol

      chad who always spam the linkschad who always spam the linksMåned siden

    DaffyDaffyMåned siden
  • If you love the anime but hate the animation just go to the Manga and stop complaining bc you can't change anything

    CuberjayCuberjayMåned siden
  • They’re catching up to the my hero fandom

    White RosesWhite RosesMåned siden
  • Bruh I personally don't have any problem with the animation but even you have to accept the fact that it could easily be a lot better given more time . Attack on Titan deserves a great adaptation but it is not getting that treatment due to certain circumstances . This is what that makes me sad.

    Shubham SharmaShubham SharmaMåned siden
  • Attack on titan is on game of thrones level, excluding the 8th and 7th season

    Emerald Eyed StarEmerald Eyed StarMåned siden
  • They are just basic fans, “if it doesn’t look like demon slayer then fuck it”, it’s what they re thinking.

    Emerald Eyed StarEmerald Eyed StarMåned siden
  • Damn nux u were mad annoying this time

    LittleA_LittleA_Måned siden
  • Wth i just want to watch big people fight

    Kuripop 9907Kuripop 9907Måned siden
  • You and this show's animation plus horrible CGI is why i just kept reading manga. Cringy guy :v

    SiyemSiyemMåned siden
    • @Pep Z Ultra Horrible HD

      SiyemSiyemMåned siden
    • "horrible cgi", hoo, you have NOT seen horrible cgi AT ALL

      Pep ZPep ZMåned siden
  • As a somewhat neutral observer, while I don't get why someone would stop watching AoT because of it, I do get why someone would complain about the 3D animation. No matter the Anime, unless the entire Anime is 3D, it always stands out like a sore thumb. There's good examples like AoT or One Piece, there's bad examples like Overlord S3 and Berserk 2016, but whether it's good or bad, 2D and 3D animation in the same shot never meshes well. it always stands out and never in a good way.

    Timo KampwerthTimo KampwerthMåned siden
  • I find the old art style more but bro RIP Jo-Jo WTF is going on in sesson 4+5

    Ivan Andreasawitch MerochnekovIvan Andreasawitch MerochnekovMåned siden
  • Reason why I don't want to get my top Animes to get too famous

    My NameMy NameMåned siden
  • not to mention the racist people in the fandom that say racist shit towards mikasa because she gets in the way of their ship or something

    the beans are gonethe beans are goneMåned siden
  • Aot is my favourite anime and I fucking despise a huge part of the fandom. Especially people who are like "Mankasa🤮😈😈😂" "GABITCH!1!🤬🤬🤬" "MIKASA SIMP LMAOAOAO😳"

    EasportsKXEasportsKXMåned siden
    • twitter and instagram be like

      Parnian RafieiParnian RafieiMåned siden
  • didn't really like attack on titan but i really stand on your side

    #08Felix,Ivan Ezekiel Vilavicencio#08Felix,Ivan Ezekiel VilavicencioMåned siden
  • weeb degenerates

    blorghisedblorghisedMåned siden
  • worst fandom ever idc.

    igurogenocideigurogenocideMåned siden
  • Imagine shipping a 40 and 19 year old adult and kid🙁

    MinecraftMario BoyMinecraftMario BoyMåned siden
  • This is why i wanted to start the rumbling edit: after seeing chapter 139, I have confirmed that it's time to retreat to my bunker so i can avoid the fandom at all costs

    Eren JaegerEren JaegerMåned siden
  • Who cares

    Spam _Spam _Måned siden
  • A new ep came out today AOT Is the best anime for me

    ItsTyronPlaysItsTyronPlaysMåned siden
  • fr!! attack on titan is a fuckin' masterpiece cause all this shit has been planned for years. all the foreshadowing n shit?? godsend. good worldbuilding, characters, etc.!! bitches hate on the cgi now, but i think it's much better than when bertholdt transformed on top of the wall in like season 2. they're essentially only complaining bcause of change 🧍‍♂️ also!!! i think isayama has said that he intentionally made mikasa in a way to make her like.. not waifu material. i have no idea how 2 describe it 😭😭😭

    infinitesimalinfinitesimalMåned siden
  • AOT fans: we hate CGI, CANCEL THEM! Baki and Berserk fans: Pathetic

    Josiah LalrinengJosiah LalrinengMåned siden