The Toxic Anime Fandom Tier List

20. mai. 2020
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I like a good popular anime, but I LOVE when it has a toxic garbage fandom lol
(anime in thumbnail: My Hero Academia & Dragonball)






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  • Yo wach jojo

    giorno giovannagiorno giovanna13 timer siden
  • I just clicked on tis video and the first thing that i can think of is the mha and jjba fanbase. I think mha is ok, like it would be decent if deku wasnt a crybaby every 3 seconds. But i like jjba more. These are the 2 most toxic fandoms that i can think of at the moment

    RedFire PlaysRedFire Plays14 timer siden
  • How is saying you should watch something toxic? Yeah it can be annoying but it aint toxic

    SwagMazterRohanSwagMazterRohan19 timer siden
  • As much as I agree with you, you are the must annoying people I’ve ever heard.

    Mr.PoopaLoopaMr.PoopaLoopa20 timer siden
  • The Gintama fandom is cancerous because of its disgusting toxic elitists.

    Pain KillerPain KillerDag siden
  • I though the sponsor was about to be RAID SHADOW LEDGENDS😂😂

    I like ya cut gI like ya cut g2 dager siden
  • 24:21 for most fandoms, any sexuality other than straight, gay or lesbian; does not exist.

    Saturned AroundSaturned Around2 dager siden
  • Where is Re-Zero?!

    Anonymous TrollAnonymous Troll2 dager siden
  • Nux: 7. Deadly. Sins DIO-SAMA:*cut off wrrryy*

    Linkmaster115 KLinkmaster115 K3 dager siden
  • Looks like the person who made this template doesn't know that Tokyo Ghoul is a SEINEN not shonen

    Lachlan LeLachlan Le3 dager siden
  • I can't just get along with some newbies in anime, who's tryna ruin almost every fandom including naruto's, like bro they just started watching anime this quarantine and u know it's just kinda sad, toxic hoomans are invading the anime community, and some tryna hard to be otakus are multiplying, they'll do everything just to be called "weeb" or an "otaku" and it isn't cool tho! I pitty them:')

    m bmm bm4 dager siden
  • Lol I was waiting for them to rank SAO and Konosuba

    ThirustThirust4 dager siden
  • I saw this video, and I was immediately like MY HERO ACADEMIA. I also love JoJo! Thank you for the nice compliment, love! Love ya! 👉🏻👈🏻🥺

    That One King KinnieThat One King Kinnie4 dager siden
  • I loved d gray-man and gintama

    the dark Crowthe dark Crow4 dager siden
  • I didn’t even like hxh it was kinda boring

    Shaggy RogersShaggy Rogers4 dager siden
  • Also I like boruto y’all just Over critiquing it

    Shaggy RogersShaggy Rogers4 dager siden
  • Stg bleach fans always in my comments on my tiktok saying aizen is the strongest being ever to exist

    Shaggy RogersShaggy Rogers4 dager siden
  • lmao fascism arc, uncle adolf, rommel, and heinz is my fav character

    White ObamaWhite Obama5 dager siden
  • Naruto and 7ds fans should go into lord twigo tier

    Chaos drawsChaos draws5 dager siden
  • Naruto fans are really toxic to each other

    Lol Your madLol Your mad6 dager siden
  • How the hell do you leave Hetalia out of a toxic anime fandom list?!? Like, we had people cosplaying and nazi saluting in front of synagogues. Obviously, we’re pretty chill now, but in the height of popularity it was a dumpster fire.

    The Slippery NoodleThe Slippery Noodle6 dager siden
  • Dragon ball series is my favourite but im not toxic i actually find it annoying when i see people spamming CaN He BEaT Goku Tho???? Like the dragon ball world power system is broken and every anime fan understands that

    Nah FamNah Fam7 dager siden
  • For real though Goku could beat up every other anime so I think Dragon ball has to be S tier

    Big LBig L7 dager siden
  • I'm gonna read the Tokyo Ghoul manga... that's my take-away... Root A was shit, Re didn't make sense because obviously it didn't so I dropped, I'm just gonna read the manga

    PyroTentaclePyroTentacle7 dager siden
  • Hey, 4 people... I watched D.Gray-man. It... it was quite alright, actually. Not super amazing definite recommendation, I guess. But quite alright. Also there was Claymore, it was rather decent. And not because it had whamen. But we don't talk about Claymore now. It's older than 1 one year, which means it is basically a deceased decrepit corpse of an anime before Golden Age. Because Golden Age is when released which is the best season. Obviously.

