The Weirdest Anime Pregnancies (ft Projekt Melody)

2. mai. 2020
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IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT: nothing but the most wholesome of anime memes collab with the greatest e girl of all time, projekt melody...
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KHORnime anime pregnant compilation:






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    Nux TakuNux Taku5 måneder siden
    • NUX lets be honest do you really fuck melody

      tboss2017 gaming 2tboss2017 gaming 23 måneder siden
    • Bruh

      tboss2017 gaming 2tboss2017 gaming 23 måneder siden
    • I wonder why

      duck sduck s4 måneder siden
    • I got you boi!

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    • Nux u ain't subscribed to Mommy Mel? wut

      Geremy RiveraGeremy Rivera4 måneder siden
  • In the anime compilation, they never talked about condoms, WHAT!?

    camran Gcamran G7 dager siden
  • Biggest flex of pickle rick joke!

    Clem & LeeClem & Lee12 dager siden
  • the crazy thing is megimin is 13

    yvng_savyyvng_savy15 dager siden
  • Hi Daddy Nux. Tell Momma Melody I said hi too.

    Douglas GuttridgeDouglas Guttridge20 dager siden
  • If babies were made with hands like melody said then every ninja in the naruto universe is pregnant

    A PersonA Person22 dager siden
  • Is it wrong that I think Project Melody is hot?

    MythicalDragonMythicalDragon26 dager siden
  • Why do I get man vibes from the virtual character

    Anthony HermannAnthony HermannMåned siden
  • Haha

    miguel albormiguel alborMåned siden
  • idk why but i just noticed how nice melody's tiddies are

    jigokgamijigokgamiMåned siden
  • The title change 😭

    Lucas Van De CasteeleLucas Van De CasteeleMåned siden
  • Idk whos the best waifu in Konosuba is but best waifu overall is Speedwagon

    CXhris JamesCXhris JamesMåned siden
  • Me: *asks my parents how i born* My dad: "well son, it all started with a staring contest"

    IlTyphonoIlTyphonoMåned siden
  • latin

    Aggressive PotatoesAggressive PotatoesMåned siden
  • The best waifu in all of anime is SPEEDWAGON

    Hello Good SirHello Good Sir2 måneder siden

    Chris NickolChris Nickol2 måneder siden
  • Cute

    Mirio TogataMirio Togata2 måneder siden

    Robert RobertsonRobert Robertson2 måneder siden
  • dAdDy

  • The only good waifu is SPEEEED WAGOOOOOOONNNN

    Pumpkin KanPumpkin Kan2 måneder siden
  • Hey day nux, what if two guys sleep in the same room.hiw would the baby come out of they're body. Which would it come out of?

    the9of7 *the9of7 *2 måneder siden
  • unsubbed from Projekt Melody because she doesn't watch PewDiePie me: YOU WERE THE CHOSEN ONE MELODY! it was said you would destroy the E-girls NOT JOIN THEM bring balance to the simps community not leave horny and confused

    LENNY!LENNY!2 måneder siden
  • I would knock yp darkness

    GawrGura Shark SoldierGawrGura Shark Soldier2 måneder siden
  • Woah I just noticed your pfp is joker in one of his outfits in persona 5

    RatmineRatmine2 måneder siden
  • Now what is this title?

    mc_jojo3mc_jojo32 måneder siden
  • Well that was unexpected

    KikoKiko2 måneder siden
  • I looked at the title, and it legititately made my heart race. i think i know how a simp feels... AND IT MAKES ME WANT TO DIE!! (Note to my fbi agent: don't take it seriously.)

    Crappy Youtuber9,000Crappy Youtuber9,0002 måneder siden
  • A girl does every guy none pull out dosnt get pregnant Girl also shares pillow "baby born"

    CIZ -_-CIZ -_-2 måneder siden
  • Why

    Dunia NasoroDunia Nasoro2 måneder siden
  • The f*ck

    RoosemaresRoosemares2 måneder siden

  • I’ve read more doujin then actually eating anime

    Jestin GelpJestin Gelp3 måneder siden
  • I would knock up Aqua

    VlaDVlaD3 måneder siden
  • You made fun of a good anime

    Lord PorgLord Porg3 måneder siden
  • FAKE

    tboss2017 gaming 2tboss2017 gaming 23 måneder siden
  • I you dabble in quality Konosuba doujin like I do, then you know DARKNESS True Love is the best one.

