Top 15 Greatest Animations of All Time

11. okt.. 2020
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  • Join me in Genshin Impact to have some fun: Download PC here: Free in game presents Code: Genshin1006A. Must reach level 10 to redeem for Primogem60 Mora10000

    Nux TakuNux Taku3 måneder siden
    • Ngl Keaya’s Japanese voice kinda sexy

      Grunkus KhanGrunkus Khan2 måneder siden
    • What is the order of the date series

      firefox 111firefox 1112 måneder siden
    • bruh gameboy - gameboy colour now that's my poki-jam

      PhustusPhustus2 måneder siden
    • hello nux. I really enjoyed the video you made and liked many of the picks you had in here. (avatar should have been number 1) I know your not likley to see this or even take it to consideration but if you watch this show called "Genndy Tartakovsky's Primal " i genuinely think that you would love it. whether you watch it or not i still loved watching this and hope you continue to make content for us all. have a nice day and thank you

      spidertreyspidertrey2 måneder siden
    • Im not even going to finish watching, it doesn't deserve that much respect. It assumes I care, its edgy just to be edgy or make a villain for people to hate, after like 4 battles rider says his master was through many battles with him and is like an equal. Then Archer is just acting big. The villains r shit but, why should I care? The only decent part was the good guy being evil for a good reason, and Rider early on. Everything else is shit frankly. It doesn't get deep in the slightest, it emulates depth and thinks music by itself should keep people invested. It doesn't introduce characters, shows their life, then expects me to feel for them. And its almost like the writer is speaking directly to us with his edge lords. Its not remotely interesting. Some cool animation, like those tentacle monsters getting slain. I slightly want to see where the protagonist chick ends up going but I kinda doubt its going to be significant. No real character development. Then oh suddenly the old couple likes riders master. Who cares. Oh some bad backstory event shit took place? Who cares. It relies a little too much on edge to be honest. The same edge which could alienate people not just shock. Like, what philosophy is there, just the what it takes to be a king bit? That shits also subjective and not really having a counter argument to provide contrast, just this one guy asserts its true. Pretty ham fisted.

      Mims ZanadunstedtMims Zanadunstedt2 måneder siden
  • I have a gut feeling that you would love elfen lied

    Garrett McgradyGarrett Mcgrady15 timer siden
  • Love you nux

    Victor TinocoVictor TinocoDag siden
  • Good Shit man,good shit. Do those special vids for your fav. ones yo~ Looking forward to those and ofc...congrajuleshins on your 2 Million subs. Yeah,im a time traveller myself so. Peace ✌

    Ashutosh PainkaaraAshutosh Painkaara2 dager siden

    Remi Da RatatouilleRemi Da Ratatouille3 dager siden
  • how the fuck is kiba a well written character every rival in yugioh is 10 times better written then kiba jack is the most consistent character in 5ds chazz is well THE CHAZZ if you haven't seen zexal Kiteo and Shark are easily both in my top 5 favorite Shonen rivals arc v is shitty but the rival reji is a real stand out character and vrains well revolver is my 5th favorite character in fiction (in general you should watch vrains it has problems but has many stand out moments and does an op protagonist perfectly)

    Remi Da RatatouilleRemi Da Ratatouille3 dager siden

    Cal CraigCal Craig3 dager siden
  • Nux probably would love Yugioh even more if it had stuck with its initial premise. Then again...those aren't exactly games you want to get your entire high school playing...

    Non-Canon_GanonNon-Canon_Ganon4 dager siden
  • Regarding make a man outta you To me Little Wonders from Meet the Robinsons is the best song from a movie

    Krueger Pool The 13thKrueger Pool The 13th4 dager siden
  • i watched digimon as a kid and loved it and then i rewatched digmon as an adult MORE. ITS TOP TIER AND PEOPLE DISMISS IT AS A RIPOFF POKEMON. its an amazing isekai

    kellykelly5 dager siden
  • i watched gintama on Nux's recommendation and i have never been happier

    kellykelly5 dager siden
  • i think there is a reason weebs like all the non anime shows hes talking about here. they are just top tier for anyone.

    kellykelly5 dager siden
  • Chaz it up!!

    The Villian Sharpie!The Villian Sharpie!6 dager siden
  • Bojack Horseman reminds me of Mr. Pickles. What I mean to say is watch Mr. Pickles.

    te0nanite0nani10 dager siden
  • Ah and an anyone explain me what the story of ur name was and overall explain it like wtf? It was just world class animation,

    syed saadqain zaidisyed saadqain zaidi11 dager siden
  • Devilman crybaby Osts are making their way into every NOworldr videos, and I absolutely love it

    syed saadqain zaidisyed saadqain zaidi11 dager siden
  • Gintama is the #1 anime

    lots of Foliagelots of Foliage11 dager siden
  • do u play genshin can i see the vids u made in it 😂😂

    berdo Garibaldiberdo Garibaldi12 dager siden
  • One punch man describes how I feel after I finished a good game and have become the most powerfull foe to exist. No battle feels like a battle when I can one punch anyone without even a weapon. The only game I can play that never gets old is life. Untile I become powerfull in this game I wont be satisfied yet I fear the day I become the greatest foe to exist.

