The Weirdest Cliches in Anime (ft Projekt Melody)

17. juli. 2020
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Thanks for your support y'all, here's Mel and her weird anime escapades!
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  • NOworld nuked the first one so I re-uploaded to flex on 'em, please rewatch/like 😊

    Nux TakuNux Taku3 måneder siden
    • Nux when will you look at all of the flexing that is Baki

      The NDstructible1The NDstructible13 måneder siden
    • NOworld: we blocks video Nux *uploads same video again*: who decided that

      kvng zenokvng zeno3 måneder siden
    • Can we start collectively referring to fapping as choking sasuke?

      Spooky LingerieSpooky Lingerie3 måneder siden
    • ah that's why it seems so familiar

      TheWallrisTheWallris3 måneder siden
    • How about no

      jans swagjans swag3 måneder siden
  • Am I the only one who notices the Kaguya Sama OSTs? I think it's an editor sense

    SheruSheru7 dager siden
  • You forgot Ains the girls live Boneee

    Shemz LoveShemz Love20 dager siden
  • I beg of you to include mysterious girlfriend X

    Astrid OAstrid O21 dag siden
  • So... Hisoka would never be attracted to an Isekai protag.

    PreHisTorIc CReAToRPreHisTorIc CReAToRMåned siden
  • 7:05 why are you playing the Arthur theme!?

    annoyancekingannoyancekingMåned siden
  • I believe I fall on the Project Melody side of fetishes.

    AesopAesopMåned siden
  • 12:40 Is Melody a professor in psychology?! Oh wait, it's wrong, once more: Is Melody a professor in sexology?!

    Syriusz BSyriusz BMåned siden
  • 1:27 I just love nuxs perfectly cut scream

    Jibrils FlugelJibrils FlugelMåned siden
  • ah yes the sasuke fetish

    --Måned siden
  • Nux has no physical fight capability, but I am 100% sure when it comes to a flex fights Hisoka will be drawn towards Nux

    Micheal LarsonMicheal LarsonMåned siden
  • I love the jank in Melody's rig her eyes just glitching out every once in awhile

    Sadnerd543Sadnerd543Måned siden
  • ear cleaning fetish from Operation Han-Gyaku-Sei Million Arthur season 2 episode 10

    Mastereye666Mastereye666Måned siden
  • Sometimes I forget Mel isn't just an idol... I wonder if that makes it weird for her co-stars

    avoriy gonzalezavoriy gonzalezMåned siden
  • Love to hear you talk about "loveless" definitely some cringe moments!!

    Tyler HumbertTyler HumbertMåned siden
  • "Nonononon, i promisse ill watch the anime......... After..... "

    A_creator's stuffA_creator's stuffMåned siden
  • im eating while watching this and i lost my apetite

    Chris LovattChris Lovatt2 måneder siden
  • "Dude ...i would wreck her".

    Jean GerberJean Gerber2 måneder siden
  • Wait hear me out imagine a world of nuxs just nuxs

    Christian LevyChristian Levy2 måneder siden
  • Saw melody and was like oh god

    Christian LevyChristian Levy2 måneder siden
  • I belivie projekt Melody can explain every weird fetish in a way that makes sense.

    yo mamayo mama2 måneder siden
  • That bass drop hurt

    Agent DakotaAgent Dakota2 måneder siden
  • If No Game No Life gets a season 2, people will get another fetish.... foot sweat licking vampire loli... yeah that happens in the novels. Gonna be the Twintail is one of the best super sentai / magical girl parodies. There's WAY more fetishes in it than just twintails, every single enemy has a fetish for something else.

    Xan KreigorXan Kreigor2 måneder siden
  • 8:00 Daaang Melody deleted a porn tab for Nux. MUST BE LOVE

    o0DcSniper0oo0DcSniper0o2 måneder siden

    CookerTubaCookerTuba2 måneder siden
  • we need to know if you are dating her

    Jorest VanJorest Van2 måneder siden
  • Magenta

    enomis rougeenomis rouge2 måneder siden
  • Slave handles...

    Oblivious IJOblivious IJ2 måneder siden

    Rose McCarrenRose McCarren2 måneder siden
  • 7:04 Loving the Arthur Opening song killing my childhood one hentai reference at a time

    Jonathan BrooksJonathan Brooks2 måneder siden
  • if nux made sanji die, maybe mel can make that scene of death note a thing too

    IceHeartAlphaIceHeartAlpha2 måneder siden
  • melody is a degenerate but she's also a sweetheart

    The Guitar KidThe Guitar Kid2 måneder siden
  • Random comment - Algorithm.

