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Karens are those anime gag villains that keep getting slapped but we love watching the train crash






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  • LOL the guys in the store asking the karen to leave were like "there's another store across the road" basically just saying, "HEY COMPETETOR! SHES YOUR PROBLEM NOW"

    Eric JangEric Jang7 timer siden
  • honsetly though, people pull the woman card when it benefits them, and pull the feminism card when it doesnt

    Eric JangEric Jang8 timer siden
  • Hava a nice christmas!

    ً ًً ً16 timer siden
  • Can I kill the karens

    Ben ParkerBen Parker2 dager siden
  • No surprise all the Karen’s here seem to be white

    Ben ParkerBen Parker2 dager siden
  • I hope covid kills all the Karen’s and anti vax people

    Ben ParkerBen Parker2 dager siden
  • Nobody: Nux when a karen says "let me speak to the manager: YAY sh-she did the thin- she did her thing yay horray its the best day ever TAKE THAT BITCHES.

    Reece PlayzReece Playz3 dager siden
  • 5:52 Lois griffin in real life

    The WatcherThe Watcher3 dager siden
  • 20:23 oppertuinty to deploy mace.

    The RedNeckEngineNerdThe RedNeckEngineNerd3 dager siden
  • 10:00 mask have effectively a 5% protection rate.. until they contact the virus then every 10min of use you lose 2.5%... you must realize the virus is too small for mask to catch anything, and the diffusion argument is a red herring.. air circulation back when covid first hit the lime light had a diagram of how 1 masked person infected an entire bus in 1 stop... .. . Via air circulation it was used to justify the lock down. congentive dissonance, or squirrel. Haha, I'm in danger

    The RedNeckEngineNerdThe RedNeckEngineNerd3 dager siden
  • Did sargent fiscas have a triforce on the metal thing on the center of his shirt

    dragon racerdragon racer4 dager siden
  • why was this on my birthday, and why do i now love this content

    TheAlkey55TheAlkey554 dager siden
  • Works at a place. Contributes time, energy, and quality home time taking care of the place. Women gets upset at Employee having privileges they want. Is a man, so must be a bad guy.

    Not So InnocentNot So Innocent5 dager siden
  • Anyone else feel like punching someone bc of these karens?

    Chara The DemonChara The Demon5 dager siden
  • This man is a mad Chad lad

    jakob almerojakob almero5 dager siden
  • yyeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeessssssssssssss!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    MGB GamerMGB Gamer5 dager siden
  • Sometimes I love that I am not American

    HugitoHugito6 dager siden
  • You’d be a good voice actor

    W.ML05W.ML056 dager siden
  • 20:09 The car is on the crosswalk that's why.

    Paulus magnusPaulus magnus7 dager siden

    Kyce SisneyKyce Sisney7 dager siden
  • A lost 1 of my 2 braincells remaining

    YappiKUJO VIRUSYappiKUJO VIRUS7 dager siden
  • If I'm going to choose a ability to shut a Karen I'm going to pick the shield hero because of the shield prison

    NoobMaster66NoobMaster667 dager siden
  • Well in India there are people with Karen name

    Febin PmFebin Pm7 dager siden
  • *it was playing in my left ear too* *LIFE IS A SIMULATION!!!!!!!!!*

    Saikou Zedd12Saikou Zedd127 dager siden
  • From personal experience these "Karens" are some of the same people who degrade us "anime watching, devil-music listening, corrupting the "family dynamic", lazy" millennials, and they say the way WE act is entitled, childish, and outrageous??? I wanna talk to their manager... Lol!

    Vex VegabondVex Vegabond8 dager siden
  • Y dose the lady from 6:01 look like lois from famly guy

    RED PeekRED Peek8 dager siden
  • You know how Karens are the name for female crapper-tards, but what about males? I introduce you to KARL!!! As you can see, it's a name no one really pays attention to yet is easy to remember, and it is able to start with a k as well. I feel like i hit home this time.

    Grif the CritGrif the Crit8 dager siden
  • Karen in the thumbnail: anime is satan worship. Me, a proud weeb: ...and I took that personally.

    Owen DragonheartOwen Dragonheart8 dager siden
  • Man... what kind of drugs does the Karen need to take to become the Karen. Crazy

    bobbob9 dager siden
  • You pull the woman card, I'll pull the Uno reverse card

    keishannamkeishannam9 dager siden
  • Truth, masks are useless, surgical masks only stop larger particles smaller particles like illnesses will still go through it so all those masks you see don't do anything. only thing that could somewhat stop illnesses are gasmasks because they stop smaller particles those people saying wear a mask don't know the truth.