    Burnt Chicken NuggetBurnt Chicken Nugget13 dager siden
  • In Germany we call NuxTaku ein Ehrenmann. Love your content and that someone is still mentioning Code Geass and not just hating on it because its now popular to hate on it.

    Anime WorldAnime World15 dager siden
  • Can we get a video with nux just singing theme songs and openings

    RavemRavem17 dager siden
  • I mean, interspecies reviewers #1 anime of all time.

    Evan MorrisonEvan Morrison18 dager siden
  • Gintama is my favorite show that I just can't get into. Every time I watch it I love it, but I keep hitting a point where I say "I get to that next episode in a bit" and sleeping on it for months at a time.

    Robert DeikeRobert Deike23 dager siden
  • i feel insulted at being called a level 5 being my real number is 5.5 HAHA IM AN ASCENDED BEING!!!!! but i will never be compared to nux who is not a level 6 but a level &@(# he is so godly you cant even see his number HUEHUEHUE.

    Definetly No Jentai HereDefinetly No Jentai Here29 dager siden
  • Top 10 digimon!!! Loved the impeccable video structure, btw ♡

    RabbitHole88RabbitHole8829 dager siden
  • nuxtaku & fate/zero: 13:30 Weeb: anime are the best look at those SJW did on comic and cartoon meanwhile at old west videogame, novel and chinese game - C&C: bro can we tell this weeb them about the truth halo: nah those weeb still to naive let be there for now 1984: did japanese aswell carrying change the history just to remove nanjing nah is just other normal day for us as grimdark WH40K: I with you same dune: how about read some fanfiction crossover is can be fun arknight, genshin impact and honkai impact: well at lest we just use VA japanese is kind irony to us as chinese

    commanderyammarkkasrkin MVcommanderyammarkkasrkin MVMåned siden
  • Omg my friend made a nux and Briggs 1 hour loop look it up Lel

    Exploding Potato EntertainmentExploding Potato EntertainmentMåned siden
  • Favorite anime: 4. Monster 3. Steins;Gate 2. Gintama 1. Code Geass Favorite animated movie: 4. Brother Bear 3. A Silent Voice 2. The Lion King 1. Spirited Away Favorite animated tv-show: 4. Star Wars: The Clone Wars 3. Castlevania 2. South Park 1. Avatar: The Last Airbender Nostalgia: 4. Batman: The Animated Series & Spider-Man (1994) 3. Beyblade 2. Pokémon 1. Dragon Ball

    Dr. JonesDr. JonesMåned siden
  • Just wanna say nux, been following your channel since you did your 10000k followers and been amazing seeing the channels Ability to express your opinions and interests so openly for us all to enjoy too. And always loved your appreciation for the deeper things in animation/Anime etc ever since your vids on profiles like Slade, Bill cypher and Raven. All these subscribers have always been well deserved and I'm so happy for your progress in ZEE WURLDO. Also must say impeccable taste. Bojack and gravity falls are fantastic :D

    jack barnesjack barnesMåned siden
  • ben 10 is in my top 3 so I cant deny that this hurt lmao

    Kool-Aid DealerKool-Aid DealerMåned siden
  • Bakura is actually my favourite Yugioh villain of all time

    meta JmWmeta JmWMåned siden
  • Oh no. Genshin is everywhere.......

    The Fairy Sin Of StupidityThe Fairy Sin Of StupidityMåned siden
  • Love love love love Gintama

    Abode TraiqAbode TraiqMåned siden
  • Cowboy bebop

    Abode TraiqAbode TraiqMåned siden
  • Finally , a decent content

    Abode TraiqAbode TraiqMåned siden
  • I like this list but I like Kung Fu panda 2

    DishDishMåned siden
  • Total drama island anyone?

