The Most Toxic Cult of Twitch

8. aug.. 2020
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  • New manga plot: my twitch chat is is an overpowered demigod

    bruh momentbruh momentMåned siden
  • Billy Bomb!

    acekeianaracekeianarMåned siden
  • Billy

    HelpbricksHelpbricks2 måneder siden
  • My real name is actually Billy and I have come to join you my brothers and sisters! Send the invites!

    TheLOOKOUTSquadTheLOOKOUTSquad2 måneder siden
  • Chat is the definition of chad

    Rylan stubbsRylan stubbs2 måneder siden
  • yo. twitch floods billy at the slightest hint of nux. seen it. confirmed

    Forbes CoreyForbes Corey3 måneder siden
  • Ahem did you just use super mario music? Lmao

    Tetsu ShirenaiTetsu Shirenai3 måneder siden
  • So your fans are simps...Always has been

    brendon stephenbrendon stephen3 måneder siden
  • there is a movie called billy's cult LOL

    adi Feigadi Feig3 måneder siden
  • Billy is just Bob in disguise buddy. Look it up

    Christopher DorazioChristopher Dorazio4 måneder siden
  • yes, billy

    Vincent BourbeauVincent Bourbeau4 måneder siden
  • FINALLY!!! I finally know who Billy is.

    Jack WriterJack Writer4 måneder siden
  • When you realize ZA WORLDO is a Jojo Reference

    I_Escalated_ quicklyI_Escalated_ quickly4 måneder siden
  • So what your saying Nux, is you accentually created a cult. I have also accentually created a cult. A cheeseburger cult.

    ban fanban fan4 måneder siden
  • Nux's fambase is too strong

    DezmasDezmas4 måneder siden
  • i guess im billy now.

    BlueSpeed12BlueSpeed124 måneder siden
  • The most toxic twitch community ever Simps

    J The CwoffleJ The Cwoffle5 måneder siden
  • Billy is like the wind he's *no where and everywhere*

    Fallen Legend!Fallen Legend!5 måneder siden
  • Me sees Odd1sOut video in intro (windows xp noise)

    Yeet ManYeet Man5 måneder siden
  • praise billy

    Demi SladeDemi Slade5 måneder siden
  • Is they're a billy cult subreddit where we can plan the raids?

    SLURM IS DEADSLURM IS DEAD5 måneder siden
  • I knew he wasn't serious when I heard za worldo

    Josh EngemoenJosh Engemoen5 måneder siden
  • Billy

    Elvi5_40 The Parakeet_GamingElvi5_40 The Parakeet_Gaming5 måneder siden
  • 10:58 she’s so useless she’s a goddess that gets tricked by the placebo effect. Also I stan megumin.

    Wiggly WongWiggly Wong5 måneder siden
  • 11:50 I guess they forgot only stands can effect other stands and stand users nerd

    ShadowShadow5 måneder siden
  • Billy

    Random youtube userRandom youtube user5 måneder siden
  • simp

    sweczka24sweczka245 måneder siden
  • Lord nuxanor

    Thousand AnthillThousand Anthill5 måneder siden
  • Kill me now lol

    Thousand AnthillThousand Anthill5 måneder siden
  • Billy is like to Kiryu, like Majima is like to Chaddy Nux

    Noah YoungNoah Young5 måneder siden
  • Pokémon most Toxic

    IcemanIceman5 måneder siden
  • Great 👍🏻 video nice 👍🏻 hype!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    IcemanIceman5 måneder siden
  • bands

    Myles KellMyles Kell5 måneder siden
  • There needs to be a luffy relapse arc. powers to extreme medical situations have meant to of taken years off his life/effect his heart but we have yet to of seen the draw backs.

    winnkeywinnkey5 måneder siden
  • My first days on the internet were on google+, of course I'm toxic. I'm also a virgin so that's a win win for toxicity.

    drachen lords simpdrachen lords simp5 måneder siden
  • Nux throws gasoline on toxic people then waits for there toxicity to light themselves on fire

    Devyn ErmoldDevyn Ermold5 måneder siden
  • Billy

    Aka AjAka Aj5 måneder siden
  • What was that code again?

