Top 15 Greatest Animations of All Time

11. okt.. 2020
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  • Join me in Genshin Impact to have some fun: Download PC here: Free in game presents Code: Genshin1006A. Must reach level 10 to redeem for Primogem60 Mora10000

    Nux TakuNux Taku18 dager siden
    • hello nux. I really enjoyed the video you made and liked many of the picks you had in here. (avatar should have been number 1) I know your not likley to see this or even take it to consideration but if you watch this show called "Genndy Tartakovsky's Primal " i genuinely think that you would love it. whether you watch it or not i still loved watching this and hope you continue to make content for us all. have a nice day and thank you

      spidertreyspidertrey2 dager siden
    • Im not even going to finish watching, it doesn't deserve that much respect. It assumes I care, its edgy just to be edgy or make a villain for people to hate, after like 4 battles rider says his master was through many battles with him and is like an equal. Then Archer is just acting big. The villains r shit but, why should I care? The only decent part was the good guy being evil for a good reason, and Rider early on. Everything else is shit frankly. It doesn't get deep in the slightest, it emulates depth and thinks music by itself should keep people invested. It doesn't introduce characters, shows their life, then expects me to feel for them. And its almost like the writer is speaking directly to us with his edge lords. Its not remotely interesting. Some cool animation, like those tentacle monsters getting slain. I slightly want to see where the protagonist chick ends up going but I kinda doubt its going to be significant. No real character development. Then oh suddenly the old couple likes riders master. Who cares. Oh some bad backstory event shit took place? Who cares. It relies a little too much on edge to be honest. The same edge which could alienate people not just shock. Like, what philosophy is there, just the what it takes to be a king bit? That shits also subjective and not really having a counter argument to provide contrast, just this one guy asserts its true. Pretty ham fisted.

      Mims ZanadunstedtMims Zanadunstedt4 dager siden
    • Naw half way into season 2 and i only liked maybe 3 episodes.

      Mims ZanadunstedtMims Zanadunstedt4 dager siden
    • Episode 8, this chick just takes 20 seconds *letting* this guy break out of her spell tying him to a tree, and one of them had a gun. Like, do magic, and gun, when his back was turned, thats 20 seconds, plenty of time, just dont accidentally destroy the string from setting fire to the tree or something. But they let him get away with it. Bad writing.

      Mims ZanadunstedtMims Zanadunstedt5 dager siden
    • Yeah episode 5 is good

      Mims ZanadunstedtMims Zanadunstedt5 dager siden
  • Trollsome is the new vibe. Love it

    Jeremy MoellerJeremy Moeller18 timer siden
  • has anyone else noticed that he changes outfits every time he move

    ri siri si18 timer siden
  • WHAT??? Rick & Morty's dragon episode is hated??? It's the funniest episode in the show whatthehell

    TheScaleohTheScaleoh20 timer siden
  • GINTAMA IS MY FAVORITE ANIME EVER TOO!! (Nice touch with ost 13 right after talking about Gintama)

    Collin GettyCollin Getty20 timer siden
  • THere are things money cannot buy, and Pokémon delivers on that end (kinda ironic that you will need money to get your hands on Pokémon, but that's another story). I got Pokémon Red for Christmas, and it was the Best Gift Ever (only downside that you cannot get a Meowth there).

    Schwarzes EisSchwarzes Eis2 dager siden
  • This sounds like Zelda breath of the wild but with anime girls

    69 Daddy69 Daddy2 dager siden
  • Personally my favorite anime movie is A Silent Voice like highly recommend if you want a good cry Also it’s on Netflix so it’s free 😂

    Hi Ok ByeHi Ok Bye2 dager siden
  • Bill Cypher can beat Goku. Change my mind

    Alessandro MarroquinAlessandro Marroquin2 dager siden
  • Where is *megamind* ?

    Aman GuptaAman Gupta2 dager siden
  • I too think gintama is my number 1. After I finished it I rewatched it instantly because i felt so empty.

    Just call me Z.ZJust call me Z.Z3 dager siden
    • I agree

      Just call me Z.ZJust call me Z.Z3 dager siden
    • Same

      Just call me Z.ZJust call me Z.Z3 dager siden
    • Can't wait for the new movie!

