14. okt.. 2020
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  • So evanit0 has no videos apparently? I might not be able to see them but I don’t know

    Nick HNick H4 timer siden
  • He’s currently 84k

    Tom SkyTom Sky6 timer siden
  • Did Evanit0 delete his channel? 😂😂

    Omni CharlizardOmni Charlizard7 timer siden
    • It got hacked yesterday 😭 he's gonna be fixing it soon hopefully..

      Eragon15Eragon156 timer siden
  • I don't know if nux is the joker, bane or rahz al goul. But either way, someone needs to do a fan art of all of the 'wholesome' NOworld's as villans. We need melody as Harley quinn.

    a guy watching youtubea guy watching youtube7 timer siden
  • Wtf what happened to his channel?!

    jimtsap04jimtsap048 timer siden
    • @jimtsap04 Yeah

      Eragon15Eragon155 timer siden
    • @Eragon15 oof

      jimtsap04jimtsap045 timer siden
    • It got hacked yesterday 😭 he's gonna be fixing it soon hopefully..

      Eragon15Eragon156 timer siden
  • I love it that simpito change his NOworld channels name to live news for no one to thinks that’s it’s his and deleted every video he had.

    Uchiha002 YTUchiha002 YT8 timer siden
  • ummm something's wrong with evan's channel lol

    ObliviatorObliviator8 timer siden
  • Guys he deleted his channel

    EneramEneram9 timer siden
    • @Eneram Yeah

      Eragon15Eragon154 timer siden
    • Let's hope it gets fixed or else I'll call that him chickening out

      EneramEneram5 timer siden
    • It got hacked yesterday 😭 he's gonna be fixing it soon hopefully..

      Eragon15Eragon156 timer siden
  • What’s going on with his channel?

    Kyle EasterKyle Easter11 timer siden
    • @Kyle Easter Victory will be ours!

      Eragon15Eragon1510 timer siden
    • @Eragon15 I bet it was nux! Lol And this better not be some way out of getting that tattoo!

      Kyle EasterKyle Easter10 timer siden
    • It got hacked yesterday 😭 he's gonna be fixing it soon hopefully..

      Eragon15Eragon1510 timer siden
  • Your maniacal laugh has gotten really good.

    Don SauyceDon Sauyce12 timer siden
  • I think he got hacked

    ・ METALLIX ・・ METALLIX ・12 timer siden
  • oh looks like Evanito got hacked went to the page it's called live news and there's no content

    LeucetiosLeucetios13 timer siden
  • I just clicked the link I think he deleted his channel

    Tyshawn BrooksTyshawn Brooks14 timer siden
    • It got hacked yesterday 😭 he's gonna be fixing it soon hopefully..

      Webtoon MasterWebtoon Master14 timer siden
  • Now all praise Gordot, for her ways are entirely described in physics and it all comes down to "why the hack would I know how exactly it works!?"

    Schwarzes EisSchwarzes Eis15 timer siden
  • I think Evan got hacked. His channel got replaced with one called “Live News” that has the same number of subscribers (including my prior subscription) and all the channel’s original videos have been deleted

    Former CT Governor Dannel MalloyFormer CT Governor Dannel Malloy16 timer siden
  • It said the channel been resign?

    Alexandre CharestAlexandre Charest18 timer siden
  • The joker said to become crazy all you need is a little push. Damn a gentle breeze would do.

    Alexandre CharestAlexandre Charest18 timer siden
  • His channel was terminated??

    BaconMikeyoBaconMikeyo19 timer siden
    • It got hacked yesterday 😭 he's gonna be fixing it soon hopefully..

      Eragon15Eragon1510 timer siden
  • Sooooooo...his youtube channel has been deleted...

    NevermoireNevermoire20 timer siden
  • Wait did he actually get his channel terminated intentionally to avoid the tattoo?

    Scary_Guy_541Scary_Guy_54121 time siden
    • It got hacked yesterday 😭 he's gonna be fixing it soon hopefully..