    Carlos GarzaCarlos Garza5 måneder siden
  • "Only my fambase is allowed to call me a simp" Nux 2020

    Carlos GarzaCarlos Garza5 måneder siden
  • Nux army? ..... Nux army

    Griffen talesGriffen tales5 måneder siden
  • you all realize we are just Nux's Stand that he can't control, flexing on all those that we deem unworthy of his greatness

    Clay DragonetClay Dragonet5 måneder siden
  • I wish i got raided by Nux FeelsBillyMan

    darksunDSdarksunDS5 måneder siden
  • petition to convince nux to become a vtuber

    Thai DursiThai Dursi5 måneder siden
  • That was not a half bad obi wan impression

    Braden ColemanBraden Coleman5 måneder siden
  • Petition for Nux to change his name to SimpTaku for 2 weeks

    SilverStoneXSilverStoneX5 måneder siden
  • I'm fairly new to the Nux fandom, but you know what those Billy raids sound like to me? The CallMeKevin cult. He frequently raids small streamers on twitch and the poor man has no control over his incredibly wholesome and *incredibly CURSED* fanbase

    Behold NonsenseBehold Nonsense5 måneder siden
  • You honestly need to make a greatest flexes about your community

    Noriaki KakyoinNoriaki Kakyoin5 måneder siden
  • Lord Nuxanor is no SIMP!

    Charles TynerCharles Tyner5 måneder siden

    Just Some Jersey Devil With Internet AccessJust Some Jersey Devil With Internet Access5 måneder siden
  • "ONLY my fans get to call me a simp! NO ONE else! Learn your place, knave!" -Nux 'LORD FLEXANOR' Taku, 2020.

    Just Some Jersey Devil With Internet AccessJust Some Jersey Devil With Internet Access5 måneder siden
  • I'm just sub to your channel, toxic fandoms and BILLY AWESOME. #FlexaNux

    Precious GomezPrecious Gomez5 måneder siden
  • Haha lol

    -O- sunflower-O--O- sunflower-O-5 måneder siden
  • The most Toxic gaming community = ARMA Sim-Groups

    Robert CaronRobert Caron5 måneder siden
  • S I M P

    Zenokiller 24Zenokiller 245 måneder siden
  • this raise a question... can Saitama one punch a stance ?

    Pham Thien PhucPham Thien Phuc5 måneder siden
  • So this fandom has chosen the neutral route

    DBADBA5 måneder siden
  • please nux i know epic meme so meta haha but know when things go too far and call out your fanbase when you need to ok back to memes billy and hentai

    orangemedvedmediaorangemedvedmedia5 måneder siden
  • I really want to get twitch and follow you but it’s 17+ and I’m nearly turning thirteen and I’m still in primary so I haven’t really learnt responsibility yet I’m sorry I failed you and the billy cult 😞😔

    Hannavas237 82Hannavas237 825 måneder siden
  • Billy wanna see your FEET!

    lord doctorlord doctor5 måneder siden
  • Lord Twigo our lord and savior is in reality a profit of billy

    Malyke CodringtonMalyke Codrington5 måneder siden
  • Binod

    L.Lawliet kiraL.Lawliet kira5 måneder siden
  • 0:53 *nervous Nux noises*

    CarterTGSCarterTGS5 måneder siden
  • billy doesn’t even seem like a word or name anymore

