The Toxic V-tuber Rabbit Hole You Didn't Know Existed - (Pokimane, Projekt Melody & Hololive Drama)

21. sep.. 2020
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Prepare yourself, for the journey of a lifetime, full of betrayals, blackmail and memes.






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  • Nux: i dont wanna do it! Also nux 2021: I'm a vtuber now!

    SlamigeslamsamSlamigeslamsam8 timer siden
  • Here's a simple fact every community has a dark side so who really cares

    Pink Lightning Gacha and GamingPink Lightning Gacha and Gaming14 timer siden
  • So china wanted to create a world of simps right got it

    Pink Lightning Gacha and GamingPink Lightning Gacha and Gaming14 timer siden
  • Why would you be upset about more anime waifus???? That's silly

    Jeanette MartinezJeanette MartinezDag siden
  • Hahaha Yeaahh the thumbnail was not cool ngl

    Misty The LostMisty The LostDag siden
  • Im aspiring to be a non anime vtuber

    SlamBlerSlamBlerDag siden
  • 90k+ likes Where the avatar, Nux?

    Harshita JoshiHarshita JoshiDag siden
  • He's going to have to now

    chey Brownchey BrownDag siden
  • 75k huh? *looks at 91k* HMMMMMMM

    AceAceDag siden
  • Nice video

    HelloItsKebuHelloItsKebu2 dager siden
  • Isn't Nux essentially a Vboy?

    sebastian delfaverosebastian delfavero2 dager siden
  • I do not really care about vtubers but its cute seeing the clips I havent seen more than 30 clips in all of 2020-2021 and there isnt a single one where they somehow lewd themselves

    Miguel MialichiMiguel Mialichi3 dager siden
  • Hololive community is prolly the most wholesome community i have ever seen

    Otaku PlazOtaku Plaz3 dager siden
  • Yo diamond head strawberry soda is ass

    Sam MartindaleSam Martindale4 dager siden
  • Watching this video 3 months after it was made, 91k likes. Do you have a V-tuber model yet?

    Jack the IcemanJack the Iceman4 dager siden
  • We've passed the 75k like milestone...WHERE MY NUX TAKU V-TUBER AT

    KazKaz4 dager siden
  • 2020 is in fact the year of the simp

    Zaki Obafemi-CarpenterZaki Obafemi-Carpenter4 dager siden
  • It is a real shame that legitimate art forms go unappreciated because of misunderstanding from the general public.

    AdmittedAdmitted5 dager siden
  • I don't agree with "it's not the person, it's a puppet." The appeal for me is that *it's the person*, wearing the characters skin. With that, it dosn't particularly matter to me if a male voices a female character or vice versa if they're good at it. What matters to me is their intentions. If a guy happens to relate extremely well with women, and he doesn't seduce guys while streaming as a female, it would be surprising in a good way if I find out later. Or if being seductive happens to be part of their character that's cool too. It would be hilarious. As long as it's complimentary to their character and it dosn't actually invoke people. That's where I draw the line. "Would that be a problem?" I think so. In short, if it doesn't creep Jesus out, it's all good

    Garrett CarlsonGarrett Carlson5 dager siden
  • 9:19 I didn't know youtuber Koefficient is in anime...

    naberunaberu6 dager siden
  • Its on 90 thousand. Make your vtuber avatar

    Mountain Dewott StudiosMountain Dewott Studios7 dager siden
  • Where is my vtuber nux?!

    Tim PiaTim Pia7 dager siden
  • Honestly I’d vote Projekt Melody for V-president

    Epic SansEpic Sans7 dager siden
  • Hey Nux... 91k likes, did you make an avatar?

    ShiftyShaperShiftyShaper8 dager siden
  • my lord ... i swear that's like a 140 IQ presentation man

    oniteachoniteach9 dager siden
  • I don’t like Pokimane, I’m not a fan of her content, but if she wants to join the vtuber community, then go ahead, all I have to do is not go near her, boom simple Sincerely, Ms. Centurion

    Ms. CenturionMs. Centurion9 dager siden
  • I want to see an anime featuring NUX as a villain (protagonist) who can never be defeated but also fails with every evike scheme and like to spend to much time chatting up the hero (antagonist)

    Hourglass_EyesHourglass_Eyes9 dager siden
  • Where is the vtuber nux?

