The Toxic Predators of the V-tuber Community (ft Projekt Melody)

12. nov.. 2020
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  • Subbed sir, your my favorite kind of wholesomeness

    Clyde CraftClyde Craft37 minutter siden
  • Why do I feel like this video can be used as a message of blackmail... Blackmail for justice, but still blackmail... I like this... So anyway when's the crusade?

    Zevox 90Zevox 9010 timer siden
  • I said the word “Yep” multiple times while this alpha youtuber talked about us and how his Chanel was a fucking cult

    That GuyThat Guy15 timer siden
  • 12:00 I’m dead

    _Lotty. .Dawdy__Lotty. .Dawdy_16 timer siden
  • sounds like a case of "when you start popping off people from your past start popping up."

    the only one leftthe only one leftDag siden
  • Nux the Guardian to the virtual world with his ironclad warriors standing at the ready to do what they must

    james maukjames maukDag siden
  • Idiot attacks Mel Nux fires off the toxic carbine in defense Idiot then attempts assault on ironmouse Nux throws carbine away and loads 110mm with malicious intent, eyes glowing red, and the idiot isn't marked with a flare

    Alec OrnellasAlec OrnellasDag siden
  • I might be late but I love your ideas and I'll put them into practice. Thank you for changing my views

    Kennet MartinezKennet MartinezDag siden
  • Alternate vid title: Why I simp for mousey

    Microsoft WordMicrosoft WordDag siden
  • Fuck with melody u get the whole nuxanor fanbase against you and you do NOT WANT THEM hunting your head

    [GD]ivan 88[GD]ivan 88Dag siden
  • I love the concept of fighting fire with fire because almost 75 to 90% of toxic people don’t learn their lessons until someone is toxic to them. I also have to say I feel bad for Melody for having to deal with a f@€king @ss wipe like that.

    Gregory TidwellGregory TidwellDag siden
  • Nux you have brought the truth to my world EVIL DIGI

    Corey FinnCorey FinnDag siden
  • #Nuxisalsowholessome!!

    Eugenia Verónica BonsembianteEugenia Verónica BonsembianteDag siden

    Aidan CurryAidan Curry2 dager siden
  • I literally just found this dude, and he has the best villainous laugh ever. Whatever colt I just found, I’m definitely joining

    Blue PheonixBlue Pheonix2 dager siden
  • Poor kiddo

    Andrew NicolieAndrew Nicolie2 dager siden
  • Vtubers are people too. MORI IS STILL OUR QUEEN THOUGH

    Ryan WebbRyan Webb3 dager siden
  • Thanks for addressing this issue and making me laugh ‘til it hurts at the same time!

    KC OtakuKC Otaku3 dager siden
  • Shit my vtuber avatar Blacksnow is speaking in Nux's voice

    Pink Lightning Gacha and GamingPink Lightning Gacha and Gaming3 dager siden
  • most wholesome video of nux ever..

    Scout Plays What!?Scout Plays What!?3 dager siden
  • Hey Nux thanks for bringing this topic up. I did not know that this was happening with the vtubers and hearing this has made me think it over so thank you Nux

    mojam91mojam913 dager siden
  • if nux gave us permission wed do it were a cult a dedicated one

    Kirito03060304gaming lolKirito03060304gaming lol3 dager siden
  • Lord of the rings (Saruman) - To war!!!

    Nightly KnightNightly Knight4 dager siden
  • So you're saying you're chaotic good.

    Fireholder1Fireholder14 dager siden

    anime siping teaanime siping tea4 dager siden
  • What the hell does punished mean?!?