    ????5 måneder siden
  • 2:26 oh shit its oompa

    TorteweenieTorteweenie5 måneder siden
  • I heard Tig Ol Bitties It was the first day Back to school Cuttin up in class Actin like a tool Friends are rollin in We started talkin bout the summer DJ saw Twilight Bummer I spoke up And I asked my friends "Are there any new girls? nines or tens?" Hopin a few hotties Had moved from other cities And in walked this girl With Tig 'Ol Bitties Whoo I can't believe my eyes In a contest they'd win first prize Double D, guarantee I was checkin the size It's like two beach balls in a shirt disguise Or earth and mars Havin some fun Wait I take that back It's like two of the sun But at this point i let my mind run And drifted off thinkin bout them Tig 'Ol Bitties Hah, Tig 'Ol Bitties Mount Fuji brought it's twin Tig 'Ol Bitties Two melons in a shirt Tig 'Ol Bitties Tig 'Ol Bitties I put books in my lap Tig 'Ol Bitties Heads bobbin as she walks Tig 'Ol Bitties Oh my god! Tig 'Ol Bitties Tig 'Ol Bitties Tig 'Ol Bitties Tig 'Ol Bitties Tig 'Ol Bitties Tig 'Ol Bitties Tig 'Ol Bitties Tig 'Ol Bitties Tig 'Ol Bitties Tig 'Ol Bitties Kept trippin in class cuz of her dang breasts in a tiny white shirt Boobs havin a fiesta Later in lab We were messin with test tubes Couldn't keep my eyes off the new girls chest Boobs! Wasn't payin attention Got busted Had to serve detention In biology We talked about the bees The best kinda bees Boob-bees Whoo I can't believe my mind I hold a pokerface to her two of a kind With each step Her breasts gettin redefined I'm makin my move I'm thinkin it's time Oh snap I'mma ask her to prom And in my head She responds "you're the bomb" Feelin nervous So I count to three "I like your boobs, go to prom with me?" Hah, Tig 'Ol Bitties King kong boobs Tig 'Ol Bitties Great tracks of land Tig 'Ol Bitties Tig 'Ol Bitties Like my balls Tig 'Ol Bitties Real big Tig 'Ol Bitties Oh my god! Tig 'Ol Bitties Tig 'Ol Bitties Tig 'Ol Bitties Tig 'Ol Bitties Tig 'Ol Bitties Tig 'Ol Bitties Tig 'Ol Bitties Tig 'Ol Bitties Tig 'Ol Bitties Tig 'Ol Bitties She said yes So I'm gettin ready Stain on my shirt Mom's spaghetti I pick her up And I'm pretty sure That she'll let me motor-boat like rrrrrr I try to cop a feel once we get to school She said "No touching, that's the rule" Principal walks up on the scene "It's time to announce prom king and queen Your Favorite Martian and Tig 'Ol Bitties Congratulations to you both on winning" Time slowed down and she jumped for joy When out of her dress jumped something more Tissues flew and rained from the sky Oh my god you stuff your shirt!? Your Favorite Martian in a world of hurt Awwww fake 'Ol Bitties Wow! Fake 'Ol Bitties You breakin my heart with Fake 'Ol Bitties You're crushin my dreams with Fake 'Ol Bitties Fake 'Ol Bitties I can't believable it Fake 'Ol Bitties You really suck Fake 'Ol Bitties I can't believe you would do that Fake 'Ol Bitties Fake 'Ol Bitties Why would you do that when you're just trying to get everyone's attention Those aren’t boobs! They're lies! Lies I tell you! But you know I'm still down to make out if you If you want to, want to come back with me You know what, never mind.

    Daddy DeVitoDaddy DeVito5 måneder siden
  • Join the cult.

    BrandonBrandon5 måneder siden
  • where is "No one understands Hachiman Hikigaya"

    Swapnil KhastagirSwapnil Khastagir5 måneder siden
  • So in our language “Meme” Literally means “Breasts” 9:25

    TheOneSuicidalBoiTheOneSuicidalBoi5 måneder siden
  • Do you think god lives in haven... in fear of what he has created?

    Secret SecretSecret Secret5 måneder siden
  • *me watching fireforce because i think joker and sho are cool looking and shinra's devil flames are cool.* -._-.