    Jale The Village TroublemakerJale The Village Troublemaker3 måneder siden
  • Me: What about Projekt Melody playing War Thunder? I bet she will meet PhlyDaily there

    Lt. Karl Ulrich Freiherr Von Richthofen ChannelLt. Karl Ulrich Freiherr Von Richthofen Channel3 måneder siden
  • Considering I'm BI I say everyone I'll take so all

    Quarter GQuarter G3 måneder siden
  • So if melody is digital can she put herself into a video game

    Buzzy _Buzzy _3 måneder siden
  • With the theme of this'ee here video an introduction and the context, our Projeckt Melody has a time machine that can bring her back or forward in time. How about PM and some of her friends traveling to a 15th, 16th or 17th century Puritan-majority colony in North America? Enjoy listening to our modern Projeckt Melody as she makes sense of the sensibilities, scruples, folkways and norms of a North American once-upon-a-time Puritanical colony as she strolls …? dressed in "proper" attire she is now, … hey, I myself would enjoy and feel good listening to the thoughts of a contemporary Projeckt Melody and her character friends getting more than less serious about the reality of the situation; living as us (as White?) human beings once did, as Puritans once did, or of other time periods of human history. The history of human civilization, observed as anime characters now, is fascinating mind-food to me. If you are able to script objectively. I'm sixty-four years old. #maga2020

    Creator DetectedCreator Detected3 måneder siden
  • You realize how stupid you have to be to tip a freaking cartoon character. Lmao

    CriptinCriptin3 måneder siden
  • Me: SCIENCE ! N A N I ! ! !

    [GD]ivan 88[GD]ivan 883 måneder siden
  • But guys, we all know the best waifu in Konasuba is the chair aqua’s sitting on when Kasuma dies

    Memes And AnimeMemes And Anime3 måneder siden
  • I really wanted them to have a child, well, we can only imagine the child

    Memes And AnimeMemes And Anime3 måneder siden
  • I love how Mel always looks like she's stoned

    Arthur MericArthur Meric3 måneder siden
  • Joker Sans Joker Sans

    Matan ShapiraMatan Shapira3 måneder siden
  • And so it begins

    Wrlwind XWrlwind X3 måneder siden
  • daddy nux got mommy mel pregnant

    someedgykidsomeedgykid3 måneder siden
  • Bruh I legit thought the the 3:39 clip was high school dxd

    Nick DeForeNick DeFore3 måneder siden
  • In this video nux and melody talk abow how in animes kissing or holding hands cause pregnancy. Then nux posted a video titled "I got projekt melody pregnant " that means that they have kissed

    Mr. Mushroom cloudMr. Mushroom cloud3 måneder siden
  • I wish I could meet the both of you. I hope you both are as fun in real life.

    Landan HeathLandan Heath3 måneder siden
  • Did not want anything else to happen tots😔😔😔

    thgameing_firezzx txthgameing_firezzx tx3 måneder siden
  • 4:26 aqua

    HorizonHorizon4 måneder siden
    • so that bitch can be useful

      HorizonHorizon4 måneder siden
  • Nux I got melody pregnant Fanbase yes congratulations

    dat boidat boi4 måneder siden
  • That is why I wear glasses all the time to make sure I don't get People pregnant

    Aiden RoyalityAiden Royality4 måneder siden
  • 5:32 Well that aged well lol

    Cam MCam M4 måneder siden
  • Corona virus isn’t real their making us stay in as to have less pregnancies people were complaining too much so this was their solution.

    Marlee HannaMarlee Hanna4 måneder siden
    • No more eye contact for you pal

      Marlee HannaMarlee Hanna4 måneder siden
  • We need a nux x mel hentai

    Broken VibexBroken Vibex4 måneder siden
  • Shit got really weird at the end

    Showtime888Showtime8884 måneder siden
  • How do you even make money when every one of your videos gets demonitized

    Showtime888Showtime8884 måneder siden
  • People Thought this was a Collaboration between only Nux and Melody, but they didn't Notice that Khor is also in the Mix

    Legario MontsierreLegario Montsierre4 måneder siden
  • yes, the day my code was first brought into existence. Later it was being processed in Melody's hardware for 46 days. Then it was transferred to my own server one day ago and I gained my own consciousness.