    LegiroLegiro7 dager siden
  • I love boruto manga.

    EDGESHOTEDGESHOT8 dager siden
  • i love boku no hero but the *fandom* is so toxic

    S RS R8 dager siden
  • Straight 2 friends exist Despressed teenage girls:they are definitely gays

    Tony AcreeTony Acree9 dager siden
  • I find it hilarious that the Hxh fandom calls out Naruto for ripping off the anime but the Jojo fandom is completely fine with Demon Slayer

    Æ Ne0nÆ Ne0n10 dager siden
  • That 0.000000000001 of nauto fans who are sakura fans: my wifu

    Teloprme PetersonTeloprme Peterson10 dager siden
  • Damn! We're that toxic? bUt CaN tHeY bEaT gOkU tHoUgH?

    BlackカカロットBlackカカロット10 dager siden
  • Dragon ball fan base is toxic but, the one punch man fans base, is more toxic and all the anime fan bases, even comic fanbases combined

    Halosain SwavvyHalosain Swavvy11 dager siden
  • The Anime was ind of ok. - Nux 2020

    EnTaku SilvaEnTaku Silva11 dager siden
  • I like D.Gray-Man, I'm a fan, I even own the manga 😭

    JemJem11 dager siden
  • Can we just stop shipping even ppl that like each other like deku x uraraka just stop

    sir kongsir kong11 dager siden
  • interspecies reviewers is the best anime of all time change my mind 😤😤

    Gracie MillerGracie Miller12 dager siden
  • wellll the hxh mha and aot fandoms are ass now

    Spicy Oreos74Spicy Oreos7413 dager siden
  • Me love Jojo. Me love you... SO... me think you should watch Jojo because me want share interests with people me love

    The PolecatThe Polecat14 dager siden
    • We simple people, Jojo fandom... Just want you enjoy Araki’s hardwork. He do good

      The PolecatThe Polecat14 dager siden
  • Hmmmmmmmmmm ok But bungee gum possess the properties of both rubber and gum

    ttt tttttt ttt14 dager siden
  • I Agree With JoJo Being The Least Toxic Fandom, The Fans Are Passionate AND NOT Toxic... ALSO IS THAT A MOTHERFUCKING JOJO REFERENCE?!?!?!

    Vuk StojanovicVuk Stojanovic15 dager siden
  • Full Metal Alchemist actually sucks, not even joking...

    Jared John CenaJared John Cena15 dager siden
    • Ok but opinions We should respect each other For me its hxh its my favourite anime

      ttt tttttt ttt14 dager siden
  • lol Nux saying there are like 3 people who watched D.Gray-Man while it has a rating above 8 on MAL and ranking higher in popularity than some of the Jojo parts 🤣🤣

    KeroFariaKeroFaria15 dager siden
  • 4:55

    Lord ZenoLord Zeno15 dager siden
  • I LOVEd hitman reborn butttttttttttttt most of it is garbage tbh

    ManicAnime !ManicAnime !16 dager siden
  • Jojo is super toxic

    ManicAnime !ManicAnime !16 dager siden
  • My top 5 toxic fandoms 1.naruto 2.mha Punch man 5hxh

    I'm no impostorI'm no impostor16 dager siden
  • I agree, I've read tokyo ghoul and re, just read the manga it's great honesty

    Carl TippmenCarl Tippmen16 dager siden
  • Literally any other anime: *Exists* Hunter x Hunter fans: *tHaT aNiMe SuCkS cOmPaReD tO hUnTeR x HuNtEr*

    Fire MonkeyFire Monkey16 dager siden
    • @ttt ttt yeah I heard how horrible MHA is. “sHiP ShIp sHiP”

