we broke up

18. okt.. 2020
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  • Don't worry Nux-boy. There's plenty more babes out there.

    Wes McInernyWes McInerny21 time siden
  • So when's the wedding?

    Reese MuellerReese Mueller21 time siden
  • saka my koka

  • what a fucking genius

    Robobuggy3000Robobuggy30008 dager siden
  • Who did u break up with

    ScribbleScribble10 dager siden
  • shipping the hololive girls in my opinion is fine. like, I'm not shipping the person behind Coco and Kanata, together. or Korone and Okyau, i'm shipping their characters. they could be 50 year old mothers of ten for all I care. it's simply the cute anime girls I like.

    FujiFilmFujiFilm12 dager siden
  • I swear like I dont have anything against Gays but I feel like every time yall see an anime you just automatically start making MALE gay couples, and it's not as if they actually showed some signs yall just feel like "oh that main character is male so imma ship him with another male just bc" JUST HOW YALL SHIP EREN AND LEVI , AND FOR WHAT!? I HAVE NO IDEA !

    Thomas Sam-OtuhThomas Sam-Otuh13 dager siden
  • Why did you and Dr. Phil break up? :(

    Joona VuorisaloJoona Vuorisalo13 dager siden
  • Joke's on you I'm still shipping you with Iron Mouse

    Crimson_ BagzCrimson_ Bagz15 dager siden
  • was it project melody?

    Ivan BowleyIvan Bowley15 dager siden
  • What if I told you - I shipped you with yourself? I can't find the second part of you though... I know that was a bad joke - I'll see myself out.

    ComentAndDomentComentAndDoment15 dager siden
  • Imma be honest, I never shipped James with Jaiden... Because I shipped Jaiden with myself. #imightbeasimpsendhelp

    The Pinball KingThe Pinball King17 dager siden
  • NOOOOOOO! He broke up with Jimmy Neutron 😭

    Sheriff GoatSheriff Goat18 dager siden
  • Me with a "Drake: No" pose: *Nux and Melody normal shipping* Me with a "Drake: That's the stuff" pose: *shipping Nux confessing to Melody and getting shot down wholesomely, then Nux dabbing*

    KlyKly20 dager siden
  • I've said it before elsewhere, and I'll say it here. I'm 95% certain that most shippers are just lonely closet dwellers that don't understand that platonic relationships actually exist and are more common than romantic ones.

    KorGarrotKorGarrot20 dager siden
  • Nux to toxic shippers: "You merely adopted the hatred. I was born in it. Molded by it. By the time I got respect I was already a man. By then it was just boring."

    Sauceboi 6 BillionSauceboi 6 Billion21 dag siden
  • F in the chat

    Marcy AdultMarcy Adult21 dag siden
  • Lord Nux

    Marcy AdultMarcy Adult21 dag siden
  • Noooo Nux broke up with Dumb-high IQ noooo

    Beanos noBeanos no22 dager siden
  • Imagine Nux reacting to KSi reddit

    Kimil HDKimil HD22 dager siden
  • I'm cancelling for saying "magnanimously high" hahahahahahahahahahahahaha

    That's InterestingThat's Interesting23 dager siden
  • So Iron mouse got cut. XD

    Burnt Chicken NuggetBurnt Chicken Nugget23 dager siden
  • OML!!! I love how made me feel like... First Serious, then Calm and after that Laughing, I love how you took the Shipping Topic (that happens a lot) and turn that from Non-Relevant to Something Hilarious! :D U G0T 4 +5UB! :3 PD: Please Keep It Up! :3

    H3roMaxH3roMax23 dager siden
  • I never knew you ware this kind. A new side of Nux! I Like it :)

    Rosa Lilly van der VeenRosa Lilly van der Veen24 dager siden
  • Just a random comment

    Thomas HamreThomas Hamre24 dager siden
  • I love/hate Spoiler?

    Thomas HamreThomas Hamre24 dager siden
  • Shipping real people is a lot less cringeworthy if you don't use the word "shipping". Lots of people tease their friends about liking or being in a relationship with someone, and it's not uncomming for someone to look at two people and think they would be good for each other. It becomes a problem when you threat those people like characters, as though whether or not they get together is entirely the choice of a some higher power (like a writer). Thinking that two people would make a good couple is *not* the same thing as shipping.

    Dungeon MasterDungeon Master24 dager siden
    • @Filcayra72 Exactly.

      Dungeon MasterDungeon Master24 dager siden
    • So you mean the fake kpop and Kpop fans who scream when their idols get into a relationship. (And no hate to Kpop. I’m a BlinkOnceRevluvBuddyBlackjackSone)

      Filcayra72Filcayra7224 dager siden
  • Damn, Really? Did people send death threats to the author directly? I'm proud of the peaceful shippers community (including me) :D, Great job guys, We have our own ships they have theirs let's respect it.

    DeathScytheDeathScythe25 dager siden
  • People who ship other people are just fucking wack jobs. Yare yaredaze...

