This Big YouTuber Tried to Destroy Me...

16. aug.. 2020
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Can't believe Leafy would do me like this smh...
My Video Declaring War on the One Piece Community:
Joy Boy Theories' response video:






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  • Oh right, I forgot the Leaf guy got banned lmao. Fucking hilarious

    AshuAshu2 dager siden
  • Female Nux art? I’m curious who made it and if there’s more cause it looked really well done.

    DarthHavoc1DarthHavoc15 dager siden
  • "Nuxanor, a title that will never probably be mentioned again." Yeahh Nux are you sure about that?

    fakrahpet127fakrahpet1278 dager siden
  • Nux Taku is Flexanor level Joyboy is virgin simp level

    Mix-n -MatchMix-n -Match12 dager siden
  • plz do the tf2 fandom

    pyro is the bosspyro is the boss13 dager siden
  • if joy boy is watching this video he will be like:mission failed we'll get em next time

    Raif MohamedbaksRaif Mohamedbaks14 dager siden
  • Just got a funimation ad on a Nux video. That's hilarious 😅

    Byron HowardByron Howard14 dager siden
  • Wow, well, this is such an unimportant debate to begin with... 🤣

    G Toyadha Tagya BG Toyadha Tagya B15 dager siden
  • I don't think most the people understand the flex here, Nux literally completely destroys this guy completely, then promotes his channel and gives him extra clout afterwards edit: I almost forget, then he goes back to destroying him more

    LightrusLightrus16 dager siden
  • Omg nux is toxic ! Me quietly humming Toxic Love (from ferngully) to my self giving them the side eye of confusion How can you tolerate this?!? 🎶 slime beneath me hmmm, slime up above, oooh you'll love my ah-ah-ah toxic love 🎶

    Jessica HJessica H17 dager siden
  • I just really like how much energy and the fun he has from making these :)

    Masashi CaskinMasashi Caskin17 dager siden
  • Hell yeah

    LustfulKamiLustfulKami20 dager siden
  • Snapewifes 🤣 let's go Nux

    Thorgal MoesekeThorgal Moeseke21 dag siden
  • #NuxWins Although as a simple man i do in some ways enjoy the simplicity of bounties and titles explaining some ones strength even though it is kinda limited and shallow.

    Alijah WatkinsAlijah Watkins26 dager siden
  • OK lord nuxanor! you want one of the most wholesome/toxic fadomes in ZA WARUDO to turn your memes upon.......then I, some rando on the internet dare you to approach the Dungeons and Dragons community! and if this comment gets 50 up votes I will even suggest a channel for you to look into!

    James CairnsJames Cairns26 dager siden
  • A one piece theory

    ty33957 1ty33957 127 dager siden
  • NGL: i got real triggered for a bit when he was explaining what a theory is (9:25). i thought he was describing a hypothesis so i looked it up. found out "theory" has two different meanings, one within and one for outside the scientific community where the two are interchangeable. Conclusion: English is stupid. lol

    John WrightJohn Wright27 dager siden
  • That’s not the definition of “theory”

    Chavez ChavezChavez Chavez29 dager siden
  • Oh my god this video is so cool and I can't stop laughing your amazing Nux

    nick tylernick tylerMåned siden
  • "Not trying to cause a Civil War or anything Not THAT THATS SOMETHING I WANT TO DO" Hmm I should be worried but at the same time I would like to see that.

    ShadowShadowMåned siden

  • is this a jojo reference

  • You can determine who gonna win in a fictional fight pretty precisely though. You can determine exactly how strong character is. Check out OBD wiki / community. Also if someone is Kaidou or Admiral you are better bet they are OP lol. 11:30 Seriously? How you managed to miss whole part about "Luffy being yonkou" is newspaper thingy? He is not Emperor. There are like 0.000001% of people who send death threats and whatnot. What the fuck is that point saying it like it's normal thng? Pretty weak response my dude.