    DoJMusicDoJMusicMåned siden
  • Is his mask from Teen Titans' Red X

    AbxminatixnZAbxminatixnZMåned siden
  • Hey then what if opm faced the hulk BTW he legit destroyed a planet with one Punch. Huh can we call hulk western opm

    Zephaniah DejeneZephaniah DejeneMåned siden
  • Clone Wars deserved a spot

    JD StudiosJD StudiosMåned siden
  • Hes a level 6 being, compared to us mere level 5ers. Was that a toaru reference?😬🤔

    Marco BrinkmanMarco BrinkmanMåned siden
  • Genshin Impact Noobs: WOW! Pros: *Cries in Pain*

    B06-Lee, Fritz Jeffrey P.B06-Lee, Fritz Jeffrey P.Måned siden
  • Now I want a nu banner in Genshin all of his moves are just memes

    OringOringMåned siden
    • *nux

      OringOringMåned siden
  • (Reads title) If the Thief and the Cobbler isn't here the entire list is *nul and void*

    Christian SchmudeChristian SchmudeMåned siden
  • There is a lot I want to say about this video. I could talk talk about the philosophical impacts of Code Geass. Or I could talk about how Disney, like Disney does, fucked up the story of Fa Mulan. I could talk about my background in Philosophy and Literature, and how I love a good story compounded with philosophical import. But at the end of the day. All I have to say is: The Judas Contract. That shit hurts.

    Alex MorrisonAlex MorrisonMåned siden
  • :3:p

    Veka laeVeka laeMåned siden
  • :3:p

    Veka laeVeka laeMåned siden
  • Me: *playing genshin impact* Nux: this video is sponsored by genshin impact! Me: :o

    Thomas AndersonThomas AndersonMåned siden
  • 25:26 your nightmares will thank me

    Yoshikage KiraYoshikage KiraMåned siden
  • kung fu panda has a tv show and kinda of a sequel with poo desciples , 4 small pandas, am i right?

    Laur StateLaur StateMåned siden
  • *Nux: Tries to sell Geshin Impact* Me, AR 43: *stares with no soul*

    Michael-Angelo the 69thMichael-Angelo the 69thMåned siden
  • I disagree with the statements made towards Lord of the Rings. I think it does elevate it to a new level. All the characters go to a land that we have never seen before, leaving behind everything and it splits the Fellowship. It shows the massive amount of character growth Frodo went through. Its both the end and the beginning. Its so perfect and I would say the movie ending (not the book) is the best ending in fiction. Between the three separate endings one uping each other, its so perfect. It makes you want to re watch the whole series again just to experience the ending.

    Logan BricksLogan BricksMåned siden
  • Ngl every time when I hear about teen titans I get this wave of nostalgia it’s really good tbh every season has a character arc and istg the characters make the show very good and the villains too.

    Filthy FrankFilthy FrankMåned siden
  • You wanna see good animation? Watch the fate movies🙏😇

    StereotypicalTopHatStereotypicalTopHatMåned siden
  • i got so excited when he said Gintama. I can't wait until it comes back. Left me with a giant cliff hanger.

    ShyFox07ShyFox07Måned siden
  • Bruh pokemon movies hit different tho

    Debi ADebi AMåned siden
  • Slightly misleading Genshin review but let's hope it better with time. Also, don't be a whale!

    Gr33dl0ck NeinGr33dl0ck NeinMåned siden
  • I can't watch half of these i hate anime that cuts me

    Seventh KingSeventh KingMåned siden
  • 16:23 i thought im the only one who felt the same

    Keanu EdwardKeanu EdwardMåned siden
  • Ahhh gintama ost...

    John BoutinJohn BoutinMåned siden
  • I'm an Adventure Time nostalgia #1 troglodyte.

    Hans AavatsmarkHans AavatsmarkMåned siden
  • Your mic is pain. It sounds like it needs a shield or something. Your excitement is too strong for it. :D

    detaineepyramiddetaineepyramidMåned siden
  • bruh, shrek>kungfu panda

    Ameen MohamedAmeen MohamedMåned siden
    • kungfu p is good but...

      Ameen MohamedAmeen MohamedMåned siden
  • But only 20k liked this god dam

    Danile RavDanile RavMåned siden
  • U should make a Sakura Haruno diss track

    Jeevin BrarJeevin BrarMåned siden
  • When he said that Kung Fu Panda and Spooder-Man in his top animated movies, I felt that. Also plz make that Kung Fu Panda review xD

    JoykillBillJoykillBill2 måneder siden
  • Nux didn't need to say anything when he said Kung Fu Panda

    Millet KuzuryuMillet Kuzuryu2 måneder siden
  • How tf have I never seen this.

    Huh TamakiHuh Tamaki2 måneder siden
  • I'm a big fan of you Nux but what you say about my boy the original Ben 10 series that it's an inferior show compare to the original Teen Titans series is complete blasphemy. There's a lot of mature subjects that ben 10 touches like self-doubt and responsibility, losing love ones (gwen died in the ben10 movie), overcoming adversity from a space bane-squid (vilgax, the baddest looking enemy ever created), facing your fears (that clown enemy and that zombie alien). Love the teen titan show too but Ben 10 is clearly better. gg too ez

    farasaptfarasapt2 måneder siden
  • if u love the ending of code geass u will love the ending of 91 days to its in my opinion at the same level

    Hannes NHannes N2 måneder siden
  • I am happy that Tom & Jerry has another level so,It doesn't apear on this list

    G AKAGIG AKAGI2 måneder siden
  • Dude you gotta watch batman the animated series

    SoraaaSoraaa2 måneder siden
  • pp

    DreamyGlowsDreamyGlows2 måneder siden
  • Why did I think this was going to be the 15 best animated scenes.

    powermixer8powermixer82 måneder siden
  • If we summon Satan, we prove his esistence. And he will lose mistery, and be a lot less scary.