    Hendrix PoquizHendrix Poquiz9 dager siden
  • I think the yellow coated doggy girl, shes adorable

    The Absolute LadThe Absolute Lad9 dager siden
  • Did he get a vtuber

    The Absolute LadThe Absolute Lad9 dager siden
  • There are lots of smaller vtubers, who arnt "mainstream". some are really fun to watch, wholesome viewers, not even monetized.

    Belestair KurokamiBelestair Kurokami9 dager siden
  • Everybody is welcomed to vtube community, except Pokimane. She is a drama queen, dumbster fire, just following the trends she doesn't even understand. A vtuber is a new persona, a funny and charming character- the exact opposite of Pokimane. That's why the backlash was so big...

    Daniel iacomiDaniel iacomi10 dager siden
    • (toxic)

      SYLVERALLSYLVERALL10 dager siden
  • Who cares about Pokimane? She is not a vtuber anyway...

    Daniel iacomiDaniel iacomi10 dager siden
  • Btw your much past 75k likes

    JaronJaron10 dager siden
  • Ahoy! Haachama-chama!

    Arisen九 —Winzki十四Arisen九 —Winzki十四11 dager siden
  • To be fair to Koreans though, the Japanese imperial flag is the equivalent of the Nazi swastika for them, and even now, most of the world accepts that the swastika shouldn't be able included in anything. The meaning is deep for them, it's not like some sjw feminist bullshit complaining why anime is sexualizing women.

    Casual TrihardCasual Trihard11 dager siden
  • I love the gintama music in the background

    waka wakawaka waka11 dager siden
  • Mortals are so quick to judge and so easy to manipulate.

    Zamasu NingenZamasu Ningen11 dager siden
  • Let’s be honest pokimane wanted to become a vtuber because she just wanted that paper,like look at her avatar wtf and her fans are toxic =/

    WizzWizz12 dager siden
  • They used the comunity to destroy the comunity

    Gaston CosciaGaston Coscia12 dager siden
  • 3 months and almost 25k more like than asking, still no V-Tuber Nux.

    Salvatore d'AnunciacaoSalvatore d'Anunciacao12 dager siden
  • Nux, why do you like v-tubers so much, like bro your a 100 tier simp for those people bro

    YukiYuki12 dager siden
    • @Emerald Pistol well... the voice actors for them are the same personalities as the actual people that play the v-tuber. So technically your wimping for both the tuber and the human.

      YukiYuki12 dager siden
    • I mean... is it really simping if they don’t exist?

      Emerald PistolEmerald Pistol12 dager siden
  • Why is this so facts straight from the start

    Gavin RhoadsGavin Rhoads12 dager siden
  • pokimane is established. if she started as a vtuber then that wouldnt be a problem. besides. she already showed why some people dont like real women. oof

    Ryan ;DRyan ;D12 dager siden
  • His biggest mistake was explaining why the like goal was 75k

    Doctor Drop EmDoctor Drop Em12 dager siden
  • Honestly though, normies jumping on the vtubing trend isn't that surprising, and it happened quite fast. We all saw this happening on the gaming trend but very slowly. Early 2000s, gaming was seen as a hobby for nerd losers, and 90% of girls frowned on it, but now you see all kinds of girls jumping on gaming because it's popular and you can get money and attention from it.

    Casual TrihardCasual Trihard13 dager siden
  • 6:36 : 75k likes = V-tuber nux taku now : 90k .... WHERE THE HELL IS V TUBER NUX TAKU

    8H Muhammad Bintang Al Ghazali8H Muhammad Bintang Al Ghazali14 dager siden
  • Fukase!

    Tribit Fan OpexTribit Fan Opex14 dager siden
  • 90K likes at the time of me watching.... like goal fulfilled...

    IvyAshFoxIvyAshFox14 dager siden
  • Ha!! Jokes on You I know nothing

    The PoopUpThe PoopUp15 dager siden
  • Can someone please explain ehat happened with Aloe, keep seeing the name and now I am curious about what happened?

    The WolfThe Wolf15 dager siden
  • So basically their are all pedo bears with voice convertor and female skins.

