We Found The Most Cursed Animations On The Internet (ft Oompaville)

4. aug.. 2020
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  • This is the collab I’ve been waiting for.

    ChipzChipzDag siden
  • Wait bakuhoe died!?

    Gentleman ZkullGentleman ZkullDag siden
  • Also kill the mom

    Lara GluntLara Glunt2 dager siden
  • Almost half way till you can sew the channel

    Lara GluntLara Glunt2 dager siden
  • Hol up if their nervous systems are connected can they communicate telepathically

    D6 ThunderD6 Thunder3 dager siden
  • The world is going to heaven and hell at the same time

    no_name_for_no_oneno_name_for_no_one3 dager siden
  • Don't worry nux oompaville has experience with these videos

    putnamehereputnamehere4 dager siden

    Reece PlayzReece Playz6 dager siden

    Reece PlayzReece Playz6 dager siden
  • What is the sauce of the picture behind Nux?

    Lumine KisaragiLumine Kisaragi9 dager siden
  • I think the sad naruto music was more for nux and oompa roasting the ladies decisions

    Anime SimpAnime Simp11 dager siden

    Darnel CharlesDarnel Charles13 dager siden
    • 18:24 ...true this story is ! bulshit

      Darnel CharlesDarnel Charles13 dager siden
  • Jesus this one was fucking amazing hahaha that poor cab driver rotfl

    Meliodas eightsixsevenfivethreeooonineMeliodas eightsixsevenfivethreeooonine16 dager siden
  • i love ur animations

    Teairra RobinsonBelleTeairra RobinsonBelle18 dager siden
  • WOAH WTF BAKUGO AND ZUKO ARE ON TINDER? LET'S GOOOOOOOOOOOO jk. I'm not into boys like that lol.

    Cosmic DibCosmic Dib19 dager siden
  • So how did her mom get the pills...

    Cleanix LeaderCleanix Leader19 dager siden
  • That first one was just one bad man after another, simple enough the common problem was her. Butt face did nothing wrong

    HykeauxHykeaux19 dager siden
  • Bruh leave the rat in the stew its all nutrients

    Stuart 2-D PotStuart 2-D Pot20 dager siden
  • I'm in your video. Hell frickin YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Douglas GuttridgeDouglas Guttridge21 dag siden
  • Day one of trying to get Nux to notice me by liking this comment

    Delta PrimeDelta Prime24 dager siden
  • You guys are so funny together

    gabe klakulakgabe klakulak24 dager siden
  • Let's be honest, we're here so that we never see this thumbnail again

    Sreeman KSreeman K24 dager siden
  • Bakugo actually died in the manga.

    ZephyrZephyr24 dager siden
  • the twins: you must be wondering if one guy can pleasure us both- taco bell nacho add: Hello.

    milk breadmilk bread25 dager siden
  • No don't swipe bakugou

    Sne HlongwaSne Hlongwa26 dager siden
  • How is nobody talking about Nux's background.... why is there such a lack of culture?

    Cai Scott-FitzgeraldCai Scott-Fitzgerald27 dager siden

    Dr PepperDr Pepper27 dager siden
  • ~(^0^~)

    Core1Core127 dager siden

    Jasmine NinjaJasmine NinjaMåned siden
  • Lmao

    Llglixy LoganLlglixy LoganMåned siden
  • Nux,you would be surpised how much more innocent people go to prison instead of guilty people...

    Not ZaWarudoNot ZaWarudoMåned siden
  • If the girls are watching at this im so sorry u had to go through that

    Tyler SharpTyler SharpMåned siden
  • The frist animation Wtf is wrong with the dad Nm wtf to all the messed people in it

    Tyler SharpTyler SharpMåned siden
  • 20:30 - when the amine villian was also the amine protagonist.