    Antonio AcconcioAntonio Acconcio2 måneder siden
  • You trust the youtube algoritm?

    Antonio AcconcioAntonio Acconcio2 måneder siden
  • Akulla a Kill should be here I filled my pool with tears

    eram erameram eram2 måneder siden
  • Digimon >>>>>>> Pokemon

    EgAEgA2 måneder siden
  • Im level 7 being

    Aki senpaiAki senpai2 måneder siden
  • Gintama is the GOAT

    gage wiggintongage wigginton2 måneder siden
  • The devilman crybaby music, good choice

    Casper GamesCasper Games2 måneder siden
  • Digimon Tamers is the best isekai

    Adrienne LaddAdrienne Ladd2 måneder siden
  • three most important words in Avatar is "Not My Cabages?"

    Adrienne LaddAdrienne Ladd2 måneder siden
  • You're 6 months and 10 days late

    Quinn V.Quinn V.2 måneder siden
  • The moment when you realize nux failed to put ishizoku reviewers in his list. *surprised pikachu*

    Tony NievesTony Nieves2 måneder siden
  • befor i watch this i hope clanned is gonna be named but its prb not gonna because it gets often forgotten about

    GelufritGelufrit2 måneder siden
  • Nux: the three words... Immediate ad pop up: wanna sprite cranberry?

    Michael BirdwellMichael Birdwell2 måneder siden
  • Damn do people really hate the dragon episode of rick n Morty I thought it was great n funny

    sonny and the lover Jess Babsonssonny and the lover Jess Babsons2 måneder siden
  • fate zero is the only thing on this list i disagree with. i watched it once loved it but then i watch it again recently and didnt even finnish it. and then there is code geass what ive seen atleast 10 times.

    chris briggschris briggs2 måneder siden
  • Goddamn u hype me up

    Erfan NoMoreErfan NoMore2 måneder siden
  • Gintama

    Xeraphina LaurentiaXeraphina Laurentia2 måneder siden
  • hmmm, favroite animations... thats impossible as it really depends on mood anime I love to watch - tenchi gxp, tenchi war on geminar, dual parallel worlds, photon, gokudo, one punch man anime I watch when im in a specific mood - 12 kingdoms, gits 1&2 western animation - teen titans, avatar nostalgic - anything on cartoon cartoon movie - probably some of the lupin the third stuff I tend to avoid drama because god damnit, if the issue can be solved with acting like an adult/your age then its just crap I dont need to watch as it's frustrating. I love isekai, its entire concept, either you sucked into another world, or another world just suddenly happening on you (tenchi is a great example of this for me) , I prefer comedy/light stories for various reasons

    alidanalidan2 måneder siden
  • 21:16 Lord Of The Rings is actually acclaimed for its ending. Return of the King is often thought to be the best one.

    The SenateThe Senate2 måneder siden
  • Damn. I almost shed a tear after seeing a few shots from "your name". Love this story. Also, lotr has great ending: the ring cast curse that was it's undoing, doomed smeagol to die and ring died with him. Also Frodo revealed himself to be too weak to destroy the ring. Funny enough, hobbit did destroy the ring in the end and thanks to compassion of another hobbit (and previously mentioned curse the ring put on Smeagol because ring saw him as trash that should die), while fighting force was to be annihilated by far greater fighting force of Mordor. When you go deep into the lore this story gets even better and you clearly see Tolkien was scarred by war very, very deeply.

    Sebastian KSebastian K2 måneder siden
  • Nux you reall are a man of culture for ranking Digimon higher than pokemon. But seriously I'm shocked thst HunterxHunter wasn't mentioned

    death bringerdeath bringer2 måneder siden
  • I cant be the only one who when nux asked what are the three most important words in avatar said appa yip yip

    Evay MythicEvay Mythic2 måneder siden
  • Gravity falls is #1 in everything forever

    Ty DTy D2 måneder siden
  • FIVE, I am a Gintama Fan too.. damnit, yeesh,.. can an Uchiha get some recognition around this place... for MORE than my eyeballs for once!!!!

    Hogoromo OtsutsukiHogoromo Otsutsuki2 måneder siden
  • Raven was first waifu

    Kris LewisKris Lewis2 måneder siden
  • So Kill La Kill doesn't exist then I guess

    Radiant Beach ShulkRadiant Beach Shulk2 måneder siden