    SketchSketch4 dager siden
  • Ryan’s VTubers > those vtubers

    4p8j4p8j4 dager siden
  • alright, for me being mostly all over the place on NOworld, i got something to say....... 1. i relate to your " Wholesome to wholesome people" and " toxic to toxic people" mentality( despite that seemingly being impossible), and 2. imma bout to hunt some down

    Camden ThompsonCamden Thompson5 dager siden
  • Eat

    Nameless PlanetsNameless Planets5 dager siden
  • I wish I could do this I love drama

    rebecca ruizrebecca ruiz5 dager siden
  • If this happend to me, I would say these exact words. "Look, I paid for your shit, you gave me my shit. If I pay for somthing, buy somthing, its mine. Not yours. It doesn't mean you own me, the thing I paid for, the only thing you are to me is a person I bought shit from. Now get the fuck out of my life. *also I have much more fucking power over you than you think*. Bitch" Edit: also your super fucking cool man, keep up the good work! Also the only reason why I hate some people is because how they act, not who they are. YOU ACT FUCKING AWESOME AND YOU DONT SEEM TO BAD FROM HOW YOU ARE SO YOUR FUCKING COOL PLZ DONT LIKE DIE OR SOMTHING.

    OhhThatOneGuyOhhThatOneGuy5 dager siden
    • YEAH

      OhhThatOneGuyOhhThatOneGuy5 dager siden

    pubg oncrackpubg oncrack6 dager siden
  • If you mess with Nux's YT or Twitch it is like having the Russian army sent after you.

    Stefan KosterStefan Koster6 dager siden
  • Seeing nux: c: Sees melody getting threatened: |: Sees ironmouse getting non-wholesomed: >: Seeing gura getting non gura: - _⊙

    Angelo SUSAngelo SUS6 dager siden
  • I like how almost the whole time there's a gun to the back of his head

    kayden newbornkayden newborn6 dager siden
  • How not to be copyrighted in simple steps: Befriend all of the anime fandoms including toxic ones (such as jojos) Crusade time

    George KampourisGeorge Kampouris7 dager siden
  • Luis Angelo D. MendozaLuis Angelo D. Mendoza7 dager siden
  • u have a problem. i have it too. subscribed

    PoonchsPoonchs7 dager siden
  • I cant believe this guy can make a great video with just 5 avatars....

    That one guy named QuinkyThat one guy named Quinky7 dager siden
  • I cant believe this guy can make a great video with just 5 avatars....

    That one guy named QuinkyThat one guy named Quinky7 dager siden
  • How can I help her I’m ready to help her today

    AnonymousAnonymous7 dager siden
  • If we need to crusade we will

    Issei KanekiIssei Kaneki7 dager siden
  • I love that Nux basically has an army to command.

    BubbleGumWarior EVOBubbleGumWarior EVO7 dager siden
  • But for the backstory SHE promotes she says she's an AI... Sooooooo IT isn't that bad of a choice... Altho its definitly a loved IT :J And if she feels bad... She has a few simps that can pump her spirit up ;) (Nux ;J)

    flacheflache7 dager siden
  • I don't think I would ever start watching any hololive. Doesn't really catch me, I barely watch mouse and melody, even though they're wholesome AF. But it really just took nux saying "she seems nice" about gura, and I took a good look at her stuff. And I gotta say, she does seems nice. I'm impressed.

    Geraldo NetoGeraldo Neto7 dager siden
  • Who here thinks Nux kinda sounds a little bit like Gilbert Gottfried? lol

    RamgladoreRamgladore8 dager siden
  • Listen, this is part of the problem

    Lark SpurLark Spur8 dager siden
  • The worse insult I’ve can say about Nux that he’s the true wholesome person. He is the most wholesome guy that I know. Also, lost pause, as well many others fun you-tubers.

    CrazyDocPhoenixCrazyDocPhoenix8 dager siden
  • fbi open up

    paulo cunhapaulo cunha8 dager siden
  • Nux is a good ass friend

    Zaki Obafemi-CarpenterZaki Obafemi-Carpenter8 dager siden
  • We need a hacker to hack that Digi dude.

