The Toxic V-tuber Rabbit Hole You Didn't Know Existed - (Pokimane, Projekt Melody & Hololive Drama)

21. sep.. 2020
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Prepare yourself, for the journey of a lifetime, full of betrayals, blackmail and memes.






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  • 70 toes. Are you somehow related to a certain ancient sleeping deity?

    Rod CadungogRod Cadungog50 minutter siden
  • Wait a minute isn't Nux technically a V-tuber like characters since we've never seen his face and we only associate his personality to his youtube Persona that he shows us.

    Slippy RoosterSlippy Rooster12 timer siden
  • You have always used a 2d avatar anyway. A vtuber style virtual avatar would just fit you anyway.

    Nathaniel FosterNathaniel Foster12 timer siden
  • Regarding that pokimane thing, if she had become a vtuber like a year ago then I, and probably everyone else, wouldn't care. But the only reason she's doing this NOW, is because of the Projekt Melody controversy. She saw that vtubers were more popular and could make more money than real women, and took advantage of it to make more money. I don't think she's trying to "destroy" vtubers. However, I do think the only reason she's becoming a vtuber is to make money. That, my shitposting friends, is what's wrong with poki being a vtuber.

    Remember BubblebuttRemember Bubblebutt14 timer siden

    Rissa SmithRissa Smith15 timer siden
  • So when does nux become a vtuber?

    Too DistantToo DistantDag siden
  • @Nux Taku we hit your like goal give us what we want

    james gallmanjames gallmanDag siden
  • I went into this video thinking there was important data for those into the rabbit hole but >50% of the video is taking a shit on pokimane's detractors for the wrong reasons which is the weirdest hill to die on while at the same time missing the entire point of why people are driven away from both her as a streamer and a person. Then the topic switches into gatekeeping like it's this huge dilemma or difficult choice to make when it really isn't. Gatekeeping is both good and necessary to keep people like pokimane and her atrocious followers out. Overall I wasted +20 minutes of my time watching this crap and I gave a view to a person who tries so hard to stay so neutral that he ultimately ends up not talking about anything at all. fml and eff this guy for such cheap ass clickbait.

    xzanderxzanderDag siden
  • can't wait to see nux vtuber

    donatellothefellowdonatellothefellowDag siden
  • The one problem I have with Vtube is shipping. I'm used to fantasise relationships between characters, but shipping real people is horrible to me. And so the relationship between Okayu and Korone is making me uncomfortable. On one hand, the characters are very shippable. On the other, the relationship feels so genuine I cannot imagine myself cheering for it. I mean imagine for a second what it means, having people cheering for you to have sex with someone. Even worse, having the threat of being forced to play the game because your popularity, and therefore under the pressure of your boss, depends on it. Imagine how it can destroy a relationship, and the lives attached by it. And imagine if the situation is even more complex, with a real potential romantic attachement. Or a one sided one. No, it's unnacceptable to ship real people. But it is sooooo easy to do so with Vtubers.

    ConteventConteventDag siden
  • 82 K likes... =) paid up Nux

    TukomanTukomanDag siden
  • We got 75k I....... rest my case

    Joesph JoestarJoesph JoestarDag siden
  • Kinda like the dream fandom

    SakiSakiDag siden
  • Nice video man! You're very good at this NOworldr thing. Oh hey look 80k likes. Did I say NOworldr? I meant Voutuber

    TinStarTinStarDag siden
  • its like the youtubers copy and trying to be pewdiepie, like you :D .

    Miguel Angel GarciaMiguel Angel Garcia2 dager siden
  • Hey uh Nux 1month later and you got 82k Likes :D V-Tuber NOW!