    ILikeGuns1992ILikeGuns1992Måned siden
  • I am nux taco fam so try to destroy me, besides will you be my waifu?

    Allan TammAllan TammMåned siden
  • The more I rewatch this, the more I laugh.

    Stupidity In A NutshellStupidity In A NutshellMåned siden

    Beasel matchesBeasel matchesMåned siden
  • Billy!

    REDxACE PirateREDxACE PirateMåned siden
  • Before i started watching Nux i dident know the meme that is Dumb IQ 189 but its sufficient enough in the words and numbers that anyone with the iq level higher than a potato will realize what it means and get the joke im sorry ( 189 Dumb IQ who dosent get this joke>? i mean 189 Dumb IQ cough cough dont get this go back to school!) and im a 189 IQ Legend like everyone else in the comments lol. Personally power scaling is dangerous full stop when you throw in a power scale into a anime it regulates how people see characters and when a character comes out broken af breaks the scale and all the rules per say and evidently means characters story needs to be directly affected and written around that characters power cap/scale a prime example is with how seven deadly sins has gone i.e everyone else got a power bump and a pretty big one but as for Ban he felt kind of useless for the entire last season so to fix this hes going to get meliodas's true self back or some thing like that anyway so ban obviously cant age / die so over there it changes him and he fights over and over and comes out nearly as dam powerful as the demon king himself hmm.....kind of scaled him off wrong as logic would state if ban is nigh on equal to the demon king then the sins should now be able to walk all over his a** thus demon kings power has got to change for it to be an epic fight a never ending scale. Now dont get me wrong power scaling is and has been a thing for a long long time but DB got rid of power scaling as it got too ott i mean nowadays everyone near enough has planet level destroying power so how can you scale that o0? qoute Dumb 189 IQ ya dont! lol Theoretically the same logic should stand with power of friendship cannot be scaled and im sorry but xD one piece is very power of friendship driven i know some people may hate on me for explaining this and i may be wrong not fussed as its just a personal opinion but i think power scaling is kind of an out dated poorly designed method to push a stories routes due to breaking the scales so often.

    GamingWithPotatos AumiGamingWithPotatos AumiMåned siden
  • My favorite part about this is that Joy_Boy is pretending that Lord Nuxanor is outside of the community when over a year ago, he invited Lord Nux onto a One Piece theorist stream. JB what are you doing??

    Kyler AsatoKyler AsatoMåned siden
  • Nux do a collab with tekking, aaaaannndddd where a no one understand zoro

    Leo GradyLeo GradyMåned siden
  • Nonono zoro won't unlock the sharingan he'll unlock the rennigan

    Justrayray 124Justrayray 124Måned siden
  • Is it bad the other guy sounds like a stereotypical neckbeard? Cause he does. Nux however sounds like a fucking god.

    I can't find ma snickers barI can't find ma snickers barMåned siden
  • Nux your awesome I love your videos, but this comment has nothing to do with just one piece theories in general like theories about the end of one piece I never saw the point in making them because oda has said that if someone gets it right he's changing the ending and he didn't say he was gonna tell anyone if they were right or wrong he was just gonna change it soooo the person making the theories would never know if they were right or wrong so it's pointless to make said theories when oda has time to make changes, so I had an idea, just like make the theories and when you think about just drop your theory video the day before the chapter drops and only make it about that chapter so boom oda can't change the story if you're right and if your wrong it doesn't matter so boom

    brandon harbinbrandon harbinMåned siden
  • Idk who it is but I'm getting the scent of bitch

    jordy plays gamesjordy plays gamesMåned siden
  • Not to get religious but if Nux went to hell he would out toxic Satan, but if he went to heaven he would out wholesome Jesus.