    Jotaro KujoJotaro Kujo26 dager siden
  • Example EMI and drumsy they were kinda hitting on each other I bit I dunno fully but people scared them by trying to intimidate them in to a relationship and if duck everything up with then being together with needless expectations

    soggy spaghettisoggy spaghetti26 dager siden
  • Shippers are interesting

    Michael TalleyMichael Talley26 dager siden
  • Nux is cute with all of his friends it's impossible to choose one to ship him with

    We Are One ot12We Are One ot1226 dager siden
  • Oh man... I wanted to do a channel like u (with an avatar) now I just don’t want to be chip

    Trexsol TrexsonioTrexsol Trexsonio29 dager siden
  • Chad

    DugtrioUse FlyDugtrioUse FlyMåned siden
  • I saw this in the recomended section for the I love project melodi video

    scrub scrubyscrub scrubyMåned siden
  • I wanna feel your jacket fur

    BranJohn98BranJohn98Måned siden
  • So funny, so true, but so dark. So very dark. *heh heh*

    Shadow21GXShadow21GXMåned siden
  • What makes content creators so endearing is that they are people who sprawled out of the community and made videos for the rest to enjoy. There's an inherent sense of closeness because these are just people that lurk in the same digital circles and are industrious enough to put out content. Which is the polar opposite of Hollywood celeb worship culture that plagues the mainstream and sadly, that's what the top end of content creators is starting to be like. People who act and sometimes believes themselves to be superior, with a rabid fanbase that worships them as such. That's sad.

    Gr33dl0ck NeinGr33dl0ck NeinMåned siden
  • Bruh one of my friends shipped my with my other friend because we hang out every night and all the time she had a boy friend I didn't give a shit but there was a point where he said were not going to be friends if you lie to me and he pissed us both off I went on a rampage saying that you should not speak into someone's personal life its fucked up I'm still friends with him but dude I told him to stop and he's pretty chill now

    Jonathan DavisJonathan DavisMåned siden
  • This man is your local pastor because all he does is preach.

    WDYC325 ProductionsWDYC325 ProductionsMåned siden
  • Why did nux break up with senõr cheesewheel, I'm crying so hard rn

    Bruh MomentBruh MomentMåned siden
  • Sooooooooo no project taku?

    Le KidderfaceLe KidderfaceMåned siden
  • Honestly I didn’t ship you with anyone because I’ll be completely honest with you sir I thought you were a total gay because I’m sorry bud you were setting my gaydar off

    mechajasonmechajasonMåned siden

    Toccando crea canale Ulteriori informazioniToccando crea canale Ulteriori informazioniMåned siden
  • Omg my friend made a nux and Briggs 1 hour loop look it up Lel

    Exploding Potato EntertainmentExploding Potato EntertainmentMåned siden
  • What?! Nuuu!!! If you kids cant make it who can? Who! ! Best of wishes though and may you both find happiness.

    Treedreamer whisperTreedreamer whisperMåned siden
  • as long as i dont hear final fantasy x music, this is a lie

    Weste88Weste88Måned siden
  • YEAH! shipping real people is wrong, i honestly think this video is a better examples of the points you were making tho noworld.info/video/video/x4Pcad1wucu-xrM.html

    e g ge g gMåned siden

    Holy _KingHoly _KingMåned siden
  • Commenting on all of Nux's videos until he brings black flex series.

    CalCalMåned siden
  • I love this video idea! :D edit: typo

    SS HotaruSS HotaruMåned siden
  • To those 364 people that disliked? Tf is wrong with you?

    Brisk TeaBrisk TeaMåned siden
  • Anyone noticed the Gintama OST in the video?

    The XpiredThe XpiredMåned siden
  • Im starting to understand why villain hates this world

    G-ladG-ladMåned siden
  • Your cool

    Landon TaylorLandon TaylorMåned siden
  • Nux search Jaiden r34 and I choked myself for looking at it and laughing when I’m a hormonal person and I love hentai but Jaiden animation hentai is just Fu@$@?

    takes guts ツtakes guts ツMåned siden
  • Nux broke up with me ; _ ;

    gibygibygibygibyMåned siden
  • i agree with one exception... sykunno , he has corpse toast and basically everyone he plays among us with ships everyone else in the game with him

    Traci ZTraci ZMåned siden
  • was i click bated

    the channel with no namethe channel with no nameMåned siden
  • You know despite the amount of hate Lord Nuxanor gets the like to dislike ratio of under 500 dislikes is just great keep it up you flexing god Memeanatior

    Urraca NegraUrraca NegraMåned siden
  • saddest breakup video ever

    Louis DiamseLouis DiamseMåned siden
  • So, I heard you're single now....

    xCrossBite MediaxCrossBite MediaMåned siden
  • For me I only ship characters I don't care about irl it you have girlfriend sometime I don't give why people shipping so hard to the point say you cheating like come on it u want to ship shipping characters don't Involved IRL stuff

    King CloudKing CloudMåned siden
  • The RWBY community needs to listen to you about shipping... then they need to go outside for a little bit.