    Totasuki JinxTotasuki Jinx2 dager siden
  • lol tanjiro's earrings are the image of the rising sun(or hanafuda) not a nazi symbol:pensive: personally, i'm happy to see anime becoming mainstream so i have more people to talk about it with its really just a loud minority who ruins everything, and decides to call everything racist, and forces gay upon every single character the my hero fandom actually are sending threats to horikoshi because kiribaku isnt cannon,which is a very big problem, and is a reason why i've distanced myself from the fandom I just like anime boys, man, i don't care who else watches anime, since its a good media (sorry for the bad grammar, i dont care enough to like make this proper)

    Sakiyama KikariSakiyama Kikari2 dager siden
  • Im a virtual youtuber they are Vtubers we are not the same

    Misty ArtMisty Art2 dager siden
  • @nux taku

    sup rcpusup rcpu2 dager siden
  • gatekeeping must always be maintained...gatekeeping means caring

    lubekkalubekka2 dager siden
  • 82k likes where is the vtuber nux :

    Karylle AgravanteKarylle Agravante3 dager siden
  • The NPC sjw's here in the States are really... REALLY trying to ruin anime. They seem to think that what they believe in their own culture need to conform.. accept anyone unless they disagree with what they say. Logically they crush their own arguments

    howrylohowrylo3 dager siden
  • Hot damn those thumbnails and titles. I've been down this rabbit hole, I wanna stay there sometimes

    howrylohowrylo3 dager siden
  • Black Mirror did an episode about that V Politician thing; be careful what you wish for, Nux

    Caleb TownsendCaleb Townsend3 dager siden
  • I constantly see Gura in this video, is there something toxic im unaare of

    bye byebye bye3 dager siden
  • Why does everyone simp for this woman. I truly don't get it. She tried to cancel people who where critical of her, never gave a proper apology. She accused content creators of stealing her work, dmca'd them, mean while sixty percent of her content is just her stuffing her face watching youtube videos while reacting. I don't think people want her in their community because she's just straight up toxic af.

    TreueTreue3 dager siden
  • For Me Watching Nux is like watching the News on Topics most people are Clueless about. He's Incredibly Smart, Has Class and likes to Analyze. Nux Taku, Project Melody, Iron Mouse, Nyanners, Silver, Bunny Gif and Noble to Me are The Seven Knights of the Anime Kingdom and I Love all of you for your Unique Personalities I Hope y'all Don't go anywhere I would still watch all your vids in my 80's. I Think IronMouse Said it best: Soon The Whole World Will Be Anime. When she said that I pictured her Yelling it to an Army of Vtubers as they Marched through the Monitors of the Normies.

    Homura SKHomura SK3 dager siden
  • This is the exact same thing that is happening in gacha games due to genshin impacts popularity. Fans of the gacha games vs normies. While enjoying the popularity of the game and such its now dealing with constant complaints of people not understanding the gacha game style and play.

    Josh CoulsonJosh Coulson3 dager siden
  • honestly you babble too much

    Syrus CoySyrus Coy3 dager siden
  • normies liking and saturating memes and communities is a normal lifecycle and fine. twitter on the other hand... co-op, make medium bland, make medium about trump when everyone just wants to do one of the following knit, be a furry, watch anime, play a video game, read a comic, watch a movie, study at a university.

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  • So it’s at 81k

    Logica1 Mi5fitsLogica1 Mi5fits4 dager siden
  • What a fucking coincidence, youtube just had to put a V-tuber ad in the middle of this video 👏😂

    Ordinary GamerOrdinary Gamer4 dager siden
  • Oop- found the Pokimane simp

    Shiroma _.Shiroma _.4 dager siden
  • Gatekeeping is a huge double edged sword on the one hand it keeps out shithead morality police and on the other hand it pushes away normal people which can kill a community

    dabi Todorokidabi Todoroki4 dager siden
  • Well boys vtuber of lord nun should be commin soon we did it

    Richard BailyRichard Baily4 dager siden
  • The sun does rise in Japan, tho.