    Jonathan MoodyJonathan MoodyMåned siden
  • Try going after jacksepticeye no offense love you Jack 😘

    luke gravesluke gravesMåned siden
  • wel i em subscribed bud i dont understand wtf your talking about i just love the way you put togheter these videos and listen to you rant of ,so i em from belgium i wood not now were or how to watch anime

    blackjackcountryblackjackcountryMåned siden
  • 10 mins can make a difference. Lol

    Chris MChris MMåned siden
  • Everybody knows zoro has a closed eye becouse he's practicing training His eye lit muscle So he can use 4 swords How about moria revived bodies Ace ded BB captured moria So there gonna dig up Ace and we can kill him again Okeey you know how oda said Shanks Doesent have a DF He never said his weapon Doesent have a Df it called griffin That's why he coudent save luffy his sword was wet So Nux your telling me buggy When he awakens can't split the world? I mean he is Un cutable shanks old rival Could be hes pulling a Toby This were all galarian far fetch theories But it's fun to speculate about things I rather see things like this All original theorelies from me don't do drugs But rather see people do that Instead of people trying to Simp for Ace 100 times a day I miss him I miss him That's why I wanted to say Actually one piece community Maid me apriciate Akainu much more Ps Fuk Robin with here flat nose

    CptBushBeardCptBushBeardMåned siden
  • Dude why is your voice so annoying! How can people actually watch you. I’m just here to comment that nux sux.

    13Felipe80513Felipe805Måned siden
  • It's possible I missed it, but why is making a bunch of theory videos, even if they're not good, exactly bad? I mean I get the whole bit about lashing out and all that and in no way agree with that, but to end it with "there is consequences to their actions" by simply making a bunch of theory videos does seem a little weak. Don't get me wrong, I get why it's annoying especially if it's getting shoved down peoples throats (posting on the community instead of just being on their channel for example), but if you know they make a bunch of weaksauce theories then just don't watch them? Like if they have fun churning ideas around in their head and think other people might get some entertainment out of them, even if they're not good theories, who cares? I admit I didn't watch the first video, so I by no means am trying to say "hey nux you're dumb wtf" or anything like that don't get me wrong, I'm simply confused at the context of why letting people have fun with churning out bad theories is bad at the community level. If they're going around saying these theories are facts or shoving it down peoples' throats, then ok sure but idk seems weird to hate on people making a bunch of dumb theories in and of itself (which again, am not saying is what happened, just explaining why I'm confused and think it's weird - please correct me if I'm wrong). All in all though, great watch was entertaining to listen to and agreed lol

    Robert FialkowskiRobert FialkowskiMåned siden
  • People who like one piece are snowflakes, 1/3 of the show is people crying like little bitches.

    Vincent ViceVincent ViceMåned siden
  • "You may have outsmarted me, but I outsmarted your outsmarting."

    joshua123_4joshua123_4Måned siden
  • That guy has no idea about the blessings that Lord Twigo has bestowed upon Nuxanor

    Yanuchi Uchiha: Anime, Games and RamdomnessYanuchi Uchiha: Anime, Games and RamdomnessMåned siden
  • I am now flexsexual. Nux has converted me.

    David SandrockDavid SandrockMåned siden
  • You should look into the pokemon and Dungeons and dragons fandoms

    Kingofmyths sKingofmyths sMåned siden
  • Can I just say how much I love this guy

    CHOGIWAitCHOGIWAitMåned siden
  • He should’ve simply not been so lazy, it makes for bad content.

    Travis CanslerTravis CanslerMåned siden
  • Man on the dragon ball community would be amazing

    titoneutraltitoneutralMåned siden

    EloquentPixel lawlEloquentPixel lawlMåned siden
  • 25:09 did...did he...did he just spit in french ?

    Noryg NorygNoryg NorygMåned siden
  • People who try to end Nux Taku keep forgetting one quote Rick May said before he died. "Son. Always remember. Dying is gay." - Rick May

    GryphonNecro X20GryphonNecro X20Måned siden
  • I stay away from one piece theories cause they always have manga spoilers ;c

    Boing across the galaxyBoing across the galaxyMåned siden
  • Joy Boy: I will destroy this man! Nux Taku: YOU ACTIVATED MY TRAP CARD!!!!