      Just call me Z.ZJust call me Z.Z3 dager siden
  • I'm a big fan of the background music

    Just call me Z.ZJust call me Z.Z3 dager siden
  • Rick and morty is hands down the BEST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    jaks_knife_jaks_knife_3 dager siden
  • Nux: I'm not trying To make the video super long The video: I think I'm going to be 43 minutes long

  • heck yea mad to see an alex gray artwork go the spirit molecule giving inspiration and opening minds since the forest taught the amazon tribes how to make it

    Ducky GaijinDucky Gaijin3 dager siden
  • Bro you don’t gotta summon satan. I’m already subbed room 175,blue flames under the door 7th layer of hell. Hit me up when your in the area

    Doomed To destroyDoomed To destroy3 dager siden
  • OMG I love Code Geass. I have watch and rewatched that anime way too much. I freaked out when the movie for R3 came out and I think I was coughing up water when Lelouch showed up in Akito the Exiled. Also the final episode is the most beautiful thing I have ever seen. If you have not watch Code Geass, I am now recommending that you do. I love the fact that the animation still look clean even through it is an older anime.

    Josi VollmarJosi Vollmar3 dager siden
  • No Akira? No Ghost in the Shell?

    SpirelordSpirelord3 dager siden
  • Rip i spent $100 and ended up getting 9 barbara

    JungHoan KimJungHoan Kim3 dager siden
  • tbh I thoght this video will contain a list of shows he think has the best Animation(from tech point). idk what this list is all about really but never mind me

    Ritesh GuptaRitesh Gupta4 dager siden
  • 1.6*** million 🤓

    Mike Been LitMike Been Lit4 dager siden
  • let's be honest the best aspect of Digimon Adventure 2 is Kari and TK

    WiiWaldi93WiiWaldi934 dager siden
  • As soon as he said "guess those three words" I immediately thought "previously, on Avatar"

    Stringbean670Stringbean6704 dager siden
  • So you didn't add Jojo... My disappointment is immeasurable, and my day is ruined

    Jojofag 2020Jojofag 20204 dager siden
  • A classmate to me looks like Ang 😱

    Amanda NorrmanAmanda Norrman4 dager siden
  • KUNG FU PANDA?! Dude, what a cultured chad

    John SmithJohn Smith4 dager siden
  • Code Geass English dub is probably one of the better ones out there

    John SmithJohn Smith4 dager siden
  • Higurashi No Naku Koro Ni is one of my very favorites. I won't spoil it but dang. Another is Ansatsu Kyoushitsu (aka Assassination Classroom). Of course I can't leave JoJo out! I love watching anime that isn't mainstream, so I put well known ones above.

    Christopher MichaelChristopher Michael4 dager siden
  • I hear u about gintama

    the dark Crowthe dark Crow5 dager siden
  • Ugh, love my favorite shows being loved by someone else too. Gintama and Code Geass are GOAT anime

    KisekiRoseKisekiRose5 dager siden
  • When he said there are 3 words to describe Avatar, I thought he was going to say "It'll quench ya!"

    Donald PetersonDonald Peterson5 dager siden
  • Already 1.6 good job nux

    Bleach BoyBleach Boy5 dager siden
  • I Like Cliffhanger Ending And The Number One Best Anime To Me Madoka Magica, Has a Cliffhanger!

    Izaac PowerIzaac Power5 dager siden
  • Yes I Like Bill Cipher, Bill Cipher Is Like Alastor, From Hazbin Hotel!

    Izaac PowerIzaac Power5 dager siden
  • *Hell* Yes! 200K Subscribers Summon *Satan* It Will Be Great!

    Izaac PowerIzaac Power5 dager siden
  • More Subscribers! No Better Socialy!

    Izaac PowerIzaac Power5 dager siden
  • Dude I fuckin vibe to the Digimon theme song. I love it so much

    Gwendolyn PotterGwendolyn Potter5 dager siden
  • Yo I was really hoping you were gonna say “Yip Yip, Appa” as a goof.

    Gwendolyn PotterGwendolyn Potter5 dager siden
  • We 4 stand strong 😂😂

    young lightskinyoung lightskin5 dager siden
  • I saw Spider-man, so I clicked on the video.

    Identity WatchIdentity Watch5 dager siden
    • Proof: 9:23

      Identity WatchIdentity Watch5 dager siden
  • 21:55 holy shit, I have a found another person on planet Earth with the same ability/passion as me for Code Geass. When I finally got my brother to watch the series, I would sit near him and without watching recite what will happen and what characters would say 3 seconds in advance and it would drive him nuts. btw it's the only show I have re-watched multiple times (24 times to be exact) The akito side story is pretty good too, and uh... I had some problems with the season 3/movie: Lelouch's revival but ending was super satisfying so still good.

    Anson EnderbornAnson Enderborn5 dager siden
  • i’m curious as to how Nux feels about Treasure Planet and Atlantis: The Lost Empire.