      Eragon15Eragon1510 timer siden
  • Love how the envelope wax is stamped with the Smash bros symbol

    Lily BartlettLily Bartlett22 timer siden
  • Sad cuz i tried to subscribe to the account but it said it was terminated😭

    Benen ParlmerBenen Parlmer23 timer siden
    • Same

      puppy lover lasmierpuppy lover lasmier21 time siden
  • So I can't find Evan's channel anymore, not sure how to take this.

    arual tu'cliistarual tu'cliistDag siden
    • Same

      puppy lover lasmierpuppy lover lasmier21 time siden
  • Don't worry my fellow billies when he makes a new channel we shall flex him to 100k subs and demand he get a Lord D Nuxanor tramp stamp.

    ko 420ko 420Dag siden
    • I'll help

      puppy lover lasmierpuppy lover lasmier21 time siden
  • Rip evan's channel

    mero komamero komaDag siden
    • I know right.

      puppy lover lasmierpuppy lover lasmier21 time siden
  • Dude Evan is gone?!

    I_Escalated_ quicklyI_Escalated_ quicklyDag siden
    • Thats what i said

      puppy lover lasmierpuppy lover lasmier21 time siden
  • It said his channel was terminated 👁👄👁 I’m sorry my lord 😔

    • Just Gray •• Just Gray •Dag siden
    • I also apology my lord

      puppy lover lasmierpuppy lover lasmier21 time siden
  • Damn, did Evanit0 just get dumped by NOworld? He just uploaded a video,(subscribbled to him.) that got immediately taken down before I was able to watch it. I can't find any content to Evanit0 anymore...scary....what happened. :/ Edit: Yes, his channel got terminated.

    Apophenia PareidoliaApophenia PareidoliaDag siden
    • @puppy lover lasmier of course he would not keep his promise. Why did I ever assume a genuine character in him... I've found him obnoxious All along. But this move makes sense for a person so full of themselves. He has no entertainment quality in him. Still, I wanted to give him a chance...

      Apophenia PareidoliaApophenia Pareidolia16 timer siden
    • He got his chanle removed on porpous so he dosn't have to get a tattoo.

      puppy lover lasmierpuppy lover lasmier21 time siden
  • Did Evenit0 delete his channel or did it get taken down ... Something very sus has occurred

    Lily Georgi-EVALily Georgi-EVADag siden
    • He got his chanle removed on porpous so he dosn't have to get a tattoo.

      puppy lover lasmierpuppy lover lasmier21 time siden
    • @Apophenia Pareidolia he wasn't hacked?

      Lily Georgi-EVALily Georgi-EVADag siden
    • Whoops, others have already noticed. I should have checked the newest comments. He got cancelled by NOworld probably 3rd time he violated the terms of NOworld. I know because I was subscribbled to Evanit0 and just now a new vid was uploaded and I clicked it and it said on screen: video taken down for violation of terms of service

      Apophenia PareidoliaApophenia PareidoliaDag siden
  • Did his channel get taken down?

    Shahir RaeedShahir RaeedDag siden
    • @Lily Georgi-EVA I'm not familiar with that. Did some random person steel his account and crash it on purpose?

      Apophenia PareidoliaApophenia PareidoliaDag siden
    • He was hijacked

      Lily Georgi-EVALily Georgi-EVADag siden
    • Yes, it did. He uploaded a vid just recently and violated terms of service. It said on screen when I clicked on the vid

      Apophenia PareidoliaApophenia PareidoliaDag siden
  • What happend to his channel? Something fishy is going on all his vids are private. Is it just me?

    TryurbestTryurbestDag siden
    • @Apophenia Pareidolia noooooooooooooooooooooo!! Can he recover it in anyway because he was going to hit 100k

      TryurbestTryurbestDag siden
    • I witnessed it first hand. His latest vid today violated terms of service, was taken down. it was probably the 3rd strike for Evanit0

      Apophenia PareidoliaApophenia PareidoliaDag siden
    • Same where's his channel

      Hyper Sonic9704Hyper Sonic9704Dag siden
  • Great 👍🏻 video nice 👍🏻 hype!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    IcemanIcemanDag siden
  • He's at 85k......almost there bois

    DerpTheBoostedOneDerpTheBoostedOneDag siden
  • He’s almost there

    Bubbley ChannelBubbley ChannelDag siden
  • 15k away man stop teasing and sub to the man!