    Tiger 10925Tiger 109259 dager siden
  • anybody else like the gengar vibing in the background? oh... just me? ok guess ill shut up and keep watching.

    A Jr PinoA Jr Pino9 dager siden
  • My man gengar looks like he just dealt with a clefairy that was unfortunately a Karen

    Hat KidHat Kid9 dager siden
  • Detroit smash get it right

    white wolfwhite wolf9 dager siden
  • #1 rule of the universe. Whoever is recording is in the right

    Night HawkNight Hawk10 dager siden
  • I'm realising a thing :is bakugo a Karen ?

    نبا القيسينبا القيسي11 dager siden
  • My moms a Karen and my step moms name is Karen

    KONANKONAN11 dager siden
  • Sargent Fisgous for the win

    Mansoor Khan JadoonMansoor Khan Jadoon11 dager siden
  • Male equivalent of Karen is Kevin fyi

    James Kratos777James Kratos77711 dager siden
  • god... *why* did I watch this? My fkin brain hurts

    Dark NovaZDark NovaZ12 dager siden
  • Is that freaking Lois from Family guy!? 16:33

    Rena MakoRena Mako12 dager siden
  • omg my mom said that the kare should be just as evil how do people think this makes sense?

    Victoria SidoVictoria Sido13 dager siden
  • Can i punch them in the face?

    Rafky FauzanRafky Fauzan13 dager siden
  • Lois from family guy is that you 5:18

    Dustin Gaming StudiosDustin Gaming Studios13 dager siden
  • How about Hetalians being called n@zis cause we like a show about countries acting out history? We got a lot of flack cause we like a history show.

    The Hetalian CosplayerThe Hetalian Cosplayer13 dager siden
  • The text in the thumnail had me actually rolling with laughter and my mom's annoyed about that. Now's she's paranoid aboit the fact I'm commenting on a video again lmao wtf

    Ethereal KeiEthereal Kei14 dager siden
  • Hello Nux, i think this video now has over 50k to keep up with your promise?

    Kapil DekaKapil Deka14 dager siden
  • Sargent fiskus is the mask stupid nux

    zayed sultanzayed sultan14 dager siden
  • Oh no, we've gotten to the point where it's hard to tell who in these videos is the Karen

    funtime gamerfuntime gamer15 dager siden
  • the orange hair one looks like Lois from family guy any body else see that?

    ELETE SheppardELETE Sheppard15 dager siden
  • dude i love ur vids

    Teairra RobinsonBelleTeairra RobinsonBelle15 dager siden
  • Middle aged WAHmen

    Uncreative UsernameUncreative Username16 dager siden
  • The Mafia reeeeeeee

    Mr ManjiMr Manji17 dager siden
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    PoechiPoechi17 dager siden
  • Idk who came up with calling Karen the k-word, and who said the k-word is worst than the n-word but who ever thought of it has a immeasurable IQ (aka; too low to be measured) Karen is used for unreasonable ass holes who happen to be women (u can help not being an ass) n-word is used on people of color (an they physical can't help what skin tone they are), at least that's my take on it.

    Winter A. R BrownWinter A. R Brown17 dager siden
  • A very educational video. U earned a sub and a like.

    Sahesh Man ShresthaSahesh Man Shrestha17 dager siden
  • Imagine being stabbed in the head then karren said no u

    Ze BroitoZe Broito17 dager siden
  • These Karen's are disgusting

    LustfulKamiLustfulKami18 dager siden
  • I dont think I would name my kid "nigga"

    MniteX7MniteX721 dag siden
  • The like goal aged well

    Yahiro MurasameYahiro Murasame21 dag siden
  • I am I the only person who is just hearing this word

    Ashaun KellyAshaun Kelly23 dager siden
  • kripparrian

    Michael VirthMichael Virth23 dager siden
  • no one could poke holes in one of the karens logic because it just wasn't there

    Aidan VolkAidan Volk23 dager siden
  • Part 2????

    Holly XiaoHolly Xiao24 dager siden
  • Nux this video has 53 thousand likes where is karin 2

    ga_ Orcaga_ Orca25 dager siden
  • mirror force got me.

    Michael WeberMichael Weber26 dager siden
    • She did the thing haha

      Michael WeberMichael Weber26 dager siden
  • Everyone know its not satan thing its only hentai with no penetration

    Alexandre CharestAlexandre Charest27 dager siden
  • I love seeing Karens getting arrested for being complete morons 🤣👌

    Birdman101996Birdman10199627 dager siden
  • Karen's and Daren's alike are bad!