    HordophoGamingHordophoGaming6 dager siden
  • Awesome video. Though I have to admit I cringed at the singing a lot but that was likely intentional xD

    84446 LOL84446 LOL6 dager siden
  • List in case anyone was curious Note to Nux = Sorry I'm so late but better late than never. Still waiting to summon satan and the Pirates of the Caribbean video. Anime 1. Gintama 31:50 2. Code Geass 18:52 3. Fate zero 12:38 4. One punch man 5:40 Western animation 1. Rick and Morty 34:20 2. Avatar the Last Airbender 22:21 3. Bojack Horseman 14:23 4. Gravity falls 8:02 Animated film 1. Kung Fu Panda 36:16 2. Mulan 27:00 3. Your Name 15:40 4. Into the Spiderverse 9:21 Nostalgia 1. Digimon 39:42 2. Teen Titans 28:57 3. Pokemon 17:01 4. Yu-gi-oh 10:16 Hope you found this useful Stay weird fam

    Djdaniel MDjdaniel M6 dager siden
  • Bleach got me into Anime, But Code Geass got me to stay. That series was amazing.

    GilhelmiGilhelmi6 dager siden
  • The amount of good culture in this video is giving me the best kind of seizure. You got some great taste dude

    The Cho-sen OneThe Cho-sen One6 dager siden

    NecrophiliacNecrophiliac6 dager siden
  • i love how nux is literally rated pg13

    Earl BatticeEarl Battice6 dager siden
  • Nux I know you probably won't see this but you should totally re watch yugioh gx in the sub it is so much better, if not the entirety then at least season 3 and 4 (4 never never got dubbed) trust me bro you won't regret it

    Green ArrowGreen Arrow6 dager siden
  • you're og pokemon vids and your og code geass vids where wat got me to subscribe in the first place

    Green ArrowGreen Arrow6 dager siden
  • 31:02 is that the mha theme???

    Zumeer The VampirezZumeer The Vampirez7 dager siden
  • I am a 10+ years big fan of Gintama. Nux, you are my comrade!!! 🔥♥️

    Asuka YoungAsuka Young7 dager siden
  • I agree, Being a cipher fan myself I can relate to bill cipher as well. Also yes OG yu-gioh was the best. GX was good till they ended the thing on a cliff hanger and everything else after that in the yu-gi-oh genera went down the crapper. *cough card games on motorcycles Cough cough* just like how the OG pokemon was the best.

    Otku CornerOtku Corner7 dager siden
  • When I was 9 or 10 I watched pokemon on the internet starting from the first one all the way until X Y Z but I never got to watch Black and White I think I just forgot it existed then later on I saw so many people shitting on black and white that I thank myself for not watching it. Now I think the same for Sun and Moon I like the game just not the anime

    Uan QuimpoUan Quimpo7 dager siden
  • I bet that Nux will summon Twitter Satan

    Uan QuimpoUan Quimpo7 dager siden
  • I’m gonna be highly disappointed if Nux doesn’t actually summon Satan

    ヤ・ Zukoヤ・ Zuko7 dager siden
  • Fun Fact : sunrise cut many episodes of code Geass because they thought code Geass is gonna flop

    Induced FluxInduced Flux7 dager siden

    Golden WindGolden Wind7 dager siden
  • Wow. Your no1 nostalgia, animated movie and animated TV show are the same as mine. Digimon, Kung Fu panda 1 and Rick and morty. The only different is my no1 anime... which is the same as your no 4... one punch man.

    one eyed manone eyed man7 dager siden
    • And the thing about one punch man is that it just getting started. Not even halfway yet.

      one eyed manone eyed man7 dager siden
  • Gintama best anime of all time

    HyliaforceHyliaforce7 dager siden
  • I have seen gintama and it is legit my favourite anime and my third favourite anime/manga

    Tushar NamboodiriTushar Namboodiri7 dager siden
  • Kung Fu Panda and Mulan are my favourite two animated movies of all time and I always thought it was a niche opinion. The legend Nux Taco has blown my mind with dis

    Blazanator XBlazanator X8 dager siden
  • You see, I got through the first 100 episodes of gintama, and while some of it is funny, I just can’t keep getting g through it

  • I got Barbara before level 20.😎 because of grinding and wishes.

    ZyklonButterflyZyklonButterfly8 dager siden
  • Lmao I like how I see all these you tubers wanting to get a sponsor from genshin and nux got one

    snow mansnow man8 dager siden
  • I know its not finished yet or even really started. But im so bummed you didn't at least talk about vinland saga. Ive watched season 1 five times and still just in the first 4 episodes it tears me up at least 3 times. #nuxtaku

    Vincent DupuyVincent Dupuy8 dager siden
  • Nux: genshin impact is best open world game Breath of the wild: 😭

    CabbageCabbage8 dager siden
    • @Cabbage I can’t play Genshin Impact

      Alex BrockmannAlex Brockmann5 dager siden
    • @Alex Brockmann huh I’m extremely confused. How does you having an old I phone have any thing to do with breath of the wild???