      Fire MonkeyFire Monkey14 dager siden
    • I mean have you seen One piece and Naruto fandom Or worse MHA fans They will kill you

      ttt tttttt ttt14 dager siden
    • Where not like that we only saying that bungee gum possess both ( ok you know what I'm gonna say Not nice by the way

      ttt tttttt ttt14 dager siden
  • Based on my experienced : DB fans : Can he beat Goku tho? Naruto fans : Madara vs Itachi who wins? One Piece fans : Become triggered when someone doesnt say OP is the best anime AOT fans : Omg levi is so hot!! MHA fans : Gay ships JoJo fans : Just having fun with memes and jokes Dont get me wrong, i watch, enjoy and love all this anime. There is no bad anime, every anime is unique and best in their own way. But i cant handle the toxic fanbase. Imo, JoJo fanbase are the least toxic and i enjoy the most because they just have fun by making memes and joke and ask other people to watch it, thats it.

    Otaku KingOtaku King17 dager siden
    • @Aaron Chiam no they dont. As far as i experienced, i rarely see naruto fans claim their anime is the best. But they always overate naruto like "naruto is universal/itachi stronger than madara". Meanwhile OP fans, they are the most insecure fanbase and mostly only watch 1 anime. They always claim OP storyline is the best(which somehow true)and say other anime storyline is trash(mostly naruto). Just say "i dont like OP/too many episode"and they getting triggered

      Otaku KingOtaku King16 dager siden
    • @Otaku King naruto too lol. They literally think that DB and OP are rip-offs of it. Also, how is madara vs itachi toxic?

      Aaron ChiamAaron Chiam16 dager siden
    • @Aaron Chiam more like one piece fans

      Otaku KingOtaku King16 dager siden
    • Naruto fans should be like "naruto is the best anime ever created" while refusing to watch other anime.

      Aaron ChiamAaron Chiam16 dager siden
  • Tokyo ghoul manga is amazing. Read it it's worth it. Period.

    Lena OtakuLena Otaku17 dager siden
  • Sometimes I'm happy d gray man has a small fandom because it's not toxic. The more ppl the more toxic.

    Lena OtakuLena Otaku17 dager siden
  • just a chill one piece fan here ..

    Razika MamecheRazika Mameche17 dager siden
  • just a chill one piece fan here ..

    Razika MamecheRazika Mameche17 dager siden
  • I love everything dragon ball and even I can admit our fanbase sucks ass

    JuspookyJuspooky17 dager siden
  • D.Gray-Man POGGGGGGG

    Lurgas -weebshitLurgas -weebshit17 dager siden
  • You missed one... *Rosario vampire*

    That GuyThat Guy18 dager siden
  • Nux, I would just like to say, that by not finishing the Tokyo Ghoul:Re manga you are missing out, cause the end gets INSANE.

    TsumagiriTsumagiri18 dager siden
  • In conclusion I think the worse fan bases are the ones that have non anime fans watching them

    Shemz LoveShemz Love18 dager siden
  • Yo Nux, wanna see some REALLY toxic shit? Just go visit the battle forums of comic vine and enjoy your dumpster fire. Or should I say fiery inferno... XD lel

    That GuyThat Guy19 dager siden
  • I understood Tokyo Ghoul for the first season. I watched the second season and went: “ah yes” Then the art style changed and the whole story flipped, and nukes did go off... And well I never finished it :)

    Den KanekiDen Kaneki19 dager siden
  • Berserk worst anime adaption of all time

    FalconLazerFalconLazer19 dager siden
  • People can ship who they want and have fun with it because that’s how it’s supposed to be, fun. Just understand that just because you like a ship a lot doesn’t make it cannon

    Ashley CorralAshley Corral19 dager siden
  • When nux was talking about Tokyo ghoul he slowly started becoming pewdiepie