    Mohammed Abu MaherMohammed Abu MaherDag siden
  • 7:04 that man actually searched up Hentai for the meme. Dedikation

    Kakashi SenseiKakashi SenseiDag siden
  • Was this video planned to be 20:19 minutes/seconds long...

  • Wait, he was at 49.1k? Lol, now he's at 84.9K subscribers

    A weird PiscesA weird Pisces2 dager siden
    • @A weird Pisces Victory will be ours!

      Eragon15Eragon15Dag siden
    • @Eragon15 I feel so bad for him cuz he's definitely gonna have to get that tattoo now. Lmao, and I can't wait to see

      A weird PiscesA weird PiscesDag siden
    • @A weird Pisces 85,100

      Eragon15Eragon15Dag siden
    • @Eragon15 This is absolutely amazing

      A weird PiscesA weird PiscesDag siden
    • 85K now

      Eragon15Eragon15Dag siden
  • October 26th: Evanit0 has reached 84.9k subscribers

    Demyx AquestothDemyx Aquestoth2 dager siden
    • 85K now

      Eragon15Eragon15Dag siden
  • 16k subs left for the tatoo. go subscribe now!

    Darkaigirl NightDarkaigirl Night2 dager siden
  • WTF This guy really likes man ...

    Itz Lil KinqItz Lil Kinq2 dager siden
  • 15:10 sause

    Tomokazu AlexanderTomokazu Alexander2 dager siden
  • Ya know k know I used to watch a you tuber called let's game it out who would try to cause chaos,and he got boring quickly .However you nux will never get boring

    Nathan ConnollyNathan Connolly3 dager siden
  • Im Asexual!, And I Only Like Yuri Hentai!

    Izaac PowerIzaac Power4 dager siden
  • Did Nux Taku Do a Sponsor For Adult Toys

    Izaac PowerIzaac Power4 dager siden
  • Nux Taku Great Video! Did Nux Taku Ever Interacted With Joey Or Aki Or Gaurt, Or Only Conner And Evanit0

    Izaac PowerIzaac Power4 dager siden
  • after 10 days hes at arournd 80k

    unogaming234unogaming2344 dager siden
  • when you sub to him caue you was commanded

    white wolfwhite wolf4 dager siden
  • in 10 days evan got almost double his subs

    K1d._215K1d._2154 dager siden
  • He got 40k subs alone from this video. Let's see how much more he will get.

    Ryu TakRyu Tak4 dager siden
  • 15:23 *Me as a female weeb*: we could say the same for you boys too ya know-

    Ellos 56Ellos 564 dager siden
  • he already has 84.5k

    World of GamersWorld of Gamers4 dager siden
  • i see you a bro who follows the bro-code of mr stinson aswell, have you pulled the scubadiver move? if so you are legen wait for it dary.

    azzietazziet5 dager siden
  • its been 9 days and hes doubled the sub count, inspirational power of controll

    azzietazziet5 dager siden
  • He is at 84.3k this might actually happen

    death 1death 15 dager siden
  • TEACH ME YOUR WAYS OH GREAT LORD OF CHAOS!!!! But seriously Nux, you are one of the greatest embodiments of chaos I have ever seen, and you have my respect.

    James BaileyJames Bailey5 dager siden
  • Clicked Adam and Eve link and mistakes were made😭😭

    Darraun GuzmanDarraun Guzman5 dager siden
  • this video evan started with 54 K subs and a week later evans at 84 k 😂😂

    berdo Garibaldiberdo Garibaldi6 dager siden
  • Damn evan hit 85k when I watched this

    Em The SlavEm The Slav6 dager siden
  • Hey people he's at 81.4🤭

    Najmul huqNajmul huq6 dager siden
  • hes already at 84k haha

    AustinAustin6 dager siden
  • He's at 84k and it's still October

    Good enough, right?Good enough, right?6 dager siden
  • Time to get this men a tattoo

    DarkangelDarkangel6 dager siden
  • Over 80k as I subscribed 😂😂😂,WITHIN A WEEEEK😂

    Paul HarrisonPaul Harrison6 dager siden
  • One week only and it's already at 86k 😂😂

    Mael VerheydeMael Verheyde6 dager siden
  • Subscribed Get that tattoo

    Papa BoneDaddyPapa BoneDaddy7 dager siden
  • Evanito has not hit the 100 k yet we must rise up and take over the subs to make it more than 100 k to flex on the none believers

    Yagami The ReaperYagami The Reaper7 dager siden
  • Am i the only one who noticed Nux referencing HIMYM's Barney Stinson's legendary joke?