    Ray SullivanRay Sullivan28 dager siden
  • all this time Lois Griffin was a Karen and nobody knew...

    Antonio PatruAntonio Patru28 dager siden
  • Nux: nO i WiLl CoNtiNue ThE oPpReSsIoN Edit( why do people exist )

    Grayson CarrollGrayson Carroll28 dager siden
  • This man is was shot? Well he looks fine so get out of *my* handy capped spot

    将軍将軍将軍将軍28 dager siden
  • Yeah the person filming was the karen at the pool

    Roseheart ToxicRoseheart Toxic29 dager siden
  • Sup

    Alex534 534Alex534 534Måned siden
  • Yea the one of say the things is one karen is record ot

    bacon kidsbacon kidsMåned siden
  • 1:29 I understand how bad are morons, but I am afraid I cannot lying myself that you are normal.

    Minh Nhật NgôMinh Nhật NgôMåned siden
  • 3:53 Honestly I think the girls filming AND the guy yelling at them are *both* Karen’s

    fishY •fishY •Måned siden
  • Duuuuude the park Karen incident video was actually 45 minutes long 🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️ I'd lose my mind with that. I barely delt with one Karan repeatedly demanding the same thing let alone that many.

    Sarah Al-ZahraniSarah Al-ZahraniMåned siden
  • This video exceeded 50k likes. Looking forward to the next special Nux Taku edition of reacting to Karens and Kevins!

    Moonlight HunterMoonlight HunterMåned siden
  • The last woman, though she was being an absolute Karen and took things to the point of assault, was not entirely in the wrong. The person in the vehicle had their car braked in the crosswalk, which is illegal. She could have totally gone around them without incident, and she broke some laws herself but you can't solely place blame on her

    XerasDezarrysXerasDezarrysMåned siden
  • Ok, been lurking the videos for a while, but this put it over the top. Subbed!

    Mito MidouMito MidouMåned siden
  • Only half a million subscribers until we summon satan

    baked wafflesbaked wafflesMåned siden
  • Bruhh!! You are so toxic 😂😂😂

    D SoulD SoulMåned siden
  • I see 52k. I await with joy.

    Gon DoeGon DoeMåned siden
  • Btw A male Karen is called a ken

    Official VirusOfficial VirusMåned siden
  • I LOVED THIS!!!🤣

    Audrey EnglandAudrey EnglandMåned siden
  • Yes, I like laughing at morons!

    Keith MontagueKeith MontagueMåned siden
  • are you swedish

    Wallace MuchaWallace MuchaMåned siden
  • is that guild wars 2 in the background

    xd_ gamer321xd_ gamer321Måned siden
  • Hey Nux, when is Part 2 coming out? 21:03 P.S. Love your vids by the way

    EmblemMasterEmblemMasterMåned siden
  • People defending Karens: let's try and stop the oppression Nux: I made this video to continue the oppression People defending Karens: wtf dude

    KYYLE- DKYYLE- DMåned siden
  • Second video is Karen v. Karen

    Matt GillMatt GillMåned siden
  • I'm gonna regret naming my first child Karen.

    Brandon Neil Sta. TeresaBrandon Neil Sta. TeresaMåned siden
  • I believe sexism and racism came about at the dawn of humanity xD Although, if we're being serious, it's very likely that sexism existed first. Since at first there would be no one to be racist towards. Really racism evolved from the idea of "in group"s and "out group"s. Where the mindset was "anyone outside of my group isn't really a person or is less deserving than my people". It's something that's so ingrained in our society that I'm not sure we'll never completely shake it. 5:00 let's be's two Karens xD Also, all mums are secret agents. That is fact.

    Moira MenzelliMoira MenzelliMåned siden
  • In Ghana you can't do that if so say that shit like that you will be beaten

    Josephine Oduro BoatengJosephine Oduro BoatengMåned siden
  • Why what is happing

    Josephine Oduro BoatengJosephine Oduro BoatengMåned siden
  • Yes do it

    Josephine Oduro BoatengJosephine Oduro BoatengMåned siden
  • karens face at 20:07

    Callum McCraeCallum McCraeMåned siden
  • Is it 2 days after expiration or 2 days and expired

    Cronos 64Cronos 64Måned siden
  • I didn’t call you baldy , baldy

    Cronos 64Cronos 64Måned siden