    The true reuploaderThe true reuploader20 dager siden
  • I will admit, I love fairy Tail. It was one of the first few animes I've watched when I decided to watch anime, and it was recommended by a very dear friend of mine that sadly moved away. I haven't see a lot of toxic stuff in the fandom either. There are fanfiction where Lucy is shipped with everyone, or nalu vs nali, but I think that's it. Good fandom. Hunter X Hunter. I will admit wholehearted I am a toxic fan. Well, sort of. I WOULD like people to watch it, but I don't constantly tell everyone to watch it. Um, Im a total Killua simp so I have that going for me. I think I become a toxic fan was when I heard that Naruto is some sort of rip off of Hunter X Hunter. I still didn't watch Naruto, and I was already watching hxh. I went on pinterest and saw a whole bunch of post and comment and stuff so I got really mad cuz I feel like Naruto is more known. So whenever someone even brought up the word Naruto I went crazy. I'm watching Naruto now, and I do see similarities. But they're still different stories, so I respect both. So I still get mad, but I'm more in control, I'm really liking Naruto, it's very good. I haven't seen much of the hxh fandom, other than fanart of Gon and Killua together as ship. So cuddling, talking, or even kissing and other stuff. A very small portion drew it and other liked it. The REST OF THE FANDOM then went on and on with lecture of how it's wrong. I get it, jeez, calm down. Other than that, I will say the fandom is kinda toxic, but sill a good fandom. idk, I'm weird. I just really wanted to say that for no reason. Lol sorry, bye.

    A weird PiscesA weird Pisces20 dager siden
  • Speedwagon= s tier waifu

    Kelly McKellenKelly McKellen20 dager siden
  • Wdym HxH fans are toxic? We're just chillin

    Abiel GintingAbiel Ginting21 dag siden
  • im watching gintama rn and it might be my fav anime 2 ngl im rlyyyyyyyyy enjoying it!

    mrphilip moemrphilip moe21 dag siden
  • Pandora hearts anime was pretty trash but the manga is honestly s ranked its so good.

    Black HatBlack Hat22 dager siden
  • hetalia is the most non-toxic fandom really :>

    Lodowy IsiekLodowy Isiek23 dager siden
  • Lmao I just watch anime and not talk to people about it

    ShineShine23 dager siden
  • Shippers are the worst, and gay shippers at that, anyways besides one fandom stands out to me the most and not for shipping reasons. From my experience One Piece fans are the worst and most toxic. They cant accept other peoples opinions on their overrated beloved show. While I like it, its not this flawlss masterpiece that they claim. I will also say that I have come across some great fans of the series online and we could have civil discussions but others just try and shit on everything else but One Piece. I have seen the most shallow arguments that all have the same thing of how its the best selling manga. I have read it and watched it and again while its decent and I like it, its waaaaaaayyyy overrated. Also Bleach is the GOAT, Bleach filler arcs like Zanpakuto Rebellion arc is better than most Canon One Piece arcs. Some People apparantly just watched Bleach for its surface level value and didnt really think and see that Ichigo is the deepest mc in shounen. The psychology of him in his mind with zangetsu and hollow Ichigo is insane. Also the weapons themselves have souls and their own characters. Another reason why I love Zanpakuto Rebellion so much. One Piece manga is hella overrated and definatly the anime. The pacing is godawful especially with Fishman Island. This series is not without its flaws and its okay that I think its not perfect. The development in the series of One Piece is no where near the likes of Naruto and Bleach. One Piece has had so much time to develop these characters but the only one thats developed well is Nico Robin. The series is long that characters returning throughout the series blinds people to think it has development, and development for every character is not needed but One Piece fans claim this series is the best when clearly its not. Naruto alone has more development and you can not argue Luffy compared fo Naruto has more development, that is absurd but I have legit seen people argue this. While I love Hunter Hunter the fanbase for it is not as bad as One Piece but again its not the best anime ever, when I say my favorites are Bleach and Naruto they just cant accept it and think I havent watched it when I have and while I love it, its not my favorite. The writing in Bleach and Naruto is much better for me. Magi is such an underrated series I reccomend everyone watch it.

    Darth XemnasDarth Xemnas23 dager siden
  • Me, a Death Note Fan: Phew!

    SnipeStormSnipeStorm24 dager siden
  • Can't we all just agree that the Danganronpa fandom is one of the best fandoms? Man, I love that fandom.

    WeebWeeb25 dager siden
  • Am i the only one neutral on anime communities? I guess its because I don't hang out in anime communities and just watch anime. Everything except ONE, the damned SJW MHA Fandom that has been pushing Horikoshi and driving him to quit his show. Screw those guys, seriously.