    NevermoireNevermoireMåned siden
    • Nux:I activate mirror force then I activate harpie feather duster to remove your backrow then I fuison summon blue eyes ultimate dragon to attack you directly Joy boy :well fuck you too

      Mars ProductionsMars ProductionsMåned siden
  • Joy boy wins this fight nux has an iq under 189

    Slimy SenpaiSlimy SenpaiMåned siden
  • You gonna get this back the flex of your life!! XD

    LonewalkerLonewalkerMåned siden
  • Why does that guy he watched end every sentence really weak and breathy? Like stop it, stop it please, it makes my skin crawl and I don’t know why

    Kawaii KiwiKawaii KiwiMåned siden
  • How dare this absolute noob assume that Nux unintentionally stirs the pot just because he can?

    Bubbly ChubblyBubbly ChubblyMåned siden
  • The fact that Nux had to explain his "Zoro getting the Sharingan" joke, it's just sad.

    Bubbly ChubblyBubbly ChubblyMåned siden
  • I'm fairly new to One Piece (Literally only episode 129, which would be a big deal in any Fandom other than One Piece) and I still agree with Nux about pretty much everything, because yo, this Fandom is crazy. Also, people ship Luffy and Ace?! Never heard of that in my life, like, what?!

    Bubbly ChubblyBubbly ChubblyMåned siden
  • Joyboy is pewpy Tekking is my favorite youtuber. Nux (sorry) is a very close second. I usually skip joyboys snoozy videos and cringey voice

    podsixwasjerkspodsixwasjerksMåned siden
  • He fake-newsed you with that last point

    podsixwasjerkspodsixwasjerksMåned siden
  • #YouLostTheWar

    Jay TrivediJay TrivediMåned siden
  • Probably because all you do is run your mouth about people on the internet which would make you a big mouth coward that feels special by being a keyboard warrior. Does it make you feel like big boy when you put people down. Realistically your just talking about yourself.

    Xandis 37Xandis 37Måned siden
  • Still waiting for eri and nomu

    Lane KamphausenLane KamphausenMåned siden
  • Can anyone in the name of Billy bless me with the soundtrack at the very beginning of this video?

    thatd00dovertherethatd00doverthereMåned siden
  • Joyboy: *tries to fight back* Nux fans: *MUDA MUDA MUDA MUDA MUDA MUDA WRYYYYYYY*

    Billy WalshBilly WalshMåned siden
  • joyboy: nux is toxic nux: *golden wind plays*

    just erickjust erickMåned siden
  • 24:55 thing is, as someone who has read the Gospels. Jesus was toxic to toxic people and wholesome to wholesome people.

    LexceliusLexceliusMåned siden
  • Nux Taku for having his own Anime where hes both Villian and Hero

    Midknight MangleMidknight MangleMåned siden
  • LOL my IQ is 142 don't call me stupid.

    Aditya BiswasAditya BiswasMåned siden
    • One four two or one hundred forty two?

      Haos magna IngramHaos magna IngramMåned siden
  • Nux cures sadness cause he flexes on it. XD

    Striker GamingStriker Gaming2 måneder siden
  • the furry fandom i want to see it crushed but learing it may hurt you XD

    Shader DaemonShader Daemon2 måneder siden
  • I think one point is probably Mist I am not sure if ther is anyone in the one piece community How knows what actually is all going on except for oda maybe. I mean if we would now what’s going on whe wouldn’t have Theories in the first place right

    Dirk LoidDirk Loid2 måneder siden
    • Oh and the Word dum should be band course it is offensive to people with les IQ than 189

      Dirk LoidDirk Loid2 måneder siden
  • 3:49 could I question here or no ? 'looks at your search history'

    Howie LordHowie Lord2 måneder siden
  • Well actually the duck said moooo before he said quack and not to asume genders but I’m pretty sure that the monarch butterfly is the strongest create on the 10/10 would talk about uno never again shall I eat cheese