    Descartes' ApparitionDescartes' Apparition4 dager siden
  • anime is opening up more but it’s also becoming more exclusive and more of a niche again

    Charles KnightCharles Knight4 dager siden
  • Good video regarding how you handled this, and I don't wanna get too much into this since I know his viewpoint only comes from a lack of understanding, but 18 minutes in he dismantles his own argument towards Hololive. The vtubers *are* just entertainers with a vtuber model. Though not all viewers of their streams know this, but most, if not all, of the members of Hololive were already established on a streaming platform or youtube before joining Hololive. The fans just don't talk about it publicly because that's Hololive etiquette. Kiryu Coco and Gawr Gura, for example. Coco still streams regularly on her OG youtube channel to this day, and Gura had/has a youtube channel with over 900k subs and regularly streamed on Twitch using a virtual avatar. Obviously, some do play a character to some extent, but it's done as a funny quirk or gimmick, not as a fake personality. It's the difference between a real person playing in character and a fake personality playing in character. It becomes super obvious when you compare the debuts of any of the idols to how they are at present. Pekora started out as an obvious 'character', but now she's the exact opposite of how you'd expect an 'idol' to act. Kizuna Ai is a good example of a corporate puppet. Hololive, however, is very different. Attend enough of their streams and you get to see those moments. They're just people in a group (Hololive [for the purpose of making content]) who want to stream without the fame that comes with standard streaming, while still having a 'person' for the audience to connect with.

    White地獄にWhite地獄に4 dager siden
  • Do u either get real close into the mic or turn away from it whenever u start a new sentence because you're either screaming and I got to turn the volume down or your whispering so I gotta turn it up like its never a consistent volume

    Guybrush ThreepwoodGuybrush Threepwood4 dager siden
  • the only reason hated on pokimane getting into vtubing is cause she was degrading it first and now she hopped on it cause its becoming a trend

    Thanatos DragaThanatos Draga4 dager siden

    Requiem9Requiem94 dager siden
  • there 81k likes he has to become a vtuber

    Megga DoomMegga Doom4 dager siden
  • He got the 75k likes guys

    Isaac KalinauskasIsaac Kalinauskas4 dager siden
  • ironmouse miro este canal :o

    Snow BallSnow Ball4 dager siden
  • So speaking of simping, anyone else get an ad on how to simp?

    Allen LinkAllen Link4 dager siden
  • *snipes someone* "SOCIAL DISTNANCING!!!"

    Gameknight988Gameknight9884 dager siden
  • Nux is getting a v-tuber avatar We have won, but at what cost?

    Synranelt, Holy Archangel of DeathSynranelt, Holy Archangel of Death4 dager siden
  • We gunna get thicc taku in vr.

    QQ4 dager siden
  • A V-Tuber Nux .... but technically you use a cartoon style so aren't you already? *epic scientific ost calculations being PUNCHED IN* *many paper crunch of numbers* No THE INTERNET WON'T HANDLE IT NUX IT WILL IMPLODE 😆🍺 and i love it DEW IT, DEW IT NOW 💀🍺

    Alukard TheDeathknightAlukard TheDeathknight5 dager siden

    RysophageRysophage5 dager siden
  • Not going to lie I was not expecting nux to be wholesome

    OutaOthaOutaOtha5 dager siden
  • 80k keep your promise XD

    OutaOthaOutaOtha5 dager siden
  • Meh. Still don't like you or your channel. I dont dislike you enuf to block your videos from showing up. But your style of presentation is just exhausting and full of unessasary repetition of information. It was an interesting subject. Just wish it was do I word this....formated maybe.

    ren mcmanusren mcmanus5 dager siden

    Zeltri samaZeltri sama5 dager siden
  • nux taku is pokimane simp confirmed

    健昭雄健昭雄5 dager siden
  • these western gate floods in to vtubers and i get really annoyed by them spamming "pls speak english" to japan vtubers. like seriously? this is why i hate western culture

    健昭雄健昭雄5 dager siden
  • I'll have to disagree with you on the characters vs. personalities with avatars point, I believe that a character is like a persona, it is not you, but a mask that you put on to either hide yourself, or differentiate a personality from yourself, it does not necessarily need to be affiliated with a company, though doing so would definitely push you to make it a character.

    Andrew SAndrew S5 dager siden
  • Great, another philosophy to add to my gigantic wall of them. "Knowledge is power, yet knowledge can also incite weakness" I say this because had I not known about this controversy, or perhaps twitter in general, I would not have had this doubt about the VTuber community, that it isn't all sunshine and rainbows. Well, it also applies to other things in life, as any good philosophy should, now that i've learned how videos and pictures are made, I can never look at them again with the same wonder I did before I took that class, its a bit of a stretch to say "weakness", but I wanted it to be simple, and its close enough.