    Mad LinkMad LinkMåned siden
  • Whos is the boy she said hes a girl im cunfused

    This is METhis is MEMåned siden
  • She lepo

    lina espinosalina espinosaMåned siden
  • Should I sub Jk I did sub

    lina espinosalina espinosaMåned siden
  • Should oompa and nux get married?

    michael tsoyomichael tsoyoMåned siden
  • does Bakugo really die? cuz I will personally hunt a bitch down.

    Kathryne Cassil-MortensonKathryne Cassil-MortensonMåned siden
  • i have only one question where did they get bra for three breasts?

    Nomine NomineNomine NomineMåned siden
  • Weird hentai plot

    NoobMaster66NoobMaster66Måned siden
  • The dude has a wierd fetish

    NoobMaster66NoobMaster66Måned siden
  • Bro I didn’t know that my two favorite NOworld’s collabed... bro this was funny

    Shaggy RogersShaggy RogersMåned siden
  • Anyone else notice that nux put a picture of hentai in the start of the video

    Cheesey Boi88Cheesey Boi88Måned siden
  • 6:04 Most cursed image in your Hentaire life you said?? I'm laughing so hard over it. 😂😂

    Random UserRandom UserMåned siden
  • "you might be wondering if two guys can pleasure both of us..." *Ad plays* Funny part of this video XD

    Lil Does MinCraftLil Does MinCraftMåned siden
  • I hate that I recognize Nux’s background...

    Hi ThereHi ThereMåned siden
  • I finally found the background after all this time. It is a schmentai by Wakamatsu... And yes they are siblings

    Matthew BowmanMatthew BowmanMåned siden
  • Huh that’s a really funky background you have there nux, where was it from I wonder if it’s something slightly inappropriate, hope not

    Blue Knight45Blue Knight45Måned siden
  • Dude why do u look like a hot knockoff version of sans the skeleton

    Katie JackKatie JackMåned siden
  • Hehe yeah boy I Sanji theme in the background. And hey Nux Frozen 2 was pretty good

    TheDankGnastyTheDankGnastyMåned siden
  • Nyx: you.like anything that moves Oompaville: sees car Also oompaville: I can make this work

    Timothy MorganTimothy MorganMåned siden
  • Two of my fav creators doing a collab? Why yes

    WhyUBullyBroWhyUBullyBroMåned siden

    The Anime EncyclopediaThe Anime EncyclopediaMåned siden
  • Imagine Nux and DougDoug explaining anime with food

    The Anime EncyclopediaThe Anime EncyclopediaMåned siden
    • Yes

      jay quickbladejay quickbladeMåned siden
  • The last one was that Quincy from blech

    For The baconFor The baconMåned siden
  • Anyone else notice that Nuxs background is a hentai scene

    Daloni WilsonDaloni WilsonMåned siden
  • Evil warlord Karen-

    Natalie GlassNatalie GlassMåned siden

    ĐęVįŁĐęVįŁMåned siden
  • Pretty sure share my story just made the vid so they could draw three tits

  • They rejected Bakugo and liked Shrek. Biggest flex 😆

    Jewel WildmoonJewel WildmoonMåned siden
  • Prison in Guatemala? No, in US there are prisons close to this, if not worse. Watch John's Olivier clips on Johns Apeiro and prisons... In second story the least realistic part is where other guards dragged her away. Looking at the quality of prison, they would have hand her a soap in sock instead...

    Syriusz BSyriusz BMåned siden
  • Is it me or is googles just a snotty Harry Potter

    O G PROO G PROMåned siden
  • Am I the only one that thinks his anime character thing is hot..... Yeah just me..... okay

    savvy playz :3savvy playz :3Måned siden
  • They mother called the cops

    Banana BoyBanana BoyMåned siden
  • I recognized this background......

    jo jest jojo jest joMåned siden
  • Bruh Nux's background gave me ptsd lmao

    Just_ TyreseJust_ TyreseMåned siden
  • hey there Nux Taku i love so much can i know your instagram please~~ you look so cool on your you tube chanell but...i still dont have my you tube chanell yet but i swear my profile if i had a you tube chanell is gonna be amazing and kinda creepy please i want to talk with you when i have your instagram and whats app please~ TwT *wink*

    Vania FaustinaVania FaustinaMåned siden
  • This is one of the best Collabs in my book lmao

    Ben SukioBen SukioMåned siden
  • so she literally left an innocent woman remain in prison despite knowing her mom planted the drugs? what c u next tuesday

    BiotechnusBiotechnusMåned siden
  • Why does your video not have a spoiler warning. Please add one or take the video down.