    Smitsulz !Smitsulz !Måned siden
  • I also ship raven and beast boy

    ᎥოᕱgᎥภᕱᏒᎩᎥოᕱgᎥภᕱᏒᎩMåned siden
  • Nux x Billy change my mind

    kiwito kiwigayakiwito kiwigayaMåned siden
  • I always shipped Nux with themself, does...that....meannnsssss....?

    Dean RoseDean RoseMåned siden
  • Him and pokimane broke up bc of the drama

    Like CcvbLike CcvbMåned siden
  • Nux broke up with the air 😔👊 rip air

    Lenny KweenLenny KweenMåned siden
  • I shipped nux with himself, but that nux was from a AU where everyone is female, British, and has three boobs.

    IAmGendoIAmGendoMåned siden
  • Got fukin clickbaited again

    Clueless CatClueless CatMåned siden
  • I like the shipping thing, as long as it doesn't go too far. You could play into the story but as soon as you truly believe these two real people should be dating and are not is whare the problem comes in. Ship the characters not the people behind the character.

    fedacheese0fedacheese0Måned siden
  • Omg.... you broke up with E? How dare you you guys OMG you don't understand how mad I am

  • Only after watching Nux did I realize that some people didn't think of tubers/streamers with avatars as people themselves

    weebi shotweebi shotMåned siden
  • @shane You heard the man, documentary time! Billygang Rise up!

    LoggyVR's TutorialsLoggyVR's TutorialsMåned siden
  • mad respect bro

    Audrey BrichAudrey BrichMåned siden
  • yea shipping rl ppl would be dangerous, as they could starve during shipment. like god theese packages from aliexpress take sooo long to be delivered

    czterySczterySMåned siden
  • I can't believe Daddy Nux and Lord Nux broke up... My ship is ruined D: (a joke, I never ship humans and rarely ship even fictional chars, so idc really)

    iamthebossmanifyiamthebossmanifyMåned siden
  • 2:39 wait people really thought kaneki was gay despite him literally asking a girl out on the first episode?

    CrimgaCrimgaMåned siden
  • Haters: *hate hate hate* Nux: *has a hisoka orgasm* “MORE”

    LiveGaming X3LiveGaming X3Måned siden
  • What a simp

    RedFire PlaysRedFire PlaysMåned siden
  • Show james shmentai

    SturmAnimationsSturmAnimationsMåned siden

    Leo LuLeo LuMåned siden
  • So you broke up with Odd1sout? You were such a cute couple

    Dicom OhioDicom OhioMåned siden
    • @Dicom Ohio and who are you to dictate Lord Nuxanor's sexual genre ?

      Risto ValtorezRisto ValtorezMåned siden
    • @Risto Valtorez That doesn't make sense. Nux can't date out of his youtube genre!

      Dicom OhioDicom OhioMåned siden
    • Dude...Nux Taku is a playboy. He was clearly shipping Tana Mongeau

      Risto ValtorezRisto ValtorezMåned siden
  • Welp nux and Emilia ship sunk officially. Time for a new one, nux and Peter grill. Sail that shit all the way until... ok I’m bored of this comment. Where’s something worth my brain cell? YES SINGULAR.

    NekO RelliKNekO RelliKMåned siden
  • Ok

    John_MikerJohn_MikerMåned siden
  • :3:p

    Veka laeVeka laeMåned siden
  • oh so its not melody?

    Holden ManleyHolden ManleyMåned siden
  • yall put pants on?

    William WeaverWilliam WeaverMåned siden
  • but i am shipping you whit your female version did you brake up whit your self?

    Viktor GabrielViktor GabrielMåned siden
  • Im confused

    realspeedy_realspeedy_Måned siden
  • I thought he was gonna reveal who he broke up with

    SenwrSenwrMåned siden
  • Nux found out that it’s a guy 🤣

    Ben LaiBen LaiMåned siden
  • NOOOOO I dropped my pizza roll

    Ninjaslash52 _Ninjaslash52 _Måned siden
  • I always wonder why its so hard to get through to a lot of people's mind that shipping real people is by NO MEANS okay.

    BelzemusBelzemusMåned siden
    • Idk, it heavily depends on how okay those people are with being shipped together. Like an actual couple, or straight guy friends that that find being shipped together funny. Obviously if the people never publicly stated that they are 100% comfortable with it, then yeah, you’re an actual egoistical piece of shit if you keep pretending they’re together.

      SatanSatanMåned siden

    Cosmic Ninja215Cosmic Ninja2152 måneder siden
  • The reason he made this is because projekt Melody is an idol now

    jerry berbssjerry berbss2 måneder siden
  • 5:24 NANI

    Augustus CockrellAugustus Cockrell2 måneder siden

    robert23456789robert234567892 måneder siden
  • idc about stupid ships i just enjoy the people who are doing this for fun and entertainment

    lone wolflone wolf2 måneder siden