    Cultist of the BoarCultist of the Boar2 måneder siden
  • Yo meme potential is to strong thou😂😂😂

    LowprofileLowprofile2 måneder siden
  • Hot Penny wise is the best ?"villain"? In H×H

    RatmineRatmine2 måneder siden
  • "God dammit! I've only seen hentai of it! ... Maybe I'm more cultured than I thought". That's gold.

    Naoya YamiNaoya Yami2 måneder siden
  • whats melody smokin i want some

    IMSTUPIDwTbIMSTUPIDwTb2 måneder siden
  • I'm surprised I didn't see Johnny Joestars bug bite fetish, but then again this is in anime and not manga.

    TenducksTenducks2 måneder siden
  • Is she aware she is code is, is she code, im so fekn confused?

    pd2580 Gamingpd2580 Gaming2 måneder siden
  • Whats the fetish in the thumbnail asking for a friend

    GLO JAYGLO JAY2 måneder siden
  • Bloodshot eyes.

    Alway RemberAlway Rember2 måneder siden
  • Your not allowed to talk about me

    Yoshikage KiraYoshikage Kira2 måneder siden
  • Anyone else find it kind of adorable that Melodies I was kind of not working?. Like one was blinking and the other one wasn't.

    Durty DanDurty Dan2 måneder siden
  • I would give hisoka consent 😌🤗💕

    Hisokas Side-hoeHisokas Side-hoe2 måneder siden
  • Anime for life. Yuuya Kizami had a fetish with people's final moments and their lights. Showing their "true" selves. Mochida( corpse party) was obsessed with corpses.

    Ryuzaki SimmsRyuzaki Simms2 måneder siden
  • ngl I prefer gonna be the twin tail more than one piece

    mestupmestup2 måneder siden
  • Weirdest fetish in anime: bug bites

    Leith NowlanLeith Nowlan2 måneder siden
  • Twin tail anime watched it years ago loved it. Hatsune Miku is my waifu and Twin Tail Day is the best day.

    MrDudeToUMrDudeToU2 måneder siden
  • What was that animal school anime or is it a hentai and name please???

    ihartbacon jrihartbacon jr2 måneder siden

    Tobio KageyamaTobio Kageyama2 måneder siden
  • I think he’s a masochist

    Fat ChildFat Child3 måneder siden
  • Why was Arthur intro playing?

    Carson TetricCarson Tetric3 måneder siden
  • Melody taking notes of nux's fetishes so she can spice up their love life more

    Chaotic PhoenixChaotic Phoenix3 måneder siden
  • Why do I feel like this entire channel is just a massive shimoneta reference

    SpoodlzSpoodlz3 måneder siden
  • Hey guys, hows your kid?

    Naofumi IwataniNaofumi Iwatani3 måneder siden
  • 7:12 ...... is that... is that the Arthur theme tune, a show for *5 year olds* , while some talks about... well... that’s an interesting choice 😂

    Average_WeebAverage_Weeb3 måneder siden
  • I need sauce for the thumbnail

    Cameron JamesCameron James3 måneder siden
  • Me realising twin tails was a strange fetish

    The blender animatorThe blender animator3 måneder siden
  • Nux: "Bet you've never seen haircutting hentai." *pulls up arbitrary hair cutting show I've never heard of* Melody: "Huh, never heard of that one." Me, an unlucky, cursed soul: *thinking of Aoba's hair from Dramatical Muder* 👀😬

    55 Scales55 Scales3 måneder siden
  • Don't forget the blood fetish from Hellsing (I've only seen Hellsing abridged so forgive me if I messed up)

    SinnistSinnist3 måneder siden
  • She's reached the level of hentai philosopher.

    Just WhoJust Who3 måneder siden
  • Mentioning to love ru is like dropping some illegal bomb. The flashbacks, the potential, and the gintama crossover refferences

    gamingtrublegamingtruble3 måneder siden
  • "I hope that's a thing you made up and not a thing..." "It's an actual thing." "*NO!!!!!*"

    James T KirkJames T Kirk3 måneder siden
  • There is this thing called nosejobs yeah ...

    blue demonblue demon3 måneder siden
  • Melody is so calm and talking normally and Nux is just SCREAMING

    Valid UsernameValid Username3 måneder siden
  • I believe the term you are looking for would be pan sexual because of the character’s behavior.