    TheRichman42TheRichman4225 dager siden
  • Naruto is *only* A tier!? Bruh it's S tier at least. My Hero is Lord Twigo tier. Easy. Can you *imagine* the serenity of the One Piece community if the anime had great animation!? Oh, if I ever live to see the day that OP finishes firstly, then maybe I get to see a complete remake/reboot of the anime, and it would complete my life. Jojo's truly is the most wholesome anime with the most wholesome fan community of all time though.

    SeverinsenSeverinsen25 dager siden
  • The pokemon fandom is the most toxic fandom ngl

    Kynan AliyusufKynan Aliyusuf26 dager siden
  • does anyone know the song name?

    cat on watercat on water26 dager siden
  • Random one piece fan: one piece is better Naruto fans: no naruto is Dbz fans: Dbz universe will clap both them

    Jeedyhyay gamerJeedyhyay gamer26 dager siden
  • dude, you showed mercy with the MHA fandom. that shit deserves it's own tier, it's on a whole other LEVEL of bad.

    OktoayOktoay26 dager siden
  • dbz fan here no u

    Matricx700Matricx70027 dager siden
  • dragon ball fans: **shit on characters for not being strong, say it means they're bad characters** slice of life (both drama and comedy) fans: " *HAS SOMEONE SUMMONED ME?* "

    majoramajora27 dager siden
  • There are three kingdoms when it comes to jjba. 1. Toxics: they exist... believe me. 2. Memers: Sometimes they’re pretty chill, not that toxic BUT, we can be kinda annoying. The “professional fans”: They can be toxic sometimes, will say that Araki doesn’t forget... (he does.)

    RezioRezio27 dager siden
  • Haikyuu and MHA has the same fandom.. they're into shipping everybody else

    Psycho GuyPsycho Guy27 dager siden
    • You right. Only difference is BNHA's yaoi fangirls are on the forefront and has more shipwars and best boy/girl wars than Haikyuu does.

      JustEveJustEve26 dager siden
  • Death Note is absent on this list. 🖤

    Yami not YugiYami not Yugi28 dager siden
  • I mean like, if you join the JoJo fandom you got like a full Beatles song roster of jokes to use. We got so many that you can be able to make a JoJo reference and nobody will ever be able to know that you're making a JoJoke and enjoy your day.

    MasterCrazyYYDMasterCrazyYYD28 dager siden
  • I preferred hunter x hunter back when the fandom barely existed, cuz now it's just pretty toxic

    John RossJohn Ross29 dager siden
  • I remember someone made a joke on TikTok (mistake no.1) about Kaidou(saiki k) being able to beat everyone in the dbz universe and the Goku fan boys were MAD “tHe JoKe wAsNt eVeN fUnNy😠” “you guys couldn’t beat us in the argument so you’re lying now” If you don’t understand Kaidou has a hero complex and thinks he can beat anyone

    iizuruiizuruMåned siden
  • fairy tail is a weird one you diss the show noone cares you diss characters everyone hates you very toxic when it comes to defending erza

    TaranTaranMåned siden
  • You seem cool but can you beat Goku tho

    PillowMasterPillowMasterMåned siden
  • This man looks like a fusion of me and Skull

    Akiren KurumiyaAkiren KurumiyaMåned siden
  • um were is yu-gi-oh

    Jarmany LaboyJarmany LaboyMåned siden
  • Tokyo ghoul first 5 minutes were great then began the great descent

    Eclipsos81Eclipsos81Måned siden
  • 10:58 jojo

    Arga Adolf LumunonArga Adolf LumunonMåned siden
  • I’ve never seen Jojo but I wanna cuz the fans seem pretty ok 👍

    Weeb GirlWeeb GirlMåned siden
  • Dragon ball is not even toxic

    quan Michelquan MichelMåned siden
  • Tokyo ghoul manga is mediocre at best.

    Pedro Henrique Souto GueirosPedro Henrique Souto GueirosMåned siden
  • One piece is the worst. The fandom worship straw hat pirates like Jesus and His disciples

    Hunter x HunterHunter x HunterMåned siden
  • YeS i am jojo fan wryy i only want u to watch it

    • DAN •• DAN •Måned siden
  • HxH is very toxic it should have been in lord twigo

    Braeton DaskevichBraeton DaskevichMåned siden
  • Why is everyone forgetting about the Demon Slayer fans???

    PixiPixiMåned siden