    Guech GamesGuech Games16 dager siden
    • Atlas Ch。Atlas Ch。6 dager siden
  • This video was just like 80% white knighting for pokimane

    Mike KrautMike Kraut16 dager siden
  • pokimane aint gonna ruin hololive ppl just need to stick their own thing.

    QRX 12QRX 1216 dager siden
  • Yes, actually vtube has been control by Ugly bastard's and changing voice actor.

    Kerry GamerKerry Gamer17 dager siden
  • You are under arrest for breaking the law by being a SIMP as well as an association with a group called “Vtubers”. The penalty is community time in a church for and forced labor in a Reddit Your family and friends will be questioned about their involvement. Glory to NOworld

    Mr. McmemeMr. Mcmeme17 dager siden
    • Cringe

      Atlas Ch。Atlas Ch。6 dager siden

      Mr. McmemeMr. Mcmeme17 dager siden
  • So you are saying that hololive follows cover's every whim? That's a reallllyyy far stretch.... I would think... you know with hachaama eating a tarantula

    Joshua DelgadoJoshua Delgado18 dager siden
  • I am a shrimp

    Bunis GamerBunis Gamer18 dager siden
  • s h a r k

    brick wallbrick wall18 dager siden
  • I love how currently when typing this nux ha 1.69 million namely the .69

    jolly rangerjolly ranger19 dager siden

    Cliffheart NightcoreCliffheart Nightcore20 dager siden
  • Yo first time on your channel lol I really like your style 👌

    SkipBitSkipBit20 dager siden
  • < ---- finds one video proceeds binge over an hour of content xD diggin this dude

    Mike MonstaMike Monsta21 dag siden
  • Look🗿 idc, the english Hololive vtubers are the best now fite me🤠

    RuisuRuisu21 dag siden
  • The Demon Slayer stuff is the sort of thing why I sometimes would like to assault an American or just downright burn an American consulate. Don't touch the source material.

    volarecantarevolarecantare21 dag siden
    • It's not regular Americans doing this, you know. It's being done by a vocal minority that hates America just as much as it hates Japan and everyone else that don't share their fringe political beliefs.The average American would be pissed to find out that a company white-washed a product to try to cater to Americans, since that's obviously an insult to both us and the foreign culture. Particularly where it concerns Japan, because of the bond we formed through war and econstruction. I'm not exaggerating when I say that the average American, if asked, would most likely say that Japan is their 1st or 2nd favorite (non-US) country and/or closest ally. Certainly in the top 3, along with Canada.

      Chad BroChillChad BroChill3 dager siden
    • Oof. In a way, as a American, I can understand. A lot of the people who made it into a huge controversy don’t really even care about anime. I’ve enjoyed anime for years before it became too mainstream. I haven’t even scratched the surface of anime(more due to me being busy in life) at this point. The vast majority of the time, when SJW’s try to cancel something, said SJWs really don’t care about whatever it is. They’re just narcissists honestly.

      Felicia BFelicia B14 dager siden
  • 0:47 Why is this a thing 🙃

    Anthony MoralesAnthony Morales21 dag siden
  • Lucahjin to a lesser extent has become a Vtuber, but it's mainly during streams when it happens. Now I'm hoping Protonjon becomes one and they give him Rosajon.

    UltimatePriestUltimatePriest22 dager siden
  • I want to see how these images nux calls his avatar will translate into a holo model

    Emerald MinerEmerald Miner22 dager siden
  • Well said regarding niche culture. I've experienced it with literally every hobby and interest I've ever had in my life. Video games, anime, table top games and RPG's, over seas heavy metal. I've never once seen a niche community that doesn't want to keep said community in their back pocket but while also bemoaning how unappreciated it is. As someone who wrote and performed the style of aforementioned metal for many many years, the mentality drives me up the wall. More people interested in something means more of it being made, it means the people behind making this content can make a reliable living off of it and make more of said content. A high tide raises all ships and all that.

    JDKT002JDKT00222 dager siden
  • 4:24 have a look at the fucking VR model lmaooo

    Stelko101Stelko10122 dager siden
  • Japana is a land of the rising something other than the sun ... The rising of shield hero ofc. What did you think i was gonna say ?!