      CabbageCabbage5 dager siden
    • I got an IPhone 6s and a PS4.... FFXV was far better than expected though tbh.

      Alex BrockmannAlex Brockmann5 dager siden
  • well my thanks for Enjoying my show

    CabbageCabbage8 dager siden
  • What did you think about megamind

    James FoleyJames Foley8 dager siden
  • Im new here, but your funny.... wonder why you got haters lmao

    bruh farnsworthbruh farnsworth9 dager siden
  • THANK YOU for appreciating Kung Fu Panda in all it's glory. THANK YOU.

    Grace PeterGrace Peter9 dager siden
  • I’m growing up with Pokémon

    Zach DadreZach Dadre9 dager siden
  • 11:30

    Khalid mdKhalid md9 dager siden
  • Can someone give me a link for Teen Titans? I can't find it anywhere.

    Zeynep BetülZeynep Betül9 dager siden
  • this got so deep so fast bruh.

    Blas BecerraBlas Becerra9 dager siden
  • i have to agree with nux... Gintama is the best anime ever made and to the you the truth i dropped this anime at episode 20 and in a whole year i only watched 7 more episode but 4 months ago i decided to get into it (well mainly because i didnt have something to watch) and now I finished the anime... IDK HOW TO START ANOTHER ANIME NOW

    Shachar ShilonShachar Shilon10 dager siden
  • video idea ( for coop-video)nux and firends as a pokemon trainers, wich pkm they would have and why?

    gaston truffatgaston truffat10 dager siden
  • oh yes gintoki is literally the best character (and the grossest one too😂) but i kinda had to take a pause after some 300 eps of gintama😭 I need to get back again do I can watch the movies too🤷‍♀️

    -_--_-10 dager siden
  • Made sure to watch all of gintama, spoiler its trash. Enjoyable trash but a goddanm dumpster fire excluding sadaharu

    Dirty DanDirty Dan10 dager siden
  • Fate zero feels so boring .-. not sure why, I understand why people like it, but something about it makes it impossible for me to finish

    Patrick NoblePatrick Noble10 dager siden
  • i saw the twin getting carried by the robot thing in my experience impossible....

    Steven KairuzSteven Kairuz10 dager siden
  • Yeah there is four of us! Get them Nux GINTAMA IS... well, it's Gintama lol

    Pixel_ ShukeiPixel_ Shukei10 dager siden
  • "You say run" kinda made me scared that your n1 pick for anime would be My Hero

    Charles II of SpainCharles II of Spain10 dager siden
  • genshin impact is 3d child of light in terms of pure beauty

    tyler falcontyler falcon10 dager siden
  • Code geass 💯

    JethroJethro10 dager siden
  • Great 👍🏻 video nice 👍🏻 hype!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    IcemanIceman10 dager siden
  • Just finished FS, holy shit was it amazing. Seeing Zura work with the Shinsengumi was amazing

    Mr. Lightning ManMr. Lightning Man10 dager siden
  • Nux taku, the king of copyrighted music

    Steven PorterSteven Porter10 dager siden
  • The Kung Fu Panda trilogy is my favorite series ever. Part 2’s final fight was the greatest thing and nothing has every gotten me more hype.

    King LeonidasKing Leonidas10 dager siden
  • I’m praying for you Nux

    robert collisonrobert collison10 dager siden
  • Props on including Bojack Horseman here. It definetly deserves more praise

    Karim RashidKarim Rashid10 dager siden
  • ill be here, patiently waiting for that kung fu panda video

    Jacob RobbinsJacob Robbins10 dager siden
  • The real question is who is Red x

    blaise russoblaise russo10 dager siden
  • Did not see Kung fu panda coming. That being said watch your back Nux. How dare you not put Shrek on this list!

    Joshua CJoshua C10 dager siden
  • Genshin impact love love love love❤️❤️❤️

    Rishi リツRishi リツ10 dager siden
  • Uhhhhhh studio ghibli?

    Why NoWhy No11 dager siden
  • i love it when nux sings, karaoke vid when?

    Ginger WilkinsGinger Wilkins11 dager siden
  • yo i be playin genshin impact as im watchin bro

    I'm GarbageI'm Garbage11 dager siden
  • Indeed an incredible game that sucked my life away!

    oshri130oshri13011 dager siden
  • nux, did you think about oban star racers angel beats kono suba NGNL and my little pony (it's actually better than you might think (yes each ep's ending is predictable but the rest is good))

    dsfgh zxcdsfgh zxc11 dager siden