    Edvinas ŠliažasEdvinas Šliažas8 dager siden
  • Time for me to join the cult... hehehehehehehehehehehehehe

    Solid GoldSolid Gold8 dager siden
  • honestly I volunteer to be ammunition

    Comics CountComics Count8 dager siden
  • I completely agree with everything you say ppl who think this way are unforgivable i cant believe ppl who think this way think that its ok to hurt good ppl

    Brutal SmileBrutal Smile8 dager siden
  • I really watched this whole video to see news about Gura and got like a sentence total on her. My disappointment is immeasurable and my day has been ruined

    Urban LecheUrban Leche9 dager siden
  • alternative title: Nux reminding toxic people that no one can get more toxic than him when needed and that he has the ammo (aka an army of Billies) to do so.

    Frost LoneFrost Lone9 dager siden
  • What’s with people called Digi being fucking trash

    Ben JacobsBen Jacobs9 dager siden
  • Toxic fandom = ultimate weapon

    BlurrBlurr9 dager siden
  • I like to think that the toxic people he's laughing at are the ones that dislike the video making fun of toxic people and it makes me happy about how this great video has dislikes

    Ryan PenroseRyan Penrose9 dager siden
  • You can't own people, ever. Even if they are animated. Those who think they can, need to be locked down.

    Remco F. GerritsenRemco F. Gerritsen9 dager siden
  • I'm new here but I already like you

    Ricin PoisoningRicin Poisoning9 dager siden
  • I respect you so much. Plus this bs with "Revealing Vtubers secret identities" its total crap. If you dont like one then move one to the other. The diversity is unreal and some people just want private quiet lives but others just want to ruin it. A few vtubers I know share wholsome and funny content. If you take it "out of context" or they are too "lewd" *then move on* . about that thing with Melody, say she went to the store and bought a mousepad (idk just a mousepad, maybe) and then she leaves and then the shop owner says you have to pay me monthly or weekly or daily or whatever to keep the mousepad. If that was me I would give back the mouse pad (i know vtuber avatars are different but forgive my analogy) and find a store with a non-stingy person who can give you the mouse pad. *CASE CLOSED*

    CoD PhoeniXCoD PhoeniX9 dager siden
  • For anyone wondering gawr Gura might be senzawae

    Gryffin MedinaGryffin Medina9 dager siden
  • Ok it is messed up that the articles didn’t call her she or refer to her as a person buuuuuuut from what I’ve seen she calls herself an AI

    Dm 98fiveDm 98five9 dager siden
  • Now This man is a role model

    Blazing NovaBlazing Nova9 dager siden
  • 15:23 bruh, that's her character, they probably were TRYING to be respectful. That isn't disrespect, its just uninformed people who are looking at her "backstory" and saying: ah she must prefer it and AI. Besides that no issues my dude, love your content. I'll go to war whenever necessary.

    cave furballcave furball10 dager siden
  • Nux: i talk with iron mouse everyday EVERYONE IN HIS COMMUNITY: ⛴ sailed

    norman 1123norman 112310 dager siden
  • Nux wants to be cancelled. But he never will be.

    AstromelonXD _AstromelonXD _10 dager siden
  • Threaten Mouse and it MEANS WARRR 🔥🤬

    Sensei BatSensei Bat10 dager siden
  • worth it

    Kiw MalubayKiw Malubay10 dager siden
  • Light Yagami: I Am Justice..! L/Ryuzaki: I AM JUSTICE..! Nux Taku: Hold my memes...

    DMT InfinityDMT Infinity10 dager siden
  • Im not toxic im just xbox 360 12 yo toxic

    Septor18Septor1811 dager siden
  • Love the 666 dislikes

    DDT YoshiDDT Yoshi11 dager siden
  • Join the cult? Nah, the only cult I belong to is the cult of Jim Pickens!