    Andrew SAndrew S5 dager siden
  • gura is the best shark waifu after all you can give her head pats and feed her and she be happy

    topdog2007topdog20075 dager siden
  • *75k* PAY UP

    Breadley McThiccBreadley McThicc5 dager siden
  • Channeling Gilbert Godfrey personality?

    John k.John k.5 dager siden
  • In the thumbnail, the third girl, idk who you are, but you don't deserve being vtuber

    F-2 LobosF-2 Lobos6 dager siden
  • A -GawrGUra

  • Pokimane is mere plankton compared to queen Gura

    holmcrossholmcross6 dager siden
  • Nux is already my favorite VTuber waifu

    IamtreeIamtree6 dager siden
  • Bruh is went way past 75k like where our Vtuber nux

    Kevinator KidKevinator Kid6 dager siden
  • I just got an ad of how to simp... lol

    kivat garnicakivat garnica6 dager siden
  • That's why I hate community lol. They are way too excessive for small things.

    KainoKaino6 dager siden
  • 80k likes i want my vtuber nuxtako

    Ignalo ChikitoIgnalo Chikito6 dager siden
  • Cool jojo pose

    Xi Jiping Stand Name: Winnie 19Xi Jiping Stand Name: Winnie 196 dager siden
  • 7:13 nux watches emplemon. We're fucked. *Edit:* 11:50 of fuck he actually does. We might reach meme singularity.

    Bono GiamboniBono Giamboni6 dager siden
  • a

    G TG T6 dager siden
  • The fear, the fear keeps increasing.

    Kei KiyoshiKei Kiyoshi6 dager siden
  • About that like goal

    Op Zero FilmsOp Zero Films6 dager siden
  • If I've learned anything over the years, it's that gatekeeping is absolutely 1000000% necessary. This isn't to say the group needs to remain tiny, but that certain groups need to be kept out. The twitter cancel mob? Keep them out of everything because they're colossal cunts.

    The DudeThe Dude6 dager siden
  • Poki: Hello fellow vtubers! It's disingenuous. Also, the limited things I've seen of poki have never been good. So I don't care if she gets absolutely trashed.

    The DudeThe Dude6 dager siden
  • Why u sound like pewdiepie XD

    gamer kidgamer kid6 dager siden
  • You hit 75 000 Likes.

    Just Some Wendigo With Internet AccessJust Some Wendigo With Internet Access7 dager siden
  • I'm just here for "a"

    foopofoopo7 dager siden
  • idk who you are but im halfway thru and i wanna say your voice is cute and oh my god you have over 1.5m subs i had no idea

    gummikengummiken7 dager siden
    • AND ENTERTAINING i forgot to say the video was very entertaining! ok byebye!

      gummikengummiken7 dager siden
    • i really like this video!!!!!!!! the first video i've seen of yours and i'm looking forward to more! you said nothing that made me personally sad which, the past few dramakindavideos that led me here reeeeally did, and! so! happy to be here! thank you!

      gummikengummiken7 dager siden
    • 20:30 you SAID WORDS! you said GOOD WORDS! YYEAH!

      gummikengummiken7 dager siden
    • 18:02 i like how you said around here a clear distinction between the two and then made clear that it's your opinion, it's something that'd be nice if a lotta people/everyone did and you were perfect YEAH!

      gummikengummiken7 dager siden
  • Nux, its Time....

    SystemOfFantasySystemOfFantasy7 dager siden
  • The only thing 2020 taught me is that if enough people enjoy something a small group of sad fucks will do anything in their power to destroy it for everyone.

    WolfieWolfie7 dager siden
  • nux told me something i never knew i wanted VSCHOOL

    michael cavinmichael cavin7 dager siden
  • This video about v-tubers was made by a v-tuber.