    Slimser SenseiSlimser Sensei22 dager siden
  • 90k likes nux..... Where waiting :)

    yes_yes _treeyes_yes _tree23 dager siden
  • Melody started vtubing on pornhub? *GENIUS*

    Just a guy With a non existent photoJust a guy With a non existent photo23 dager siden
  • 0:10 sauce to the thing?

    Just a guy With a non existent photoJust a guy With a non existent photo23 dager siden
  • I knew that from the beginning and i love it

    Master WuMaster Wu23 dager siden

    Brandford KINGI-LAGA'AIABrandford KINGI-LAGA'AIA23 dager siden
  • This got 90k likes

    Alpha_Nexus473Alpha_Nexus47323 dager siden
  • I think that the world needs a Vtuber Nux

    Cody RappCody Rapp23 dager siden
  • Comment

    R1ZeCake RR1ZeCake R24 dager siden
  • Funny thing is, Nux's character technically already qualifies as a vtuber.

    norsehawknorsehawk24 dager siden
  • Hiya! As a part of the V-tuber community (as just a viewer for now :D), I really thank you for making this video! This is the first video of yours I have seen, and it perfectly addresses the unfortunate toxic side of the community :/ I really enjoy V-tubers, and they helped me through a couple tough times, even though it may just be a character. But I enjoy watching them, and I am glad people want to join this beautiful community! I am happy that people such as pokimane want to join, because the more the merrier! I am honestly kind of disappointed that people attacked her, because we are meant to be accept and be nice to everyone (Hopefully), and I am glad the channels accepted her! You have definitely earned my respect and a new sub, and I hope you continue to make this fantastic content! P.S~ Can't wait to see that V-Avatar of yours :D Thank you for reading, QueenJolyne

    QueenJolyneQueenJolyne24 dager siden
  • Boys 2020 is almost over no more simping

    Crimson GamingCrimson Gaming25 dager siden
  • We want vtuber nux

    Muhammad AfeefMuhammad Afeef25 dager siden
  • Rinko

    That says a lot about- [M A N]That says a lot about- [M A N]26 dager siden
  • 75k likes? Don't underestimate your community But don't overestimate either

    V.I.N.ZV.I.N.Z26 dager siden
  • I have to disagree to a certain point man. It seems like every time a niche form of entertainment gets invaded by people chasing clout or those on a crusade, it gets ruined. A lot of people get into these things not to enjoy them for what they are, they get into them to change them into what they feel they should be. Look at twitch itself. Oh and poki was 100% clout chasing and could probably ruin anything she touches. Look at what happened with Gundam.

    Nathan BNathan B27 dager siden
  • People really shouldn't be mad, its literally changes nothing, they're still Simping, they still giving their money to a person that barley notices them, and they still don't have girlfriends. I personally stopped watching live streams a long time ago because of how much I cant interact with the person unless I give them a super chat. clips ill watch but the streams not so much.

    Zeek XekriZeek Xekri27 dager siden
  • That person tied up being pulled in is me.

    SecUn DebateSecUn Debate27 dager siden
  • Nice eu4

    andres dlcandres dlc28 dager siden
  • Was interested in what the feck a vgirl was buy this guy loud and annoying so ima just be ignorant of this fam

    Shelberto The TurtleShelberto The Turtle28 dager siden
  • So Nux where's that vtuber skin we're at 90k likes

    Tyler J.Tyler J.28 dager siden
  • Lol it hit 75k :)))

    neko catneko catMåned siden
  • Looks like ya actually have to make a v-tuber model. Shoulda set it to 100k

    Conner ScogginsConner ScogginsMåned siden

    ChriscoChriscoMåned siden
  • 85k now

    J F CJ F CMåned siden
  • nux you have to be a v-tuber

    Devil FoxDevil FoxMåned siden
  • If aids and cancer had a baby, this is the voice...

    Rob KoshaRob KoshaMåned siden
  • Weebs are cringe

    P90andCtrlP90andCtrlMåned siden
  • I am so out of date on these videos!

    Hogoromo OtsutsukiHogoromo OtsutsukiMåned siden
  • Ok but like we hit the goal man looking forward to your vr character

    Night ShardNight ShardMåned siden