    Yamache Desu!Yamache Desu!7 dager siden
  • He is up to 83k at the moment of writing this and it has only been a week since posting this video.

    David LangDavid Lang7 dager siden
  • Just subbed to Evan just to get him 1 more sub closer lmao 😂

    Dizzi3Da DarkHorseDizzi3Da DarkHorse7 dager siden
  • omg why is there a how to be a simp ad 😂😂😂🤣

    sid Zsid Z7 dager siden
  • I just cleaned my subscription Okay, I'm on my way

    Jack MontillaJack Montilla7 dager siden
  • Subscribed to him and waiting for the inevitable tattoo lol. Didn't Thanos say Its inevitable in the movie?

    R StallbaumR Stallbaum8 dager siden
  • he's at 80k

    Rexhepi RrezonRexhepi Rrezon8 dager siden
  • He got what he wanted, a shoutout

    Youssef MalakYoussef Malak8 dager siden
  • So face reveal via evan was the endgame all along.

    joshua41175joshua411758 dager siden
  • I’ve done my part

    Ellington MooseEllington Moose8 dager siden
  • Shit yeah, I'm down to help out with these shenanigans!

    Kevin KendrickKevin Kendrick8 dager siden
  • XD too easy

    OrkaOrka8 dager siden
  • It’s getting close guys

    Troy CrannTroy Crann8 dager siden
  • Why does Evanit0 hate Nux? Hes a lovable evil marshmallow!

    Brittney JessopBrittney Jessop8 dager siden
  • that is how you start a video jus laugh like a psycho

    Ck FamCk Fam9 dager siden
  • This dude because of nux just got 30,000 Subs.

    Goten 32Goten 329 dager siden
  • Keep it up he is @80k

    Bad RabbitBad Rabbit9 dager siden
  • You should have said "Simpscribe to Evanit0"

    Benjamin McCabeBenjamin McCabe9 dager siden
  • He's at 80K rn...close

    hakim lenganihakim lengani9 dager siden
  • Wtf adam and eve is the sponser. Omg nux.. what has melody convinced you to do.

    ChillCannon GamesChillCannon Games9 dager siden
  • Can we see Dream vs Nux?

    Arie_Mei TempestArie_Mei Tempest9 dager siden
  • He's gained 30k subs lol

    Taiga AisakaTaiga Aisaka9 dager siden
  • Done!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Ariel KaragodskiyAriel Karagodskiy9 dager siden
  • Can we talk about the fact that Evan now has 81k subs 4 days later

    Masked majinMasked majin9 dager siden
  • GG Evanito... 4 days and 40k people suscribe....

    red birdred bird9 dager siden
  • Bruh hes at 80k already!!!

    Sky zombie45Sky zombie459 dager siden
  • 81k... He ded men

    EricEric9 dager siden
  • 17:20 wait so we just need to say he's ugly irl and he'll post selfies of himself just to flex?

    Quinn DavinaQuinn Davina9 dager siden
  • 4 days later he’s at 80k GET OVER THERE GUYS!

    Wild HunterWild Hunter9 dager siden
  • He's at 80k o.o LETS GO

    TetsuGamingnStuffTetsuGamingnStuff9 dager siden
  • THE PLAN SWITCH: They took the picture of the homosexuals to make him appear to be one. He found out to much that the time on the date the picture was taken he was at work so they did a plan switch trying to make him not right because he was not one of the homosexuals in the picture.

    Dewayne ShermanDewayne Sherman9 dager siden
  • Idk why but you're character kinda reminds me of sans

    memer gavmemer gav9 dager siden
  • TWO QUESTIONS: 1. What is the reason for them taking the picture in the first place? 2. Why would he do everything in his power to prove that he was not one of the persons in the picture? ANSWER: The persons in the picture are Homosexuals.

    Dewayne ShermanDewayne Sherman9 dager siden