    Ninja panda 08Ninja panda 082 måneder siden
  • ugh is rly hard to tell if some comments are for real or memeing about this all but ok, I hated those trasistions zu made when u cut the video rather hear squeaky chalk than that

    Edu SaavEdu Saav2 måneder siden
  • shit i know my favorite series gets dumped on (especially by you) but im not making response videos bitching about it

    kylelee1911kylelee19112 måneder siden
  • I just saw the pewdiepie chair in the background

    Monkey KingMonkey King2 måneder siden
  • clickbait worked you beautiful dastard

    Cameron souriauCameron souriau2 måneder siden
  • Nux won by far

    Star TeridacleStar Teridacle2 måneder siden
    • Lol no

      Troy OliverTroy OliverMåned siden
  • Don’t worry y’all Leafy got TERMINATED he ain’t coming back

    CoolJayX2!CoolJayX2!2 måneder siden
  • nux>leafy hands down

    Reptile KingReptile King2 måneder siden
  • How do I double subscribe?

    J PenaJ Pena2 måneder siden
  • RIP The Leafy

    Hunter CotterHunter Cotter2 måneder siden
  • Leafy is a simp for nux?!?!1?!!?

    Edge LordEdge Lord2 måneder siden
  • Would love to see you to flex and be toxic to a few blogging youtubers (Shane Dawson for example)

    Beloved ThornsBeloved Thorns2 måneder siden
  • Dear Mr. LordNuxanor, In some common usages, a theory may be the expression of a hypothetical. The scientific use of the word is different; a system of explanations for the factual observation of the patterns that are most appropriately assumed to be the default interactions between things based on current knowledge. Basically, you aren't wrong, but it is fallacious to claim for it to be the only right use of the word. This is not to detract from the claim of distinction. Revel in my 189iq, simps

    Log_a[n]Log_a[n]2 måneder siden
    • Language is _FLEXible_

      Haos magna IngramHaos magna IngramMåned siden
  • I just watched his video, and he never made a good theory 🤣🤣🤣

    Voltage StormVoltage Storm2 måneder siden
  • This vid in 1 word flex

    aardappel gangaardappel gang2 måneder siden
  • Erm actually nux.. you asked for a response video and he made one. JB was hardly trying to destroy you..

    AceinineAceinine2 måneder siden
  • Never trust a man with no chin 😒

    AH-64 ApacheAH-64 Apache2 måneder siden
  • So this is a bit late but the Nux Taku cult really reminds me of the Call Me Kevin cult. I'd recommend you give them a look, they've got a similar chaotic vibe while simultaneously being quite wholesome

    Behold NonsenseBehold Nonsense2 måneder siden
  • I watched your first video and it really is waaaaay too long. You could've summed it up in one sentence: "One Piece power scaling went to shit when Haki was introduced". End of the video.

    Dario FerrettiDario Ferretti2 måneder siden
    • No, but it could have been people take head cannon way to seriously and get toxic because of it

      Haos magna IngramHaos magna IngramMåned siden
  • Did I get click baited?

    Art XhemaArt Xhema2 måneder siden
  • Nux is better at changing how he looks than yoshikage kira

    Sugi wa Jotaro KISAMA DASugi wa Jotaro KISAMA DA2 måneder siden
  • Time for nux to (probably anally) destroy the loli fanbase

    Sugi wa Jotaro KISAMA DASugi wa Jotaro KISAMA DA2 måneder siden
  • you didnt angered the fandom you just pissed of a youtuber who talks over and over over and over over and over over and over over and over over and over the same bullshit and calles it theories

    Julian D. BreakdownJulian D. Breakdown2 måneder siden
  • Joy Boy was Obviously high when he made that video because most the points he made weren't that great I think he was clouded by anger since nux called everyone out nux literally called everyone out he didn't even need names.

    Dragonfly 56 flyswatterDragonfly 56 flyswatter2 måneder siden
  • Not enough Thot Nux...

    SerenthSerenth2 måneder siden