    MoveSpammerGuy team7colorsMoveSpammerGuy team7colors3 måneder siden
  • Do people actually not like hisoka like damn stop simping and start gaying if your a woman then start going trans bro like there's no other way to like hisoka other than being gay for him

    FBIFBI3 måneder siden
  • Nux.... um whos that girl behind u

    beanbean3 måneder siden
  • Melody has a tic in her eyes.

    Get_ Rickstickvectordistracted_BoiGet_ Rickstickvectordistracted_Boi3 måneder siden
  • do a collab with whang! and melody about cannibal fetish

    TheToasterboxTheToasterbox3 måneder siden
  • I feel like Nux and Melody are two of my friends that I casually hang out with. I somehow always get the feeling that I'm included in their conversation, even though I just listen to them talking about hentai

    Gala PregelGala Pregel3 måneder siden
  • Eren's fetish of getting kicked.

    Ericka RiveraEricka Rivera3 måneder siden
  • 1:26 idk wth that was but it cracks me up 🤣🤣🤣

    Anime Central UltraAnime Central Ultra3 måneder siden
  • Melodys my fucking wifu kira would take her hands

    enrico Puccienrico Pucci3 måneder siden
  • Lol he kept calling light mikumi

    Kyster04 ,Kyster04 ,3 måneder siden
  • Melody: Thanks for reminding me of porn Nux: My Pleasure

    Aaron UchihaAaron Uchiha3 måneder siden
  • Mmmm Mamma Melody is amazing.

    CasavoCasavo3 måneder siden
  • "There are dozens of us. DOZENS OF US!!!" LMAO

    TuphTuph3 måneder siden
  • Great 👍🏻 video nice 👍🏻 hype!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    IcemanIceman3 måneder siden
  • 5:44 Ane Chiho Max Heart

    Willianson MafraWillianson Mafra3 måneder siden
  • Project Melody right eye was on the fritzs

    I_Obey_ JalenI_Obey_ Jalen3 måneder siden
  • Dude Severing Crime Edge. That's like my childhood along with Hayate no Gotoku.

    Mochi The PooHMochi The PooH3 måneder siden
  • 12:45 what was she chatting nux

    Ndiripo SimbiNdiripo Simbi3 måneder siden
  • Great video mate

    CrimsonMenace1CrimsonMenace13 måneder siden
  • That censored Mash Offbrand ....... I see you’re a man of culture as well

    RavenGamesRavenGames3 måneder siden
  • Trying to defend pedophilia ain't a good look

    Hatune CreakyuHatune Creakyu3 måneder siden
  • I’m watching this and I’m wondering “WHERE IS FOOD WARS!!!”

    Lovable LillypupLovable Lillypup3 måneder siden
  • OMG I HAVE to see the Lights makes out with his not-boy-crush scene!!!!

    LadyFaeryJLadyFaeryJ3 måneder siden
  • Okay, Nux, I MAY have to insist that we should share the smexy Melody. Her brains are the hottest! (Up to and including the ditziness)

    LadyFaeryJLadyFaeryJ3 måneder siden
  • For a moment I thought Melody had taken over the channel lol

    Carlos OrellanaCarlos Orellana3 måneder siden
  • No one: Absolutely no one: Melody: Gay magician clown.

    Alfred DrewesAlfred Drewes3 måneder siden
  • Oh Gonna be the TwinTails was a fucking fever dream

    Something SomewhatSomething Somewhat3 måneder siden
  • you heard it here first folks; Nux says, Child slavery, cannibalism and murder are things he's NO LONGER INTO (must be childs play by now ;p ) He's past that phase man he's beyond ultra by now fam DO NOT WORRY PEOPLE NUX IS STILL ONE OF US xD lol

    Andy SixAndy Six3 måneder siden
  • so uhh is melody even a girl or is nux gay?

    Alex DryerAlex Dryer3 måneder siden
  • I will take my sword for you my goddess of jentai

    captain forgecaptain forge3 måneder siden
  • Mommy Mel is lookin like on weed with her eyes Also her boobs are clipping thru the arms is that normal for boobs to do?

    Heir of HeartHeir of Heart3 måneder siden
  • seeing nux interact with any human being is very interesting lol

    AdamKyunAdamKyun3 måneder siden
  • I watched every anime he showed

    ShadowShadow3 måneder siden
  • What did she drink

    ShadowShadow3 måneder siden
  • I watched the twintail anime too...

    DeuSJSDeuSJS3 måneder siden