    MalfurioMalfurio7 dager siden
  • 15:43 confirmed nux likes toes

    Swamp DogSwamp Dog7 dager siden
  • I'm just waiting for Vsauce to go V-Tuber

    Rhyne Red PandaRhyne Red Panda7 dager siden
  • ive always thought project melody is a fat dude with a voice changer lol

    Carlos BenedettiCarlos Benedetti7 dager siden
  • I mean were joking about this but... this is scary. We’re modeling our culture to be used to anime waifus and all that shiat. We’re slowly killing real dating with real women who don’t actually act like that If I’m not wrong. We’re at the very start but I guess in a few tens of years our world could look completely differently with technology, dating and god didly josh maybe reproduction will start to slow down.

    VektorVektor8 dager siden
  • So, the V-tuber phenomenonis just the 3D version of the Avatar age from years ago?

    LowReedExpert1LowReedExpert18 dager siden
    • Kinda begs the question when V-Tubers will be heavily pressured to reveal who's behind the character and have their skeletons dragged out by force

      LowReedExpert1LowReedExpert18 dager siden
  • Defending Pokimane unironically is gross. There is a multitude of reasons why people flamed her for her little cash grab and they are justified.

    TheGreatArtiTheGreatArti8 dager siden
  • a

    CressCress8 dager siden
  • Honestly as a Vtuber that just is a Homestuck oc meme of Homestuck is anime thing I've dealt with toxic vtubers even as a small twitch channel. I'm an account with 100 followers that was bullied by another vtubers mod and the Vtuber himself on discord while I was in a among us call. It's honestly sad that the community can involve toxicity just because I'm different but I actually made my own Vtuber avatar and textures but I got bullied by 2 thirty year old men I'm 20 it's really sad to me that there's already people like that in the community

    Dead panDead pan8 dager siden
  • Dude, Aloe leaked her character on her own private stream before the official Hololive debut stream and broke the contract. She didn't "quit". She was pretty much fired.

    Fresnel FringeFresnel Fringe8 dager siden
    • she didnt get fired , japanese company doesnt usually fire people , they just make people not comfortable so they quit by themselves . and on aloe , she got alot of dead threats and possibly loud anger from the manager.

      健昭雄健昭雄5 dager siden
    • No, she DID quit. She received death threats because of her old personality. So she chose to quit herself. Like, who wouldn't even want to quit after receiving phone calls and death threats?

      Kei KiyoshiKei Kiyoshi6 dager siden
  • I've been an otaku since the very day Toonami premiered, Salior Moon and DBZ welcomed me to that community years ago. I've watched the community grow and evolve and in some cases devolve, this is just how culture and people adopt these things. There will always be simps and creeps in any movement unfortunately, but that's why it's important to shed light on the subject, so people might think before they act in such a way. Also we ain't seen nothing yet! The anime and Vtuber communities will surely see an even greater boom when holographic tech becomes more readily available to people, and we'll surely see more toxicity and controversy come because of that too.

    Vex VegabondVex Vegabond8 dager siden
  • 6:59 laughs in 80k

    sweetpittssweetpitts8 dager siden
  • 80 k likes huh. WELL WELL WELL NUX looks like you've muda your last muda.

    Kazuki SomezakiKazuki Somezaki8 dager siden
  • So who was that V-Tuber playing GTA V and killing people for being outside and not social distancing? That one looks hilarious.

    Some Random GuySome Random Guy8 dager siden
    • @Miklos Hujber you're right, my brain is fried after STAAAY(ing) HOOMMUU so long.

      _DesertoRk1_DesertoRk15 dager siden
    • @_DesertoRk1 No, that was Miko. Still highly recommend Korone though.

      Miklos HujberMiklos Hujber5 dager siden
    • Its miko haha you're welcome

      _DesertoRk1_DesertoRk17 dager siden
  • i find it interesting that now Lilypichu has gotten a Vtuber model and no one gave her shit, it was clearly a issue of people hating on poki specifically

    FalafelSteinFalafelStein8 dager siden
  • ok so we're at 80K+ likes Vtuber Nux when?

    RaknarrothRaknarroth8 dager siden
  • V-Tuber Nux coming lets gooooooo

    Liam KronwallLiam Kronwall8 dager siden