    Lilac BlossomLilac BlossomMåned siden
  • This video is just Oompaville being the main character of Nux's video for 24 Minutes and 51 Seconds.

    Scuffed ProductionsScuffed ProductionsMåned siden
  • i hate that i know what the background is

    you againyou againMåned siden

    Angelo DeAlbuquerqueAngelo DeAlbuquerqueMåned siden
  • "subscribe to Jack & Kor" Me: Does That Mean Subscribe to Jacksepticeye & Kor XD

    Trevor KraftTrevor KraftMåned siden
  • 0:25 that background is from a Hentai Doujin where (sex is also Involved)

    Fluffy HoboFluffy HoboMåned siden
  • How come the second part of the siamese twin is not talking, coincidence? I think not.

    Johan Åkesson SO05bJohan Åkesson SO05bMåned siden
  • Wait bakuHOE dies?!?! REEEEE

    RoxxieRooRoxxieRooMåned siden
  • im so sad i know nux background

    that 1guythat 1guyMåned siden
  • there was a random ad right after "you're probably wondering ow he could please both of us" lmao

    aldlkjaldlkjMåned siden
  • Wtf bakugo died

    Medozo MezeMedozo MezeMåned siden
  • “I haven’t told anyone” The entire internet: bruh

    Shoen gamingShoen gamingMåned siden
  • Part of my family is from Guatemala. Can confirm it is 240 fps

    ea benfiea benfiMåned siden
  • anyone else notice the paper towels next to the "lube"

    [2T]trashwagon[2T]trashwagonMåned siden
  • me watching the newest episode of one piece in thirty years when luffy beats up kaido and I look on youtube and the video has one mil likes

  • but, infact!... NO!!!!!!!!!! lmao im dying

    Rosy PawsRosy PawsMåned siden
  • Adoption wasn't the first choice?

    teh mightyblahteh mightyblahMåned siden
  • NOOO CHILL!! I’m not even done with season two of BNHA, you can’t just drop that on me like this😖

    I’m_ur_sunshineI’m_ur_sunshineMåned siden
  • I remeber this

    BASANG tinapayBASANG tinapayMåned siden
  • Nux Taku you put gravel poot in the weird slash bad section of animations on NOworld you just be punished

    alllowercasealllowercaseMåned siden

    moa karlssonmoa karlssonMåned siden
  • The first story is just a part in the American horror story freak show series

    irene kaiserirene kaiserMåned siden
  • 7:20 .. bakugo died? Spoilers? D:

    LeopantherLeopantherMåned siden
  • Gravel poot is a masterpiece good sir!

    Ognjen TanaskovićOgnjen TanaskovićMåned siden
  • 3:37 that dude wanted head so bad he got a extra one just to be safe.

    Simon PerssonSimon PerssonMåned siden
  • You guys are too young to realize that bitches that are ABSOLUTELY correct are the worst kind!

    David J. ThompsonDavid J. ThompsonMåned siden
  • Mellissa was only "following orders".

    David J. ThompsonDavid J. ThompsonMåned siden
  • She DOES have 3 bREASTS!

    David J. ThompsonDavid J. ThompsonMåned siden
  • 19:45 cue sad naruto music

    Yeet MasterYeet MasterMåned siden
  • And also “My name is Alane and her name is ButtFace” Like that is awsome

    ConstantineConstantineMåned siden