    Ey BossEy Boss5 måneder siden
  • All hail the billy

    count olafcount olaf5 måneder siden
  • Stands aren't in fact only affected by by other stands. They are affected by anything that affects souls.

    M ArmyeaterM Armyeater5 måneder siden
  • 8:54 best meme

    mykD. KryptosmykD. Kryptos5 måneder siden
  • A bunch of sickos.

    Jay FxndiJay Fxndi5 måneder siden
  • Scweeee scweee

    Volta MachineVolta Machine5 måneder siden
  • All hail lord anime profile pic

    Justin FournierJustin Fournier5 måneder siden
  • correction, Hisoka's VA voices the narrator

    Bokuto KoutarouBokuto Koutarou5 måneder siden
  • I can't be the only one that is really hoping that Billy is Nux's real first name :P

    The Gemini GodThe Gemini God5 måneder siden
  • bruh nux, project melody is obviously a dude (prolly a freak) with a voice mod, cmon man its soo obvious

    Carlos BenedettiCarlos Benedetti5 måneder siden
  • Nux: hello Me: BILLY!!!!!

    Light/leloch ZainLight/leloch Zain5 måneder siden
  • you simp 😎😎😎😎

    hehehe owohehehe owo5 måneder siden
  • What is Billy I need to know

    whatis _billywhatis _billy5 måneder siden
  • Let's take the Billy cult to Nux Twitter.

    Archit SahayArchit Sahay5 måneder siden
  • King Solomon is actually a part of the Fate/Franchise, so he technically is a harem anime protagonist

    Michael MutranowskiMichael Mutranowski5 måneder siden
  • Billy

    Von SpeedwagonVon Speedwagon5 måneder siden
  • the only sakura fans are is slim enough to fit in sakuras satetelite of a forehead

    Creation SpecialistCreation Specialist5 måneder siden

    SheriffBennySheriffBenny5 måneder siden
  • 12:14 strength.

    Samuel EvansSamuel Evans5 måneder siden
  • Please do a chill and chat stream with LeafyisHere

    GigAkumaGigAkuma5 måneder siden
  • WhAt a SiMp

    Rehan ShaikhRehan Shaikh5 måneder siden
  • Nux. Shame on you. The code was wrong.

    yes yesyes yes5 måneder siden
  • billy

    Pep The Long OnePep The Long One5 måneder siden
  • B̸̞͕̘͇̱͚̱̤̘͇̟͂́͌̊̎̄̓͂̄̅̅̚͠͝ī̶̢̙̲̮͇͓͍͉̟͖̫͈̫̏̃l̷̼̞̯̤̼̘̩̠̓͒͐͒̀͂̊̀ļ̷̘̯͔̖̰̜͉̗̝͍̱̎̈̍̅͐̃̕͠y̶̡̨̛̫͖̬̭̣̟͍̪̰͚̪̣͌̎͌̔͋̑̌͊̔̽̓͘͜

    Another fucking Guy with a fucking MustacheAnother fucking Guy with a fucking Mustache5 måneder siden
  • Bully with Billy, eh? At least something that's becoming better through time!

    Kurachi84Kurachi845 måneder siden
  • I use a music stand

    Weston BallWeston Ball5 måneder siden
  • Billy

    Weston BallWeston Ball5 måneder siden
  • We "CAN " call him a simp... BUT we rather call him Daddy Nux

    Michael croninMichael cronin5 måneder siden
  • Nov 2020 Billy becomes the first write in candidate to win an election.

    Zarco MackZarco Mack5 måneder siden
  • haha. Simp Edit: They're surrounding my house.

    Fredd DrogoFredd Drogo5 måneder siden
  • there is another Cult That Took Over youtube it called Binod and the binod cult is more terrified than billy cult everyone comment binod in every nux video

    sus takusus taku5 måneder siden