    TurboturkTurboturk11 dager siden
  • Damn nux, never expected you to be such a crusader and gentleman to many people i know. OwO

    Tim PiaTim Pia11 dager siden
  • Nux is lowkey fucking horrifying. Imagine have this man not on your side. You are fucked

    Imperial SoldierImperial Soldier11 dager siden
  • is H3ntai or Toxic or Wholesome to Certain Wholesome people aloud like that one wholesome person you just want to kill

    DoYouKnow DAWAEDoYouKnow DAWAE11 dager siden
  • i never actually realized that People are calling People robots

    DoYouKnow DAWAEDoYouKnow DAWAE11 dager siden
  • "There are three things all wise men fear; The sea in storm, a night with no moon and the anger of a gentle man" Patrick Rothfuss Nux is a gentle soul who will UNLEASH HELL for his loved ones. Massive respect for fighting the good fight

    kriddiuskriddius11 dager siden
  • Though I know this is old, but I actually do not like Mel, yet I watch Iron Mouse and god damn she is fire. Along with totally relatable.

    ASMR LewdynASMR Lewdyn11 dager siden
  • ahaha bruh exposed himself how you gonna put all your stuff on public domain

    Purest CancerPurest Cancer11 dager siden
  • OK 666 dislikes... I see there are mans of culture.... In a way I guess x)

    Top_Gear_69Top_Gear_6911 dager siden
  • I have joined the cult

    Xavier FasavaluXavier Fasavalu11 dager siden
  • 665 people are the toxic people nux is toxic to

    Epic SansEpic Sans11 dager siden
  • most people fights fire with fire. but this guy is straight out vomiting lava.

    RyuujiVantekRyuujiVantek12 dager siden
  • Fighting evil with evil; how malicious. I never want to be his enemy.

    Michalene JamesMichalene James12 dager siden
  • Bro all you need to do is release the info and we will do the rest Nex be like. Don’t mess with my Nakama

    NoobStudios888NoobStudios88812 dager siden
  • If you didnt show the dox threat tweet i wouldnt have believed you but holy f***

    4 Zero20204 Zero202012 dager siden
  • Nux will rule the world

    atsume The beeatsume The bee12 dager siden
  • Digi should feel better knowing that the Nike swoosh logo was designed for no more than like 20 bucks. Just take the L and move on.

    Matthew MurataMatthew Murata12 dager siden
  • Nux is just that chaotic child that is hilarious. I love this channel and the motto is the best

    Glowstone SpiderGlowstone Spider12 dager siden
  • I come here just to hear this amazing laugh lmao X3

    Neon RainbowNeon Rainbow13 dager siden
  • How did I get here what am I getting in to, ware am I

    Steveis The CommissarSteveis The Commissar13 dager siden
  • This guys way of talking is most Villain but also protagonist I've seen. Why haven't I stumbled upon him sooner

    Hourglass_EyesHourglass_Eyes13 dager siden
  • 2 things we can take from this. 1, anyone can just look up digi's info thenselves. 2, Nux's fans are glodal and can strike at any time.

    Nicholas D ChadwickNicholas D Chadwick13 dager siden
  • I love these videos/ youtubers where they will just roast people with no resentment with facts that they can't argue against

    ken kanekiken kaneki13 dager siden
  • i have opinions but that doesnt mean im rating cause i call every vtuber I like my fav lol and i do love ironmouse and projekt melody so its messed up to do something like that and as said it is toxic to try and basically rip someone off like that

    FizzyPoppFizzyPopp13 dager siden
  • You should doxx digi

    The Absolute LadThe Absolute Lad13 dager siden
  • Imagine making a model for a vtuber then being a dick when she gets successful

    The Absolute LadThe Absolute Lad13 dager siden
  • Ok moral of the story if you want to commission someone for something check their reputation first. For people taking commissions YOU DON'T OWN THE THING YOU'RE BEING COMMISSIONED TO MAKE ONCE IT'S PAYED FOR IT DOESN'T BELONG TO YOU! Edit: if it's a commission for fanart of a thing from a company nobody owns the characters or ip but the thing you were commissioned to make that's theirs now.

    shadeshade13 dager siden