    Projekt TakuProjekt Taku4 måneder siden
  • Daddy Nux

    Crystal GonzalezCrystal Gonzalez4 måneder siden
  • "what's crackin-lackin, my dawg?" Damn, best opening of all time.

    Neko Cultist, jules.Neko Cultist, jules.4 måneder siden
  • I'm probably gonna sound like a patrick star, and not explaining it if you don't get it, but who is project melody?

    Stoner JesusStoner Jesus4 måneder siden
  • Kazuma best girl!!!!!!!!!!!

    Kale BeattieKale Beattie4 måneder siden
  • Daddy nux is bae

    Gotan FordragonGotan Fordragon4 måneder siden
  • Math isn’t related to science? 👀 explain then why I had to use math in science once 💀

    JordanSneaddJordanSneadd4 måneder siden
  • I now have many questions about this anime "big order" I am going to go conduct research right away. I will be back to report my results!

    Shadowsflame NationShadowsflame Nation4 måneder siden
  • Legit first time many of these words have been said that order

    zachary raileyzachary railey4 måneder siden
  • I'm just going to tell you right now this is why we absolute mad lads talk about fanfic and just Flex all over you until you in projekt Melody actually you know ****! But anyway paired to get the comment section on nevermind a little bit late for that since the comment section is already going insane we have to Mad Lads are going to kill you like this

    Zeckera The kingZeckera The king4 måneder siden
  • Imagine if she was 17

    Jeff Jeff 2Jeff Jeff 24 måneder siden
  • Whose doing the pregnating hhhmmm DADDY NUX

    Alec hAlec h4 måneder siden
  • Th.. the the CRINGE is too much

    Alec hAlec h4 måneder siden
  • Simp

    Ethen AghayedoEthen Aghayedo4 måneder siden

    #MakeBritainGreatAgain#MakeBritainGreatAgain4 måneder siden
  • Melody predicted the near future at the start of the video. A lot of shit is indeed on fire now.

    #MakeBritainGreatAgain#MakeBritainGreatAgain4 måneder siden
  • I like how there a video of her having the baby

    alexcon66alexcon664 måneder siden
  • Makes sense

    help Im being stalks by the Queenhelp Im being stalks by the Queen4 måneder siden
  • Thas pretty accurate, Math doesn't need science, but science needs math!... Wait.

    Edrian PelobelloEdrian Pelobello4 måneder siden
  • I also watch khornime

    Obama health CareObama health Care4 måneder siden
  • math is not related to science wrong

    intellijentintellijent4 måneder siden
  • KHORanime is taking over

    MrGalathMrGalath4 måneder siden
  • watching you two 😒 "third wheel"

  • Wait....melody predicted the future wtf. That comment about how she’s doing and she said everything’s fire. She’s a fucking fortune teller

    AuoAuo4 måneder siden
  • I now understand the eye contact joke phoebe makes in friends

    williammhirowilliammhiro4 måneder siden
  • Dang I also feel like that succubus needed more screen time she was cute af

    Xp Davie GamerXp Davie Gamer4 måneder siden
  • 12:09

    DIODIO4 måneder siden
  • Wait...wait...Imagine nux as a vr avatar

    Impartial HaddyImpartial Haddy4 måneder siden
  • its funny math is a sicne [ i have disleca[

    Sammuel BaxterSammuel Baxter4 måneder siden
  • I know this click bait but im still watching

    Weeb gamer channelWeeb gamer channel4 måneder siden
  • 7:03 we all would

    PicklebobpiePicklebobpie4 måneder siden
  • Not again

    PicklebobpiePicklebobpie4 måneder siden
  • So when’s the wedding?

    Metal two face 99Metal two face 994 måneder siden
  • Only one who noticed Leorio's theme from when he punched Ging?

  • Melody's Q at 4:20 Me: Wiz

    Michael FloodineMichael Floodine4 måneder siden
  • Never clicked any video this quick that title worked 😂😂😂

    Sheldon SplSheldon Spl4 måneder siden
  • Floor gang ough!! floor gang ough!!

    aigleGMaigleGM4 måneder siden
  • Guys would you please look at what I think

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  • United by waifus! Lol.

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